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One Direction at Camp

chapter 9

“Ok well since it’s your cabin I think you or Jake should go first” Harry suggested, Jake pushed the bottle to me and winked. I sighed, I wasn’t really sure I wanted to go first I was worried what kind of dares or truths they would think of. We decided to play the game slightly different to normal, we decided that we were going to go around the circle choosing truth or dare but we had to spin the bottle to decide who was going to give the truth or dare. I spun the bottle, it landed on Niall, “um, kind of scared what you’re going to ask but…truth” I said, Harry whispered to Niall, Niall grinned widely “ok Lilly if you don’t answer the question truthfully you have to do a dare, when was the last time you had sex? As in real sex not onstage scenes” I can’t believe he asked me that, I can see how this game is going to go. “Wow you don’t hold back do you? umm….” I had to think about the answer, to be honest I wasn’t really sure, I just knew it was a long time, “….I can’t remember, but I think it was several months ago”, the guys just looked at me then looked at each other “I don’t think that was a very good answer, do you boys?” Jake laughed, “ye we believe you were being truthful but I think you should do a forfeit for not giving a good answer” Louis sniggered, “spin the bottle again and whoever it lands on you have to do the dare to” Liam smiled, I sighed and spun the bottle, it kind of feels like they are not playing fair, the bottle landed on Harry, Harry just smiled widely at me.

The guys all sniggered and huddled in the corner to discuss my dare, me and Harry were just left sitting on the floor like two lemons, “has it really been months?” he asked as he scooted closer to me, “ye, I don’t have a boyfriend and I’m not one to sleep around”, “Harry what kind of dare are they likely to come up with?” I asked slightly worried as it seemed to be taking them ages to decide, Harry laughed, he was really sexy when he laughed, his eyes slightly scrunch up and his hair shakes, “well knowing them you’ll probably be dared to kiss me or something, good but not very original”, I laughed nervously, ye being dared to kiss someone is not very original, but kissing Harry would be amazing, his lips look really soft and I bet he tangles his hand in your hair as he leans in for the kiss. His tongue would lightly lick my lips asking for entrance and clearly I would give it to him, maybe not right away but after I have teased him a little…..what am I thinking I barely know him.

The guys all sat back down with massive grins on their faces, “ok this is a good one, we dare you to kiss Harry with tongues and everything until we say stop…”, Harry smiled at me, he knew they would say that he was right not very original at all though, “…..then you have to sit in Harry’s lap for the remainder of the game” Niall laughed. Well I wasn’t expecting that. I scooted even closer to Harry and leant towards him, he suddenly grabbed my face and drew me closer. As he pulled me closer I could smell hints of fresh fruit and woody musk, he lightly brushed his lips onto mine, the small light touch was like electric, he held me close to him as his mouth claimed mine, he lightly licked my lip like I thought he would, I opened instantly allowing him to slip his tongue into my mouth, he tasted sweet and minty, there was a slight taste of beer that only added to the sensation. As he kissed me passionately his hands made small circles along my back and at the base of my spine, he lightly squeezed my hip which made me twitch slightly, he clearly noticed that I was ticklish so he took advantage of that knowledge, as his tongue lightly caressed mine he squeezed and gently massaged my waist and hips, I instantly started to shift against him, not sure whether I was trying to get away from the sensations or get closer. He let go of my hip with one hand and pulled me onto his lap, he lightly caressed and squeezed my arse as he deepened the kiss if that was possible, he was truly skilled with his tongue, and his hands, hell he was just generally skilled. “Ok you can stop now” Zayn interrupted, Harry clearly hadn’t heard though as he continued to kiss me, the guys cleared their throats, but Harry continued to kiss me lustfully, “god get a room you two!” Louis shouted, Harry broke the kiss and lightly nibbled my ear lobe he whispered huskily into my ear “not very original but pretty damn hot”, with the help of Harry I shifted in his lap so I had my back to him, my face flushed slightly as I felt his slightly hardening penis touch the base of my spine. The rest of the game was going to be very interesting.



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I don't know I want to, I can try if people don't mind me not updating very often because as of next week I will be very busy. xxx

Are you going to continue this story with what happens on the tour? Cause you really should

Please update

awww yayy! theyre so cute!