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It Was Just a Muffled Whimper

please read the notes when you're done reading it is really important*

Harry POV~

I'm on my way back up stairs when I hear a gunshot and A scream that could curdle blood. It was the most heartbreaking noise I have heard in my life...wait I know that voice...
My eyes widen with the sudden realization "Niall" I drop all of my food and start running to their room.
I burst open the door and there is blood everywhere. I don't know what has happened but all I see is Zayn laying unconscious on the ground with blood coming from his head next to another man who was also covered in blood and unconscious .
what the fuck happened is Zayn...DEAD!?!?! I see movement in the corner of my eye and notice Niall Huddled up in the hospital bed crying his eyes out. oh no...
I crawl into bed next to him "Niall it will be ok Z will be ok what happened buddy?".....
A minute later a bunch of doctors and police officers busted into the room.
one came up to me to give me instructions "i'm sorry sir but we need you to step out into the hall for a moment while we process the scene. we will be out the get your testimonies shortly ok?"
a nurse placed Niall into a wheelchair and i wheeled him out into the hall.
a few seconds later the doctors flew past us pulling Zayn behind them on a stretcher.
we didn't talk to each other as time passed. I just watched Niall continue to shed every tear that was left in his body.
a young police officer came out into the hallway to speak with us.
"hello Mr. Style? I have go news and bed news...good news is that Mr.Malik is alive, he was not shot like we originally assumed. he suffers from blunt force trauma to the head from either a weapon or a bad fall, we don't know which one happened as of yet. doctors say he has an extremely high chance of surviving surgery so I wouldn't worry if I were you..."
Niall had a smile on his face for once and was now crying tears of joy.
the officer continued...
" the bad news is that the other man, whom we still can't find any record of him existing died from a gun shot wound to the chest. doctors say he died immediately. we would like you help to figure out what happened to both of them so I would like to ask both of you some questions. is that alright?"
This is such great news
"yes that is fine" I answer but I notice Niall's smile has faded and he just replies with a muffled whimper.
"great... ill' start with you Mr.Styles... What can you tell me about what you saw today?"
I answered honestly.

"well i wasn't actually in the room when all of this happened. I was coming back from getting food from the cafeteria when I heard Niall's scream and opened the door to find blood everywhere and the 2 of them lying lifeless on the floor..."

It's stiil hard to think about with that image of Zayn forever stuck in my brain.
"thank you Sir...so Mr.Horan can you tell me what you saw?"
Niall froze and choked back a sob, but when he finally looked up at me, he broke down again. the officer just sat there awkwardly not knowing what to do with an emotional witness.
I started rubbing circles onto his back.
"Niall it is ok you don't have to talk about this today, we can wait until your ready ok?"
and with that the officer got up, patted Niall on the back and walked back into the room, which was now a bloody crime scene.
Niall looked up to me with his sorrowful eyes and started to speak, his voice cracking ever so often...

"Harry? I wanted to tell him, i did. but I couldn't. I want to tell someone who actually care about Zayn and not someone who's only doing this to get their next paycheck..."

"would you like to tell me?"
I ask still rubbing circles on his back, "I care for Z so much and you know that"

"that would be really nice Harry thank you for everything....Well Zayn came into the room. we talked for a while until we both fell asleep on the bed. we were woken up by a large man slamming the door open. he had a gun. I don't know what was going on in Zayn's head but he tackled the man and they wrestled for the gun. The big man got it and fired a shot at Zayn. Zayn dodged it but lost his balance and slammed his head against the corner of the bedside dresser. The bullet some how hit my metal bed post and boomeranged back and hit the man in the chest and killed him... you have no idea Harry, the feeling you get when you think the love of your life has died. I was so scared. I couldn't move, or breath, or even blink my eyes.

Niall could't scream anymore. he was being choked by his own sobs and tears. all I could do was hold on to him and tell him everything would be ok. I wish I didn't have to lie, but I did. I don't have any clue what will happen net. I really hope Z recovers fast cause I don't know how much more of this Niall can take....


THANK THE LORD ZAYN IS ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is absolutely bat shit crazy!! I hope Niall pulls through as well as Zayn!
but good news The Boss is DEAD!!!
I hope my little suffocaters liked this chapter cause I sure did....
oh yeah guess what?!?!?!?
I just posted the first chapter of my new Ziam fanfic!! I told you guys that I would do it and I finally got time to start it YAY!!!!

Click here to read it! it's called "The One Who Never Loved Me"
This one will be really emotional as well and I hope you love as much as you have loved this fic!!!

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Woah this story has a lot of twist and turns one moment I am squealing and the next I am cring

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