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Expect the Unexpected ON HOLD

Chapter Ten

For the first time in what feels like years, I woke up with a smile on my face. As much as I love the good morning and good night texts Ashton has been sending me this week, I've missed being able to hug him and just see his face. I should really get a new phone so we can FaceTime or something.

Maybe when I get a job, I can. Since I don't go to school anymore, my parents want me to get a job so I'm not a complete introvert. I think it's actually because they're having some financial issues at the moment but don't want to tell me if I want anything, I'm going to have to pay for it myself. Not that I mind though, considering it's my fault they're having money problems in the first place, it's the least I can do.

I shake away those negative thoughts and focus on getting ready for my day with Ashton and the boys. We're not doing anything exciting, just hanging out and probably watching movies since they're all jet-lagged and I'm just too lazy to do anything. I decided to wear my favorite dark blue skinny jeans that are starting to fade at the knees because I wear them way too often, pulling a white sweater with grey and burgundy stripes over my plain white t-shirt since it's still pretty cold.

Since I'm back to being my overly organized self, I match my accessories as best as I can to the colors of my sweater, putting on my grey beanie and a bunch of bangles to cover my wrist as I always do. Ashton may know about my wrists but the other boys don't and I'd like it to keep it that way.

I brush my hair free of knots and curl some pieces here and there. When I decide I'm done, I stroll over to my body length mirror and smile at my reflection. I feel like myself again. The organized, color coordinated Violet. Plus my hair no longer looks like a bird just nested in it, so that makes me feel better too.

After throwing my phone, wallet, and keys into a small a small leather satchel-thing that I found for a dollar at the local thrift store I made my way downstairs and yelled a quick goodbye to my parents before leaving the house and heading for my car. I hopped in and started the engine, pulling out of the driveway and making the short drive to Ashton’s.

As soon as I pulled outside of his house all four boys ran out of the door, surrounding my car and banging on the windows while playfully shouting and making funny faces. I chuckled and waited for them to back away from my door before opening it and slipping out. As soon as my two feet were solid on the pavement I was tackled into a hug by all four boys.

“Violet!” Michael shouted into my ear while Luke started singing some random song as he hugged my waist. Calum’s laugh was almost as loud as Michael’s shouting and Ashton was just giggling uncontrollably. I couldn’t help but chuckle at the four goofballs before prying their arms off of me one by one until Ashton was the only one still wrapped around me. He grinned and pulled me in for a proper hug, pressing a kiss to my temple as he did so. Calum made an ‘aw’ sound at the little display of affection while Luke and Michael both gagged, covering each others eyes.

What even are these boys?

Ashton chuckled before pulling away and taking my hand in his, lacing our fingers together. It was surprising how well they fit together being that his hands were probably the size of my face and made my hands look tiny in comparison.

“I missed you,” he smiled at me and I felt my cheeks turn pink as I smiled back,

“I missed you too.”

Calum awed again while Michael and Luke attempted to cover each others ears, still making gagging noises as we all headed towards the house. Ashton kept a hold of my hand the entire time, closing the door behind us with his foot before following the rest of the boys into the living room. The TV was already turned on and several movies were scattered across the coffee table along with multiple take out boxes.

“I hope you like Chinese cause that’s pretty much the only food I have besides vegemite right now,” Ashton said as we circled the small table. I smiled and nodded, Chinese was one of my favorites, before plopping down on the couch next to Michael, who slung his arm around my shoulders and grinned at me while I just giggled. Ashton rolled his eyes as he sat down next to me, unlacing our fingers before resting his hand on my leg. Calum and Luke were sat on the floor, looking through movies until they settled on some action film. I kind of hated action movies, but at the same time I loved how Ashton was tracing circles against my leg so it seemed like a fair trade.

By the end of the movie everyone in the room had shifted. Michael had his legs spread across my lap and Ashton had his arm wrapped around me with his head leaned against mine. Luke was leaning against my legs and let his head rest on my knee while Calum was lying like a starfish on the floor in front of the coffee table. None of us moved as the credits started to roll, instead opting to just sit and listen to the cheesy action music playing. Ashton kissed my forehead and played with a lock of hair on my shoulder as I snuggled further into his side. Calum flopped over onto his stomach and propped himself up on his elbows before addressing our lazy group.

“Okay, time to bond with Violet. Let’s play 20 questions.” I rolled my eyes,

“Wow, real original Calum,” my tone was sarcastic, but the fact that I couldn’t keep myself from giggling proved that I was also joking. Calum grinned at me before Luke spoke up, his cheek still pressed up against my knee.

“First question, what’s your favorite color?” Michael scoffed,

“That was the stupidest fucking question to start with.” Ashton glared at him and was quick to respond,

“Don’t swear, Violet has sensitive ears,” he covered my ears with his hands to prove his point.

Well, I was right. Ashton’s hands are pretty much as big as my face.

I playfully pushed Ashton’s hands away from my face and answered Luke’s question, ending the boys little dispute,

“My favorite color is purple but my favorite color to wear is grey ‘cause it goes with everything.” Ashton giggled from besides me,

“You could say that her favorite color is Violet.”

He looked so proud of himself that I couldn’t help but laugh along and press a kiss to his cheek before looking back at Calum, who was quick to offer up another question,

“Weapon of choice in the zombie apocalypse?”

“See now that’s a good question. Take notes Lucas.” Michael spoke up and Luke rolled his eyes,

“Shut up Michael.”

I contemplated my answer for a second before speaking,

“A bow and arrow. It’s quiet, yet effective.” I reasoned and all the boys nodded, agreeing with my answer before moving on. Most of the questions were pointless much like the first two, and I had no trouble answering them. By the 18th question I felt like I was on a roll when Ash tripped me up with his question.

“Are you a fan of 5 Seconds of Summer?” he asked, grinning. My eyes widened as I realized that he and the other boys actually had no idea of whether or not I liked, or even knew about, their.

I didn’t know how to answer. If I said yes, then I might end up giving away the fact that I was a fan who had been watching and listening to their music for the past four years and they might find that creepy. If I said no then I’d have to hide the fact that I knew every lyric and iconic quote of theirs and I doubted I’d be able to keep up that facade for long. I decided to play it off cool and hopefully avoid giving off the fangirl vibe.

“Yeah, I’d call myself a fan,” I shrugged. The boys all smiled and did a little cheer before moving onto the next question.

Fuck yes, I handled that well.

After my 20 questions was up I felt like the boys knew a little bit more about me, even if it was just trivial stuff. At least they had a better idea of who I was. We decided to watch another movie to pass the time, this time choosing a comedy. I spent the entirety of the movie wrapped up in Ashton’s arms with my head against his chest. Everytime he laughed I could feel the vibration throughout his torso and it would make me smile. Michael noticed and would nudge me with his foot, making me blush.

Luke didn’t seem to find the movie very entertaining as he fell asleep against my legs, one hand holding lightly onto my calf. Calum took a picture of the four of us tangled together on the couch and I couldn’t help but grin at the camera as he took the photo. Even though my legs were turning numb from Luke’s weight and Michaels kept hitting my stomach with his foot, I was the most comfortable I’d been in a while. It might have helped that Ashton kept surprising me with kisses during the movie as well. I felt right at home with all these boys, and I was happy that I got along well with not only Ashton, but with all the other boys as well.

Even with all the shit going down in my life right now, I felt so happy in this moment, I felt like our little group of friends was the only thing that mattered. I felt like I was home with these four large, loud, and ridiculously hungry boys who snacked on Chinese take out the entire night.


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