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Summer Love [Niall Horan AU]

Nash?!? Skylynn?!?

Veronica's p.o.v

We all got in the limo and drove to Harry and Cameron's houses. We finally got here and wow they were super big!! Their houses were the house anyone would wish for. Zayn and Mia decided to stay at Harry's place along with Rachel and Niall, Liam, and I decided to stay at Cameron's place. We got off the limo and Zayn told the driver to pick us up tomorrow at 10:30.
Harry: well we are all gonna put our stuff inside and how bout we meet at my place to watch a movie since its cold. We all agreed and Niall, Liam, Cameron and I went to Cameron's place.
Cameron: HEY NASH YOU HERE?!?!?!?
Me: Nash? Like N-nash G-grier from vine!! Cameron: yeah I started fangirling until Liam got annoyed and to me to shut the hell up.
Nash: YEAH !!! IM IN THE MOVIE ROOM!!! Me: omg! Niall he's here .... Niall I'm gonna die !!!
Niall: haha no now hurry up we have to unpack and do other shit Cameron introduced us to Nash
Nash: hey I'm Nash :)
Me: I know :D nice to meet you I love your vines :)
Nash: thanks :)
Cameron : y'all's can talk later but now we need to show you your rooms soooo yeah
We walked passed a hall and Cameron told me my room was between Niall's and Liam's so I was safe and Cameron was right next to Liam's and Nash's was next to Niall's and next to Nash's was Skylynn's.
Me: thanks cams guys I'm gonna go unpack Then I heard little Skylynn humming. I walked into her room and she was playing with here horses and he tv on watching frozen. Skylynn: finally another girl in this house!! - or nahhhh
Me: haha hi I'm Veronica and yupp I'm staying here for 2 weeks...I'm gonna go unpack ok and I'll pass by She's so adorable. I was about to open my room door when i felt strong arms hug my waist. I turned and it was Niallerā¤.
Niall: hey baby I missed you.
Me: haha Niall you cray-cray i left you for like 5 minutes Niall: haha sorry need help unpacking babe
Me: hmmmmm sure :) If u want thoee
Niall: I'd love to help
We unpacked my stuff and his stuff and then we were done and I decided to put on my green sweatpants and one of Niall's sweaters and fuzzy socks and laid down next to Niall. Then we both feel asleep.


Super super sorry guys !!!! I will update every other day I promise !! Thanks for the +2000 reads :D I'm soooo happy !!! Remember to subscribe and rate this !!! It motivates us to keep writing :D


I am trying :))