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The Way We Move


© MissBunny

Do you believe in time-traveling?

Well, 24-year-old, horribly rich, hopeless romantic Niall Horan didn't. So it's pretty much
an unlikely surprise when he wakes up one fine and dandy Thursday morning in the back of
his parent's car in the year 2010, April 15 with a set of unperfect teeth, an X-factor
audition pass,
a young voice that could rise above millions, and... oh! female parts.

It is, once again, the beginning of everything, but who says it will still be the same?

A story of harsh expectations, flirting bandmates, big-ass pizzas,
a very attractive Luke Hemmings, Langhorne Slim songs,
time, and everything in between.

Liam/Female!Niall (with unintentional kisses from Luke Hemmings here and there)

Trailer coming soon | © Ms. Bunny Productions
Vaguely based on "The Way We Move" by Langhorne Slim

AU //
in which Harry has a sockful of kittens to give away
Louis is secretly a Percy Jackson fanatic
Liam is too over-protective
Zayn still loves his hair in the same very extent
and Niall is a lady--a very, very fine lady.


Female!Niall Horan

Female!Niall Horan

"And somehow, Niall became a lady--a very, very fine lady."

Liam Payne

Liam Payne

"And Niall suddenly noticed how mutha fackin hot his used-to be bandmate was when he was simply 16."


  1. 0.Prelude

    "First of all, Niall Horan wasn't depressed."


@Miss Bunny :)

Yup : )

Miss Bunny Miss Bunny

Are ypu from Philippines? Because I am ! :)

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