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One Thing


~Chapter 1~
"Are you ready" my worried mother said. I nodded and sighed this is like the fifth time she asked me this morning. "Flight 2116, London" the intercom boomed through the airport. Mum had tears welling up. I hugged her goodbye and went to hand in the ticket.

"Alright you can got through now" I stepped through the door and down towards the plane. I grabbed a seat and put my headphones in my ear, flicking through my play lists and found a one direction song, they always keep me calm when I sad or angry. I hummed 'one thing' and tapped my feet, until someone tapped my shoulder.

I took my headphones out and looked up to a guy with brown curly hair and green eyes. "Is this seat taken?" he said with a British accent. I smiled "No, not yet" he smiled back and sat next to me. I put my headphones back in looking at my screen I gasped, he leaned over and smiled "So, are you a fan?"

"Umm, errr, yea I guess" I was about to pass out, I am sitting next to Harry fricking Styles. The plane jolted forward as it was about to lift off."Welcome passengers, we might be experiencing a bumpy ride today" the pilot said through the intercom. I sighed in annoyance, I hate planes, I never travel a lot.

"So, what's your name?" curly asked.

"Lizzie" I replied and shook his hand.

The plane jolted again unexpectedly and I grabbed his hand. He smiled, I tried to let go, but he grabbed onto it. I smiled and looked at his green hypnotizing eyes. He leaned in closer, while I bit my lip. Harry continued to lean forward until someone interrupted us."Whoa Harry, Who's the girl?" I smiled it was Louis.

"This is Lizzie" Harry replied. Louis said Hi and sat down in the row beside us.
Soon enough, Harry was snoring lightly. I smiled and put a pillow behind his head so he won't get neck cramps. I curled up into a ball, in the chair and set an alarm to wake me up an hour before we landed. I put on the sleep mask that the plane company gives us. I put my headphones in my ear and drifted off into a light sleep.

I woke up to a loud bonging sound in my ears, I opened my eyes slowly to see green eyes staring at me. "Morning Curly boy," I said in a whisper. He smiled and pulled some hair out of my face. I pulled my head phones out of my ears and felt the plane come to a halt.

I grabbed my hand luggage and made my way off the plane. I got to the converbelt, to get my suitcase, I waited until the last suitcase was picked off the conveyer belt. I got annoyed and turned around to see One Direction themselves. I laughed and saw that they had my suitcase.
"Thought you could go without saying goodbye, Liz" I smiled and walked towards him.

"Good bye, Sir Harry Edward Styles" I took my suitcase and walked towards the exit. I was about to get through the door when my name was being called."Lizzie" I turned around to see Harry. Can't this boy ever learn how to say goodbye? Harry looked at me and shoved his hands into his jean pockets looked down towards me.

"Lizzie, I was wondering if I could get ya number" I nodded and scribbled it down on a piece of paper. He smiled and I walked out the door with a smile on my face.



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