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Summer Love [Niall Horan AU]

Finally!!! Wait what?!?!?!?!

Veronica's P.O.V
Finally the end of the day which means summer break is here ! I head over to my locker and I see Mia is already clearing up her makeup bags from her locker. " Hey gurl ready for summer fun!!!! " I asked her. " Hellz yeah I've been ready since like 2 months ago haha " we took all our stuff for our locker and head over to my car. Me and Mia have been best friend since preschool and we're neighbors. I drove home and told Mia if she wanted to got to the mall in ten minutes she said yes . " hey mom I'm home !! " " hey sweetie are you going anywhere? " " I was about head over to the mall with Mia but what's up ? " she took a deep breath and said " You have been spending to much time on your phone, going to the mall , gossiping , etc so me and your father decided to take you to summer camp. " It was silent for about 2 minutes. " what ... How bout Rachel is she going to ? For how long. " She respond " Yes both of you and for the whole summer break " "what about Mia ? " " She can come if she wants"
I ran up to my room and unlocked my phone and quickly text Mia.
Me: Hey my mom is sending me to summer camp all summer !!!!
Mia: what ?
Me: yeah the WHOLE SUMMER till we get back 2 skool Rachel is coming too She said u can also come
Mia: is it a boys and girls camp
Me : yeah but why is that important
Mia : I'm in....hello? Hot guys ;)
Me: ohhhh haha well I can't go I gotta pack
Mia: When do we leave ?
Me: at 4:00 the bus gets here
Mia: oh ok we have 3hrs to pack see ya later byeee xx
Me: bye
I start taking my clothes out and my suitcase.
Then I heard a knock on my room.
" It's Rachel can I come in !!!!!!"
"Yessssss "
when Rachel saw we packing she asked me if it was for that summer camp thingy...I said yes ...she told me she was exited to meet hot guys ...just like Mia. I finished backing and went down stairs to get a snack and I smell tacos :) yummmm. We all ate and I called Mia over to eat and tell me what she thinks about my outfits for the summer. We went to my room and she said " did you pack a 2 piece bikini ?" " oh crap I almost forgot !!! " " VERONICAAAAAA , MIAAAAA, RACHELLLL THE BUS IS HERE HURRY UP !!!!!!!"
" okkkkkkkk!!!!!!" We grabbed our stuff and went downstairs to say bye I asked my mom if I could bring my phone she thought about it and said" yes but take a lot of pictures :) " " I will bye mom I love you " me Mia and Rachel got on the bus and my eyes landed on a blond babe with bits of brown hair who was sitting on the back with a headphone on . " imma go sit with that hottie ;) " Mia wasn't paying attention cause she was looking at a hottie with tattoos and plugs " hey Mia hellooo " " um right sure whatever " Mia sat next to that hottie while I was about to turn to see Rachel and she was already next to a curly haired boy laughing. Lol. Young love :) . I was making my way back and I sat next to the blond babe. " hi I'm Veronica sorry I sat here there was no more space :/ " lies I did it cause he's so dam* hot. " it's ok babe ;) I needed company " omg babe he called me babe and he has the hottest IRISH ACCENT EVER. " so what's your name? " I asked him. he flipped his hair and looked at me. " Horan...Niall Horan." " damn you're hot " omg I said that out loud " sorry " I said I felt my face turn hot and red " haha no worries that's what I was thinking about you princess. So are you staying at camp the whole summer baby ? " I said " um yeah are you " " yeah but now it's not gonna so bad since I just met you ;) "


Hey how did you like chapter one ?


See you all on Sunday bye bye xx.

~ Harrystyleslovesmehhhh


I am trying :))