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Day One

I woke up today feeling great! I had just had the best night of my like with Zayn.
He is a great listener and an even greater lover. I woke up smiling. I dreamed about are lives together.
our kids OUR WEDDING... I cant wait to spend my life with him.
I got out of bed and got into the shower. I let zayn continue sleeping because I wore him out last night...
we had 10 rounds of..uh... "fun."
I started the shower and brushed my teeth while it heated up. i stepped in.
then out of the blew i heard my favorite song. L.O.V.E. it was playing very sofly,
then the door opened to the bathroom. it was Zayn.
He was wearing a robe. he dropped it to the floor to exspose his gorgeous naked body.
he turned the the music up louder and got into the shower with me.
"May i have this dance?" he said sweetly.
"Of coarse my love." He took my hand in his and put his free arm around my waist.
we slowly danced to the beat. I put my head on his sholder and closed my eyes.
"L is for the way you look at me, O is for the only one I see, V is very, very extraordinary, E is even more than anyone that you adore and..." He sang in my ear, tears streaming down my face.
I have never felt so loved befor.
I started to sing with him and we were in the shower for about an hour.
I loved it! Best shower ever!!
We got out of the shower. He dried me off and I did the same for him.
"I will love you forever and always." he said into my ear. and i kissed him and gave him the biggest hug i possibly could have. "I love you too baby."

I just suprised Niall with his favorite song and a slow dance in the shower.
He was so happy! We got dressed and to thank me he made me breakfast.
He made heart shaped pancakes and made my favorite coffe. How did i find someone so perfect?!
"thank you love!" i said to Ni as i kissed him on the forhead.
We finished the delicious meal and we weant out to got to the mall with the boys.
I grabbed my wallet and Niall's hand and headed out the door.
We got into my car and headed to the mall right after i kissed Ni on the cheak one more time.
He is my soul, my heart, and my one true love!

He is my soul, my heart, and my one true love!
We met the boys at Urban Outfiters and started our journey in this huge mall.
Harry- " so how was your guys night last night?"
Zayn- "what do you mean?"
Harry- "i mean i am in the room down the hall and i thought it was haunted because
i kept hearing moaning during the whole night... so i repeat my question,
how was your night?"
Zayn- "it was great... i must say * leaning in close to harry*
I have never had so much "fun" in my bed befor..."
Harry- *with a shocked look on his face he paused and then he exsploded
with laughter* O.K. i see what you mean now.

After hanging at the mall for couple of hours we all headed back to the house.
Niall and I grilled steaks for everyone fo diner. we sat down at the table talking about random shit and laughing at Louis's stupid jokes. It was our first family diner in the house and it was great!
Liam offered to clean the dishes.
After he was done we all went downstairs to the theater and had a action moivie marathon.
Niall sat on the couch and i layed down with my head on his lap.
After about 5 different movies i fell asleep. I woke up in my bed. I can't believe Niall carried me up 2 flights of stairs. He's so sweet.

After our movie night last night everyone fell asleep. I carried Zayn up 2 flights of stairs to his bed.
He looks so sweet when he sleeps. I kissed him on the forhead and pulled the covers over him.
When he had found out about his love for Niall i felt so jelous. I don't know where it came from, but whenever i see them kissing i wish it was me kissing Zayn.

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^my imagination^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

I know this is wrong, and i don't want to be a home-wrecker so i will just keep it to myself.
But i think i might be falling for my best-friend's boyfriend...
...I think i love zayn

...I love Zayn

...I love Niall

What do i do?

i want to propose...

I want Niall to be the father of my children.

im gonna tell Zayn how i feel.

I need to go to the ring shop in the morning

I wonder if there any serigates around here........

Harry, Niall, Zayn~~~
What to do...what to do...


I had to add a conflict in here. their relationship was getting too perfect. I hope you like my plot twist.


aww thanks I didn't know anyone was still reading it. Could you please read my story Visiting Hours?? It's soooooooo much better

Woah this story has a lot of twist and turns one moment I am squealing and the next I am cring

HEYY I just posted your One Shot!! I really hope you like it!! here is the link


@give me time and a crayon
have you seen your one shot yet??