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Beside You

Chapter 2 Ashleys POV

*a month later*

I have like Ashton for a while. We have been friends for about well our whole lives. Everytime i saw Ashton my stomach did 20 flips and the palm of my hands started to get sweaty. I stumbled on my words when i talked to him. He never knew i liked him but Michael does. Mikey is like a brother to me and i can talk to him about anything. So i told him i like Ashton.

A few days after that, Ashton was putting his drumsticks in his duffel bag after a show. I stood there by the stage admiring him. I feet a tap on my shoulder, it is Michael. "I know how you like Ashton, you should tell him how you feel! I think he may like you back." He told me happily. "I know but i am too nervous. I really hope he likes me Mikey." i said feeling a little teary eyes. "Babe, i know it takes a lot to tell someone how you feel but at least you will know." he said proudly. "Okay thank-you Mikey... Here it goes..." i said approaching Ashton, i'm so nervous, i started to play with my hands making them sweaty. "Hey Ash." i finally got something out now.... "Hi gorgeous" he said with a smile showing his beautiful dimples. "So... you know how we have known each other for a while and i get nervous around you-" i was cut off by a long passionate kiss. Our lips moved in sync together. His hands cupping my face, my hands on his hips. "I have always like you. From the first day we met. I was way too nervous to tell you." he said our foreheads still together and looking into each others eyes. "I have always liked you as well. I am glad we feel the same way." i smiled widely as Michael, Calum, and Luke look from a distance at us on stage finally telling each other how we feel. Ashton kissed me again and the kiss gave me butterflies. He put his arms around my waist carrying me out.

That night it was storming when we got back to the tour bus to head to Kansas. The rain was pouring and the thunder was echoing through the bus as i watched the lightning bright up the bus. I was laying on the couch with Ashtons arms around me tightly. Every time there was a crack of thunder i would jump a little and Ashton would hold me tighter. I feel safe and warm in his arms. I thought no one could hurt me when his arms were around me like this, supporting me. He wants to keep my mind off the storm, so he is telling me lame jokes. They are really corny but they made me laugh. I love the way he can make me laugh in any situation. Soon enough our laughs were louder than the thunder. He kisses me still holding me tightly. "I love you so much did you know that?" he asked me against my lips "Of course but i love you more" i replied the same way. I hear the storm start to settle down so i cuddle into his bare chest under the sheet and drifted off.



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