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Found Love (1D and 5SOS Adopition Story ♡)

New Family ♡

Hello lovelies! Sorry I didn't update yesterday but I've been studying! Ugh sophomore year is a lot harder than I thought....Enough about me here's the first chapter I hope you enjoy!!!! :) :) :)

I walked in my room and through my bag across the room. Ugh! school is so boring and tiring. I groaned and fell onto my bed. I realized my phone wasn't where I put it this morning. I tore my bed apart looking for it.

"Wow!, 109 followers on Instagram you're so popular". I heard someone say in a sarcastic tone.

I know that voice from anywhere. Yup. You guessed it CeCe. If you don't know who she is, she is my roommate. She gives me hell. Every little thing I do is always "not popular", "nasty" or "not for her". She thinks she is so much better than me and Isabella. Isabella is a 15 year old girl who is very shy and talks very low.

"Give me back my phone, CeCe". I say as I go to grab she lifts her hand up so I couldn't reach it. I let out a big sigh and rolled my eyes.

She giggled. "Why should? I so you can get more people to like your ugly pictures, and call them "followers" Wow! your such a loser".

She wasn't paying attention. She was looking in the mirror fixing her hair and making duck faces like her picture was being taken. I swear that girl only cares about herself. When she wasn't looking I snatch my phone out of her hand and smirked.

"HEY!". She snapped.

I turned my head and shot back. "Hey is for horses".

She groaned and stomped her foot on the ground and marched over to her bed and sat on it while reading a seventeen magazine it probably has a mirror.

About 20 minutes later. I fell asleep. And I woke up to the sound of our intercom buzzing. I groaned and put the pillow over my head but it kept buzzing. I lifted the pillow off my head and saw CeCe texting on her phone.

"You're not going to get that". I say in a raspy voice.

She closed her eyes and let out a big sigh. She put her phone and smiled. "I am popular, popular people don't get up and do things that poor people do". I swear when she gets married she better have a rich man.

I rolled my eyes and put my feet on the ground and walked over to the intercom. I pushed the button.


"Oh, Layla I'm so glad you answered are you doing anything?".


"Well, wake up and come downstairs I have a surprise for you".


I let go of the button. And walked over to my bed and grabbed my cardigan. I walked over to my dresser where my mirror and brushed my hombre hair. And walked downstairs to see the supervisor Lauren, you can just call her our mom. She's basically like on.

"Yes". I say I stood infront of her desk.

"Ok thank you so much". She says through the phone and hangs up and looks at me with a excited smile.

"What?". I asked in a confused voice and chuckled.

"You're being adopted". She says in excitement.

"What?". I say in shock.

"Yes, your family is here right now they're in the living room c'mon". She says getting up and pulled my hand and I walked behind her.

As we were walking. I had butterflies in my stomach. What happens if they don't like me? What happens if the dad abuses me? All these what ifs. I walked into the living room and I saw 9 boys sitting on the couch. Huh, must be a big family. They were making small talk. Lauren cleared her throat and they all turned around. I couldn't believe my eyes.

I was being adopted by One Direction and 5 seconds of summer.


Hello again. I hoped you enjoyed this chapter. Like I said all this was coming to mind. I hoped u liked it. And plz plz plz share this story if u want me to share ur story I will. I don't have no problem just message me. Well gotta go study for my English test for tomorrow!!!!!

Bye :) ♡


I understand your school problem, please update though! I love it! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


Ok I will and thank u for understanding the school problem :)

Love love love it! Can't wait.for another update! If you could check out my story and tell me why you think, and I totally get it with the school problem. I am having the same conflict!


aw thanks it may take me awhile because I have three tests to study for and im going to fail I have no confedience in me what so ever