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For the loved ones you lost
For the hated ones you have loved
For the singers you despise

Background information about her abilities and other stuff;
Since I met Simon I had been practicing and perfecting my ability. When I turned fifteen and had been with him for five years I was put on my first job. Simon had helped me understand what I could do and when he thought I was ready I got the simply job of Holding. To understand what Holding is you have to understand what happens to a person when they become famous. Throughout life people thinks famous people are practically invincible and that there is nothing that can hold them down or no one to tell them to shut the hell up. Well, my first job was to actually hold a new celebrity that was going to go through the Change. Remember how I told you before that only ninety percent of the famous people out there are vampires? Yes well, almost every singer is one. A human usually has good lung capacity but a vampire has a near perfect one. They could therefor sing a high and long note without feeling the need to take a breath.

Most of the humans in this famous lifestyle were actors, because a human singer didn’t get all that famous because their body couldn’t handle the stress. And so when I was assigned my first job I helped a Transformer, I know that is an awesome name, to turn a new up and coming singer from London. I don’t want to bore you with the details of how I held her when the Transformer turned her. But I think I should explain quickly how my abilities work. You know the last Twilight movie? Where Bella becomes a vampire and gets a super power that practically makes her able to push a force field around her and whoever she wants to cover? Well, her ability is a little bit less exciting than mine. I have had more time to practice but I am able to hold people down, make them see stuff that isn’t there and almost anything I can imagine. If I want to I can focus on someone’s heart and then squeeze and crush it. All with my mind. I don’t know how you find that. If it sounds exciting or just boring.

Nowadays I work as a Bodyguard and sometimes as a Holder too.

Oh, and I can also use ‘the force’ and move stuff! (Well it’s just me using this shield of mine and moving stuff like that, but it is still cool.)

With One Direction and Simon Cowell!
I own EVERYTHING except the celebrities and other people that already exist! Steal and you will DIE DIE DIE!


Harry Styles

Harry Styles

Cheeky as always. Part of One Direction

Liam Payne

Liam Payne

A little bit more responsible than the rest. Part of One Direction.

Louis Tomlinson

Louis Tomlinson

The one who along with Niall constantly challenges Nicola. Part of One Direction

Niall Horan

Niall Horan

As a vampire he quickly turns into Nicola's punching bag. Part of One Direction.

Nicola Cowell

Nicola Cowell

Not really her name, but it is best to forget the past. Being a SHIELD is dangerous.

Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell

Nicola's guardian and fake-uncle.

Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik

Gets called The Dark One by Nicola. Part of One Direction.



o.m.g you're going to his concert? I'm so jealous!! i love his songs he sure knows how to use his words

@ThatCrazyMofo agreed :)xx

Updaaaaaaaaaate, please!xx

ThatCrazyMofo ThatCrazyMofo

I'm hoping for her sake that it was in Stockholm :P Because other parts of Sweden aren't that fun ^^

well,i don't exactly know but it was a family vacation they had5 people and they got a tour or something then they went to a museum shit idk but she said it was fun:)x