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My Judgement's Clouded

But we have to say goodbye

Three years later

I was sitting in class listening to the teacher in front of us talk about how to capture the perfect photo when my phone started ringing. I had it on silent so no one heard but I felt it since I had it in my pants pocket. When I got the phone out of the pocket and looked at the screen a smile flashed over my face. I had to press the ignore button but as soon as I did that I sent him a text saying I would be out of class in twenty minutes. I put my phone back into my pocket and looked up to listen to the teacher again.

You might be wondering what has happened the last three years, yeah well a lot happened. And when I say a lot, I mean A LOT! After the baby was born the boys stayed with me in Sweden for a month before they were off to America. They had a year long tour there and everything was going great, at least according to the tabloids. Antonia and I were talking to Liam almost every day and when he didn’t have time he would text me. He told me about all the fun stuff they were up to and how excited he always became when they were going to a new city. He also told me that he and Harry still weren’t on good terms and he didn’t know if they would be able to fix it. I had forgiven Harry but still hadn’t forgotten what he had done, and now I just wished Liam could forgive him. Anyway, when the year was up Liam first went to England to visit his family. He stayed there for a week and then he came to Sweden to be with Antonia and I. Everything was going fine in the beginning but I noticed that Liam seemed a little depressed.

When I sat him down and practically demanded that he would tell me what was going on he started crying. I know that it seems like Liam is a big softy, but he’s not. He always tries to stay strong for everyone else and to see him cry broke my heart. He told how hard it was being around Harry and at the same time loving touring with the rest of the boys. He felt really guilty for leaving me alone with our first born. What he told me next shocked the most and I really tried to make him change his mind. He told me that he just couldn’t do it anymore. He couldn’t be in the band anymore. All he wanted was to be here, with me, and it was killing him even thinking about leaving his fans and his best friends. He didn’t want to let anyone down, but he knew that no matter what he would be letting someone down. If he stayed in the band he would be letting himself and Antonia and I down. He would miss his child’s entire life touring. But he did love touring. And so came the other option. If he decided to leave the band he would be leaving his best friends behind. He would still see them hopefully but it wouldn’t be the same. He would be disappointing the fans that loved him so much and he would be giving up one of the things he loved the most. He loved singing, and even though he might love his daughter more I felt horrible that he had to choose.

So the day Liam told the world he would be leaving One Direction was the hardest day for everyone. The boys cried loads when they found out, they had been told several days before, and Liam cried with them. I cried because he was giving up on a part of his life that was so big for him that it was insane. He truly loved what he was doing and I knew he would keep on doing it, just not at the moment. The fans went crazy and several threats were made against Antonia and me. A few days after the news had come out Liam told the management to arrange a press conference so that he could tell everyone himself how this all happened. The speech he held made me cry loads and the paparazzi loved that. After that things became a little quieter and Liam and I started living our life. The boys, all except Harry came to visit us every other month and we went to them in London. They kept the band together and even though it was hard for them in the beginning they were doing really good now.

I stayed in touch with Eleanor and she comes to visit us as often as she can. She is practically Antonias second Godmother, even though Maddie refuses to call her that. El and Louis had gotten engaged and were going to get married in the fall of next year. They still were ridiculously happy and I was glad for them. They had some difficulties two years back with the entire being apart thing, she almost broke it off with him because she felt so lonely. But she eventually remembered that she loved him no matter what. So about a year ago when he came home from tour they went on a romantic get-away. When they came home they were engaged. She told the entire story to me, but I think some things should be sacred.

Maddie was still with Niall, kind of. They had an on and off relationship and no one knew what the heck they were doing. When they were together they acted like they were a couple and when he was away they acted like best friends, both insisting on that there was nothing between them. We all hoped that they would realize what they had and just be official, and we were hoping soon.

Zayn were together with a girl called Perrie, from the very famous girl band Little Mix. They had been together for about three years now. Apparently they were seeing each other long before any of the boys knew about it, which I think is really cute. They had moved in together and were now living in London. Not far from where Louis and El lived. Niall lived near them too, I think, but he lived alone. Harry was being his usual self. I didn’t speak to him and I didn’t ask about him either. I kind of followed him in the tabloids. According to them he was really sleeping around and it didn’t look like he was anywhere near settling down. I felt sorry for him, I knew he was just acting out because he felt lonely. I wanted so bad to comfort him but I needed to stay way.

But the humongous question is, how is everything between Liam and I? Well, we are engaged. We plan on getting married the spring after Lou and El’s wedding. We bought a apartment in the middle of Lund where we now live. Liam had learned Swedish within the first year, even though he didn’t speak it perfectly yet he understood it perfectly. He was working as a vocal coach as he also was writing and recording. He never stopped singing but he knew that he didn’t want to tour anymore. I was studying, trying to finish my education so that I could open a photo boutique. That plan was for a few years further into the future but it was something I really wanted to do.

And as I said, a lot has happened the last three years. And I was now sitting in class just waiting for it to end. It was not that I thought it was boring, today I just really wanted to get home. When the teacher finally looked at his clock and announced that class was done for today I was the first one to stand. I walked alongside a classmate of mine, Kara was her name, and she laughed at how fast I was walking.

“Wow! Slow down horsie!” I laughed at her words, almost everything she said was weird.

“I can’t, meeting Liam and Antonia outside. We are going to celebrate her birthday today!” I smiled largely at Kara and her eyes wondered to the big entrance in front of us.

“Well they are already here! See you on Monday!” She hugged me quickly and I said good bye. When I turned around I saw my little girl running towards me.

“Mamma!” She jumped and I lifted her up in my arms. “Mamma, pappa är elak!” Mamma, dad is mean! I laughed at her pouting face as I walked over to where Liam stood. He was looking at us with a big smile on his face.

“Nej! Vad har han gjort nu då?” No! What has he done know? I smiled at Liam before leaning forward to kiss his lips lightly. He and I had agreed that I would speak Swedish with her and he would speak English. That way she would learn both languages.

“Han sa att han hade en surprise! Men han vill inte säga!” He told me he had a surprise! But he wont tell! I laughed and looked at Liam with the same angry pout our daughter had on.

“I will show you both when we get home!” He hugged us both tight and kissed our cheeks with wet lips. We both made disgusted noises and he laughed at us. He placed his arm around my waist as he grabbed the bag I had on my shoulder. He leaned closer as we walked and kissed my cheek. “Did you have a good day?” I nodded and smiled largely.

“But it just got better.”


I just want to say thank you to those who voted and read this! And commented OFC! I love all of you but the story is over...! Hope you like the ending! <3


I loved the story. The ending was so cute! :)
naaah it's fine I'm just going to be subscribed to it to save the wonderfulness lol
Naah I mean dislike very much because I ended the story ;)
Well I mean I would never hate you.... Unless I know you o.O lol