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Percy Jackson/1D And The Creators Horn


What happens when Liam, Harry, Louis, Niall and Zayn find out their Demi-gods?

What happens if they're issued a quest?

A quest that takes all of them to the underworld to face terrifying foes but there is an important question that needs to be answered, questions of their past and why are they all stronger than normal Demi-gods?

A War is coming and the 6th age in just beginging where the it is fortold the gods will fight a battle that they will lose and it all begins with one blow on Creator's Horn.
Down, down they go.
To Hades lair.
To the oceans depths.
Up into the sky.
From the earths tear.
And Chaos child will call.
He will lie.
A hidden secret will be revealed.
And their fate will be sealed.



  1. Liam

    But My Life From Then On Was Going To Get Very Complicated.

  2. My Life Gets Complicated

    "By the way I didn't introduce myself, my names Annebeth"

  3. Annabeth

    New Kid

  4. He Seems Nice

    I guessed that this must be Chiron that Annabeth had mentioned, minus the fact she forgot to mention to me he was a half horse which could of happened to anyone I'm sure...

  5. Zayn

    "Hi, Dad"

  6. My Half Brother

    Meeting Nico...

  7. Shadow Travelling Success...Or Maybe Not...


  8. Louis

    Happy birthday present Thalia

  9. I Almost Behead My Sister

    "What? Weren't expecting that...Sis?"

  10. Niall

    Rachel Dare Haunted My Dreams

  11. I Almost Get Eaten

    But that was impossible, wasn't it?​​

  12. I Wish Someone Ran To The Rescue And Stuck Duck Tape To His Mouth

    A world with god's and monsters.

  13. I Meet A Half Goat? No, Donkey? No...Mabye Horse?

    "And who are these fine gentlemen? Nico?"​​

  14. Roman, Not Greek?

    "Hi, Rachel, nice camp you got here, very...Interesting"

  15. Harry

    Trance Of The Maenad

  16. I Have Strange Dreams...Maybe I've Eaten To Much Cheese?

    Demigod Dreams...

  17. Percy

    We Charged Into Battle

  18. What Crazy World Did I Wake Up To?

    Strange Images

  19. I Feel The Love...

    ​​​​​"Looks like someone's grown a back bone or are you going to faint on us again?"

  20. Welcome To Camp Half Blood


  21. Some Are Claimed


  22. The Next Great Prophecy

    "But will thy give them a clean slate? Or will Olympus crumple and fall?"

  23. Lets Do This Again


  24. You're In Charge?

    Meeting Leo

  25. Outsider

    Not Exactly True...

  26. I Don't Want To Be A Hero

    My Luck Had Run Out

  27. Nyx's Warning

    Don't Dish It Out If You Can't Take It

  28. Why Do I Have Such Odd Dreams?

    I'm Haunted By An Eye

  29. Harry's Gift

    Ready Roman Guy

  30. I Don't Want To Talk About It

    My Sister Hates Me

  31. The Start Of My Terrifying Journey

    I Reckon We All Have Really Messed Up Familys.

  32. My Quest


  33. Who Should Go?

    Who Knew Five Could Be Such A Dangerous Number?

  34. For The Horns Song Is Sweet, Irresistible And Long

    Lets Hope I Don't Go To China This Time...

  35. There Was A 50/50 Chance We Could Of Gone To China?

    Eves-Dropping King Of The Underworld

  36. Harry Smells Weird?

    First Mention...

  37. I'm Going To A Camp That Wants Me Dead? Seriously?


  38. Give Us Some Slack

    Time To Meet Jason

  39. The Big Tough Roman Leaders Are Afraid Of A Horn?


  40. The Legend Of The Creators Horn

    The Sixth Age...

  41. We're Going To A Place No Demigod Has Come Back From? Can't Wait....

    Hellhounds Eye....

  42. The Hellhounds Cave

    Deeper And Deeper

  43. Destiny Speaks

    Fatel Jaws

  44. Claimed

    The Impossible?

  45. Keep It To Yourself


  46. Who Is My Father?

    Freacky Writing In A Cave That Only One Of Us Can Read..Anyone Else Creeped Out?

  47. Only Death Lies There

    But Beware

  48. Hellbirds

    So Now It Was Up To Me To Save Everyone And I Had No Idea How To Do It...Great.

  49. The Girl That Grows?

    This Is How You Deal With Hellbirds

  50. Who's The Random Girl?

    ​​​​​​​ Would We Truly Blow The Horn That Starts A War With The Gods?

  51. Nothing Growed And Everything Died In Mona's Land

    For Two Months You Will Look...

  52. Will We See You Again?

    Lier, Lier, Pants On Fire

  53. The Plan

    Okay So Is It Only Me That Wants To Skewer Louis With A Sword Right Now?

  54. Being Chased By Hungry Spiders? Such Fun

    We All Legged It

  55. Deathly Illusions

    "Its Me"

  56. You're Useless

    Very Clever

  57. Zayn-What You Fear Will Come To Pass


  58. Niall-What You Fear Will Come To Pass

    Gallows Knot...

  59. Something Different

    Dead Mothers Cry

  60. Screams In The Dark

    My Fault...

  61. Niall..Um, There's Nothing There

    Who's The One Going Mad? Harry Or Is It Me?

  62. Scare You To Death? No, No, That Never Works

    Everyone's Gone Mad

  63. Who Is Real?

    Liam's Problem...

  64. Left Out...

    When You Have No Self Worth

  65. Note To Self, Never Let Zayn Cook Beans Ever Again...

    Childish Behaviour

  66. Downwards

    And The Mysterious Girl

  67. To Know One's Future Is A Terrible Thing

    "Humour me" I begged.

  68. The Strange Vanishing Warning


  69. Live For The Moment

    Trust You're Friends

  70. One By One...Such A Cheerful Saying

    "Okay, who's first?"

  71. You May Find More Than You Bargained For There

    But Beware

  72. You'll Face Something Even More Challenging

    "But be very wary. You could just end up loosing yourself along the way"​​

  73. One Slip Will Be You're Downfall


  74. Maybe You Haven't Failed At All?

    You've Been Chosen...

  75. Leep Of Faith

    Listen closely...

  76. Deathly Waters

    "Watch us little demigod. But it is best to let us be. Watch us little Demigod. For we may be the last things you see"

  77. Never Knew Sirens Could Be Good StoryTellers

    Olympus Destroyed In A Dream? Oh What Does It Mean?

  78. Driven To Madness

    Bring It On...

  79. The Riddles Pit

    You Failed...

  80. The Hall Of Mirrors

    The Face With The Golden Eyes...

  81. It Broke Me

    Its Not Real....Or Is It?

  82. (Niall) Coming To A Close

    "Trust me"

  83. (Liam) Coming To A Close

    "Who knew the kindness of strangers?"

  84. (Louis) Coming To A Close

    "I am everthing yet I am nothing..."

  85. (Zayn) Coming To A Close


  86. (Harry) Coming to a close

    The Creators Horn...Finally And My Father Is....

  87. I Knew Killing Those Hellbirds Would Come Back To Bite Me In The Arse!

    "You really know how to make a guy feel comfortible"

  88. And The Chaos Child Will Call

    They Didn't Even Stand A Chance

  89. Lies

    Waking Up

  90. Home For A Half

    Zayn And Louis Welcome Home? Goddess, New Sister and...Nothing?

  91. We're All Stories In The End

    The Offer


Thank you so much :D :D Thank you for commenting :D
I'm so glad you like it :)) xxx

This is one of the best stories I've read in a while!! Thank you so much for writing this!

@Piper charms
Your welcome !!!

Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D

I love this story it's amazing