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Summer Love [Niall Horan AU]

Well well it looks like we have a player.

I saw Veronica asleep. I'm glad she gave me a chance. But there's one thing I don't like about this Cameron boy.I just don't know what it is. I saw Veronica open her eyes
Me: hey sleepy head
Veronica: hey love
Oh shit she called me love. Yes !!!! I blushed . I know gay right
Veronica: aww baby Niall blushed
Me: hey shut uppppp
I was by the window and looked outside ... It was beautiful
I saw Niall staring outside when the intercom interrupted
Me: wow it's been 7 hours
I realized because me and Niall feel asleep for a long time.
I walked over to Liam and Cameron who were 3 rows from us
Liam: hey good morning !
Cameron(half asleep) : shut up...I need my beauty sleep
Me: yup you need plenty of it
Cameron: hey!
Liam:haha clearly I don't !!
Me: well that's cause you probably slept the whole time yesterday...well imma go check on Harry and Zayn
Liam: ok
I walked over to Harry awake on his phone playing flappy bird
Harry: shit so close
Me: Cupcake watch that language!
Harry: sorry mummy :(
Rachel: hey Veronica ... 4 more hours left huh
Me:yes and I'm already tired :( of sitting here ... Well imma go check on Zaynieboo :D
Harry: hahaha Zaynieboo .. Hahahahhahahahahhahahahhahahhaha
Me: Harold ... I call you cupcake so yours is worse
Rachel: true dat hahahahahahahaha
Me: well see y'all's later
Rachel: ok sis
Harry: bye mummy tell Zaynieboo I said hi hahahahahahahaha
Me: very funny Harold
I walked over to Zayn and Mia. Mia was asleep and Zayn was reading a book.
Me: hey Zaynieboo
Zayn: haha that's the best you could come up with..what do you call Harry cupcake xD
Zayn: you do!?
Me: Maybe xD
Zayn: hahahahahahahaha
Me: so whatcha reading
Zayn: um it's called How To Fuck Your Girl Properly
Me: what the hell
Zayn: jk lol
Me: oh good lol
Zayn: 4 for freaking hours huh
Me: sadly yes
Zayn: well excuse me I need to go take a shit
Me: TMI Zayn TMI...I don't need to know that
Zayn: haha
Zayn walked to the bathroom and went next to Nialler eating.
Me: hey Nialler whatcha eating ?
Nialler: um a cookie
Me: you have crumbs all over you...even on your HEAD
Niall: oh
Me: haha
Niall finished his cookie and looked down like he was looking for something
Me: .... Um Nialler did you drop something
Niall: no It's just .... Never mind
Me: ok well I'm gonna go to the airline girl lady woman..do need so thing
Niall: yeah
Me: what do you need babe
Niall: my heart
Awwww he's telling me I stole his heart
Me: I can't ... Only if you give me mine back
Jesus this is too cute
Niall: nope not happening
He hugged me tightly
Niall: don't leave me
Me: I won't .... Why would you say that?
Niall: cause someone might take you
Me: and who would do such a thing
Niall: C-Cameron
Me: Baby Cameron is my friend
Niall: just a friend he's not even your best friend
Me: no
Niall: than whose your best guy friend
Me: you ... You're my best friend and boyfriend
Niall kissed me
Me: babe I won't ever leave you
Niall: than later on would you be willing to um....m-marry me and um .... F-form a family with me ?
Me: of course :D
Niall: thanks
Me: why would you think Cameron would take me from you
Niall: you've known him since high school you guys are close....idk
Me: oh....did I tell you he asked me out in high school when he was the most popular guy and I said no...twice....you know why
Niall: wow .... Why
Me: cause I was waiting for a perfect guy like you
Niall's face turned red
Niall: r-really ?
Me: yeah
Liam: VERONICA !!!
Me: great my stupid brother ruined the moment sorry babe gtg
I kissed his soft lips which taste like chocolate and he kissed back. Then I walked over to Liam
Me: what know Liam -.-
Liam: is it that time of the month again
Liam and Cameron bursted out laughing
Me: for your information no.
Liam: that was a good joke right lol
Me: no
Cameron: wait guys shut the poop up
Me: poop
Liam: why
Cameron: I'm going thru my email since it didn't check a couple hours ago and Nash Grier is having a campfire in his backyard in his house in London. Wanna go
Me and Liam: sure
Me and Liam: jinx
Me and Liam: stop copying me !
Cameron: wow you guys are really siblings
Me: lol
I walked over back to Niall and he was asleep and then I pretty much feel asleep too.



I am trying :))