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i woke up in a white room, i look around i see one red corner, its blood, i try and and get up to see i go just close enough to see.. Niall bleeding i try and get closer but something stops me, im fucking tied to the bed, i pull at the rope but i can't i turn back to see Niall caughing blood up,

"NIALL!!!" i shout,

i wake up from that horrid dream and see that i am in a big white room Nialls in the corner tied to a post still asleep, sophie is next to me still out like Niall, i get up and i was about to walk over to Niall but i fall over, tied to the bed.. fucking cunts.. i try and untie my foot from the bed, than i see that im wearing this,

me: http://www.polyvore.com/untitled/set?id=72500436

Niall: http://www.polyvore.com/untitled_159/set?id=67381456

Sophie: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=76545600#

sick perv even dressed my boyfriend.. i keep trying to untie the rope and i did, yay, i run over to Niall i cup his cheek with my hand he wakes up

"hey, Princess" he said

i smiled at his accent, he's the only who can make me smile in this time,

"hi baby, c'mon lets get you untied," i said

he looked at me confused then looked around,

"where the hell are we?" he asked,

"I COULD ASK THE SAME QUESTION!!" sophie shouted from the bed,

"SHHH!!" me and Niall both said at the same time,

i untied Niall and we untied Sophie i walked up to the door it was unlocked, so i opend it, i regret that,

"oh, look she up and untied," Harry said his eye were black with anger,

i ran back into the room straight for Nialls arms, Sophie sat on the bed,

"welcome back, babe," Louis said in my direction, i hid my face into Niall's shirt,

"d'awe she's scared of us.. good.." Zayn said,

"shut up and let us go you fucking pricks," Sophie said

they all looked at her,

"now that we're here can i-" liam had started talking then Harry cut him off,

"no," he said

"what why not?" Liam asked,


"shhh," i said softly,

"you what Niall you helped them escape? yeah we know, that why your here," Louis said,

"shut up go get they're stuff we're leaving in an hour," Harry said he walked up to me and grabbed my arm i grabbed Niall shirt Harry ripped me away from my irish lad and brought me into a nother room as we walked away i heard Niall shout my name,

"What?!" i said

"you can't be with Niall anymore." he said sternly,

i laughed

"THAT FUNNY!!" i shouted still laughing really hard,

"im not kidding," he said that and i stopped laughing,

"you can't tell me who i can and cant be with," i said

"well i do own you, remember?" he said pulling out the paper he showed me years ago, i grabbed it and ripped it,

"look, i have parents now, you don't own me anymore," i said,

"WHO ADOPTED YOU?" he shouted,

"My parents," Sophie said leaning on the door frame,

"out," he said pointing at the door,

i started walking out but Harry grabbed my arm, "not you her," he said looking over at Sophie, she left an closed and locked the door,

"you can't keep me here i still have school, i have a cheer leading team that will miss me, you can't just take me away from everything Harry!" i exclamed

"i can and i will," he said,
"and you will not be seeing Niall as a lover he is now back in One Direction, and he will not be talking to you, without one of us with you," Harry said,

"YOU CAN'T DO THAT!!" i shouted,

"like i said i can and i will," he said.
"whats that?" he said pointing to my promise ring Niall had given me,

"its a ring are you stupid?" i asked,

after i asked that my cheek burned, did he just hit me? oh fuck no.

"you just hit me?" i asked,

"you called me stupid," he said simply

"oh fuck no." i said and i pushed Harry to the floor,
"dont hit me again." i said and i left the room,

"fucking prick." i mumbled


Please update it's so good X


Please update

Update when you can love. You are doing amazing with the story. Can't wait to know what happens in the story.

What the hell u just left it there go on