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Percy Jackson/1D And The Oath


Sequel-Percy Jackson/1D And The Creators Horn.

The Creators Horn has been blown, Chaos is back, literally.

The 6th age has started and is there anyway to stop it?

Niall Horan tries desperately to make sure the Romans never find out his secret.

Louis Tomlinson starts digging up his past but are some memory's best left hidden?

Liam Payne gets caught in a deadly sickness that has risen in camp, can his freinds save him in time?

Zayn Mallik struggles with his family life

Harry Styles struggles to keep his parentage a secret and what has happened to him when he is given a offer he can't refuse?

All this along with a terrifying sickness that grips the camp and One Direction and some of their freinds must go on a quest to find the cure or all the Demigods in Camp half blood will be wiped out forever.

Though there is only one person who may be able to help.

His not a God or a Titan, he is nothing yet he is everything.

Will the Creator of Universe, Lord Chaos help them? Though what ancient secrets will they find out along the way?

Mabye...an Oath? One that has been planned at the beginning of everything and one that was made....To end the Titan days.

The Oath now needs repayment but now, like the Titans were destroyed by the Oath, it may just be the end of the Gods this time around as well.


  1. Do We Have A Deal?

    Did You Brake The Deal?

  2. The Angry God

    Why Did My Father Try And Kill Me?

  3. Missing Friend

    Message Left Behind

  4. The Black Death's Godly Half....


  5. Sickness



Aw, thank you so much!!! I think I'm blushing :)) :D Thank you :D

I love this story so much, your story is literally my top story

Thank you so much!!!! :D I'll be updating very soon :)

Oh my gosh I love this story so much! You're a very talented writer and I love you, keep up the great work and please update! :))