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Beside You

Chapter 1

As i sit in my room studying, my phone startles me when it rings i see it is my best friend. I know it is probably weird i am like best friends with 5SOS and it is awesome. I don't hang out with them for the money or for their fame. I hang out with them because they are too cool not to. It started a few months ago when i went to their concert in California with One Direction. They played She Looks So Perfect and i was sitting in eye view of Ashton. He looked so sexy banging the drums the way he was. It was the best sight. He looked like he was spaced out though. It was crazy. He stared at me a lot before, during and after each song they sang. He was just perfect. I noticed that Michael and Luke staring at me too. They all looked hot but Ashton was looking at me the most. I wanted to be up with them. I am so jealous and it is suddenly so... I don't even know how to describe it. Amazing. My thoughts were interrupted when the second ring hit and i jumped. I guess he wanted to video chat. He was still on tour and i had to stay home this month, but my mum said i could go next, after all of the tests and shit. I missed him. I haven't seen him in about three months and i don't think i can take it any longer. I push the answer button and as soon as he can see me he is shouting "Hey Ashley! I miss you so much!!!" i smile at him "I miss you too, how is it?" i asked him sounding upset. We video chat two times a week call everyday and text every night. HOW DO I MISS HIM THIS MUCH????? I don't even know how we bonded so quickly. I just kinda happened. "Well, babe, what we're up to?" he asks and i giggle a little. "I was studying. But i would much rather be talking to you." i tell him and his smile grows. I don't know why he is so happy. I don't even know if he likes me like that. I just hope someday he does. The guys literally spoil me to death and no matter how much i say no they spoil me.

I am now taking my last exam of the year. This one is fucking huge and i hate this. I am one of those good girls that does everything correct the first time. I am not bad and i don't have a bad record either. I wish i could change so bad. I wear a lot of dresses and i wear heels too. I am so girly. I don't know how i manage to be friends with 5SOS they are so punk.

I am finally meeting with Ashton and the others in Ohio. I am going to have jet lag so bad. I am on a plane right now and i took a book i promised to read by the time i arrive from Australia. It was 9:32 am when i boarded and it is a 19 hour 27 minute flight. If my calculations were correct then i boarded it at 7:35 in ohio time. Ughh i hate time differences! In ohio it is going to be at least 3:59 am i think i don't really know. It confuses me and i was never really ever good at math. I was listening to music on my ipod when one of my favorite songs came on and distracted me from my reading. Damn Ashley why can't you ever stay focused? I was sitting next to a really hot guy. I think he said his name was Zac but i don't really know he was sweet then bitter. Who fucking does that?! I don't know but honestly i can't think of it right now, I am about to join my best friends on their tour with One Direction!! This is going to be a complete headache. How am i going to be the only girl on this tour on a bus full of guys? Where the hell am i going to sleep? Ugh this stinks!!


Hey i hope you like the first chapter! Love you all and please tell me what you thought!!! What will happen when she gets on the tour bus?


Welcome! Also can you get on EIDS on the doc not this website?<3