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I Can't Hold Back


I’ll find the words to say, before you leave me today.

I wish I could change the past to alter the future. I wish I could go back to when we were happy...when you looked at me with love instead of sorrow. I wish all the mistakes I made could be erased from my record and I could start fresh. ... Just remember I'll love you forever, even when you don't love me.

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Oh my gosh! The ending has left me crying! This story is filled with too much tragedy!

Just read the first chapter... USC? Sounds like the you are talking about University of South Carolina

Oh my god my heart feels broken!! You are such a great writer, I almost felt like I was experiencing the pain. I hope Niall and Charlie are together with their baby in heaven!! Great job on the story write another Niall story!! This time where they live lol!!

sniff niall died sniff nooooooooooooo! I loved it!, until niall died. I cried for hours! ur a very phenomiNIALL writer! read my story through the dark.its the one with the lyrics except they r about niall.

i just finished reading this and im a mess! you are a really talented writer :) i loved it