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Beside You


I was lying in bed when i received a call from Ash. I accepted it even though it was early in the morning. "Hey there!" he shouted through the phone "Hey ash." i said with a sleepy voice and i could pretty much hear him frowning. "What time is it for you?" he asked "Uhm about 4:00 in the morning." i said and he gasped. "shouldn't you-" he started but he was cut off by michael calling for him. "Ashton!" i heard Michael in the background. "I'll be right back." he groaned the put the phone face down on the couch. After a few minutes i was trying to keep my eyes open when i heard footsteps nearing the phone. "I think it is about time he tells her he likes her." i listened carefully to calums voice. "Wait, he likes her!?" luke almost shouted. I turned the volume up more. "You are kidding right?" luke asked "I thought they were best friends!" luke said again. "They are but Ash told me he likes her, and it is pretty obvious." Calum mumbled the last part. Then i heard Ashton groan as he entered again. "I literally just spent five minutes cleaning Fanta off the floor with Mikey." he said through the phone and Luke and Calum laughed. "Why haven't you told her yet?" Luke asked Ashton. There was a pause when Ashton finally spoke "What?" he asked acting confused. "Why haven't you told Ashley you like her?!" Calum yelled at ashton. There was a defeating silence then Ashton slapping calum repeatedly came through the phone. "She's on the phone you moron!!" Ashton shouted and then Calum and Luke share gasps. Then i heard Luke completely lose himself and i couldn't help but giggle. Footsteps come closer and Ashton picks the phone back up and he is blushing. "Please tell me you didn't hear any of that." he bit his lip as i did too. "I like you too Ash." He smiled and his eyes got big. "AWWWWWEEEE" Luke and Calum say in unison. "Well then ill-" ashton started but i heard another voice through the phone from another room. "Ashton i spilled the Fanta again!"


Hey guys this is my new story and i have to give credit to quotestyles on wattpad because i really needed help figuring how this was going to work out so i looked for some imagines. I changed some of this to make it partly my own, but she still gets a lot of credit! Thanks Love you! x


Welcome! Also can you get on EIDS on the doc not this website?<3