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My Judgement's Clouded

I know we only met

We can skip the whole trip to Stockholm, we went by train which took about six hours. When we got there it was the day before the concert. We went home to my brother and got settled and started to pick out what we were going to wear when we met them. I chose a black loose dress that stopped just above the knees and a pair of black high heels to it. The dress was a very comfortable one so I wasn't going to feel uncomfortable tomorrow night. Maddie chose a white tight dress with a pair of black heels and a bright pink bag. She wanted to stand out a little. We both went to bed early but neither of us actually slept. My adrenaline was as high as the Empire State Building and my mind didn't want to get any rest. The hours slowly counting down and the moment getting closer and closer.

Two hours before the show was going to start we went to a restaurant to eat and wait for the moment when we were going backstage with One Direction.

"What are you going to say to them?" My friend asked me. She had been talking about what she would ask and say to them when we met them for a month now, but I didn't mind. I was secretly having that discussion in my head.

"I have no idea. I think I'm just gonna role with it, you know. How about you? Have you decided which one you want to bombard with your questions?" She stuck her tongue out at me and then laughed a little.

"I think I'm going for Niall. He is so adorable it is crazy!" She squealed and started to clap her hands like she was a seal or something.

"He is!" I looked at my clock and noticed that we only had about fifthteen to get to the doors. "Oh, Maddie we need to get going now. Or we are so going to be late!" She sucked in a big breath of air and then called the waiter to get the check. We paid as fast as we could and then ran to the stadium where they were performing. It just happened to be at Globen, Stockholm's big golf ball as I called it. I loved coming here because it reminded me of being a child. When I was little me and my mother always went to see Disney On Ice in January with a few friends. It was the most awesome time ever! But when I turned thirteen we stopped going, I don't know why but I hated it. So every time I went here I had the same feeling I had when I was a kid.

We got to the doors they had told us to go to and saw a few security guards standing there, watching the entrance. We walked up to them and became very nervous when they told us no one was permitted to enter yet. I pulled up the paper I had in my bag, which they also had told us to show, and showed it to the guards closest to the doors. He let out a sigh and told us he was sorry for assuming we were going to try to sneak in. When we got in a woman came up to us.

"Are you two Rosanna and Madelene?" She spoke to us in Swedish, just as the guards had, and we both nodded and handed her the paper when she asked for it. "Good. My name is Diana and I'm from Expressen. I am here to show you around and then take you to see One Direction in person. Doe that sound good?" She smiled at us and we almost jumped with excitement.

"I am sooo ready!" Maddie almost screamed, earning a glance from the people who was working around us. I laughed at her sudden outburst and told Diana that we were good to go and I also thanked her. She smiled and started to show us around. She showed us the lounges that celebs often used when they came here and then we went down in the cellar, it felt like we were going down a lot anyway. Down there she showed us several dressing rooms and pointed to the one the Britney had used when she came here. We walked around for about ten minutes and she showed us a wall where all the artists had signed their autographs. It looked really cool so me and Maddie took a picture in front of it, smiling like morons. After we were done acting like nerds Diana turned to us and waited until our full focus was on her.

"Are you guys ready to meet the boys?" She smiled and I could sense that even she was a little excited to meet them. Maddie squealed again making me jump and I nodded so much I thought my head was going to fall off. Her smile became even bigger when she started to lead us to the dressing room she had shown us earlier. On a paper on the door the name One Direction was written with a blue pen. I stopped breathing and Maddie started hyperventilating as Diana knocked on the door. After her knock we heard a strange noise, sounded like someone falling over or dropping something.

"Bloody hell!" I heard someone hiss underneath their breath and then the door opened.
"Oh sip it Niall, the fridge is full of those!" I completely stopped functioning properly and my body froze. In front of us stood Louis Tomlinson in all his glory. "Hello loves!" He moved to the side to make room for us to come in. "Come in will ya!" I blushed madly and saw Maddie with a big smile on her face.

"Hi guys!" Diana spoke first and went over to shake all of their hands. I still wasn't breathing. "I am Diana from Expressen, a magazine here in little Sweden." She smiled and did not look at all as starstruck as I did.

"Oh right!" Niall spoke, his perfect and adorable accent showing. "Our manager told us you guys were having a competition." He smiled towards us and came over to shake our hands. He started with Maddie, luckily. If he would've come to me first I think I would've fainted. "I'm Niall. What's your name love?" He smiled and I saw my friend melt a little.

"I'm Madelene but my friends call me Maddie." She blushed like crazy. He looked over at me waiting for me to tell them my name but all i could do was stare at him. "Her name is Rosanna, she is really shy." She laughed and I regained my sanity and managed to hit her arm hard. "Owh! That hurt!" She complained although I didn't hit her that hard.

"Hi..." I didn't say it to loud, because frankly I was pretty shy, but that didn't mean I wanted her to tell everyone. I waved at them all and then they started to come up to shake hands with us. Niall came to me and took my hand telling me it was nice to meet me. After that the rest of the boys did the normal 'Hey, my name is ...'. Harry started and then Zayn and Louis did the same. Last but not least Liam made his way over and took my hand in his.

"Hi, I'm Liam." His eyes totally mesmerized me and I was about to fall over when Maddie bumped my hip with hers. I started laughing and looked at the floor.

"I know.." I whispered the words but somehow he heard them. He chuckled and let go of my hand, thank the gods. The room stayed quiet for several minutes and then Diana spoke up.
"Well, sorry girls but I have to leave. Writing an article on the concert and need to get to my place." She winked at the boys. "Take care of them will you?" She said it with a bit of irony but sounded a bit serious at the same time. I was looking at the floor and the walls, avoiding the gazes of the boys.

"Of course we will Diana!" Louis shouted and suddenly grabbed me and Maddie by the shoulders and pressed us to his body. "We won't bite them to hard, since we are thousand year old vampires!" He had scared me to death when he grabbed me and I felt the horror still on my face. Diana laughed and waved goodbye and then left the room.

"I think you should let the girl go Louis, she looks terrified." Zayn smiled warmly towards me, seeing my horror that was mirrored on my face.

"Oh I am so sorry love! I didn't mean to frighten you." He let go of me and walked to stand in front of me. "But you do know we're not vampires, do you?" He had a little sarcasm in his eyes and he really reminded me of my brother.

"Can I ask you a question?" I asked carefully. He nodded and became curious as to what I was going to ask. "Or well it is two question actually." I waited until he nodded again until I continued. "How old do you think I am? And do you honestly think I am that stupid?" I looked at him with dismay in my eyes. He looked shocked and Liam began to chuckle again, making me blush like crazy.

"It seems she didn't like you almost calling her a stupid little child!" He let out a laugh so loud everyone was shocked, but then after a few seconds the other boys, except Louis, chimed in and laughed to. Louis gaze faltered a little and I felt bad for being so mean.

"I'm so sorry." I looked at the ground and blushed. "I didn't mean to sound so harsh. I just don't like people talking to me like I am stupid." I peeked up to look at Louis and he was beginning to smile.

"It's alright love. I'm sorry for talking to you like that." He scratched the back of his head and smile a sideways smile. "I am not used to fans not fainting at the sound of my voice." He winked at me and offered me his hand. "Friends?" I smiled and took his hand, blushing even more.


Same story as I have on Mibba.com, but there it's called I Don't Want to be Yours!



I loved the story. The ending was so cute! :)
naaah it's fine I'm just going to be subscribed to it to save the wonderfulness lol
Naah I mean dislike very much because I ended the story ;)
Well I mean I would never hate you.... Unless I know you o.O lol