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One Direction at Camp

chapter 27

I dressed in my own dressing room for the concert, I wore a white and blue cowboys t-shirt that stopped at my belly button, dark grey denim shorts with thin light blue suspenders and dark grey cowboy boots with a 3 inch heel. I wore my hair slightly messy to give a rock chick look and I wore natural makeup with a slight Smokey eye. I was ready for the concert and was excited. The guys all suddenly walked in “wow you look amazing!” Harry said in a husky voice, “ye totally rocks” Louis said. “Wait let me take a picture, you should put it on twitter” Liam said, I sighed but gave him my phone, I put my hands slightly on my hips and pulled a sexy pout, I had a knack for photographing well. He took the picture and instantly put it on my twitter.

Doesn’t @Lilly_Taylor look amazing? She’s ready for the show tonight….get ready to have your mind blown and your socks rocked! Get ready you beautiful people because tonight a star is born! Love Liam @Real_Liam_Payne xx

I looked at my tweet, “aww thanks Liam” I said hugging him, “hey what about me?” Harry joked, I pulled him into a hug and kissed him firmly, “what about us?” everyone else moaned, I laughed and pulled everyone into a massive group hug. “Ready?” Niall asked. “Ye totally!” I said as we headed towards the stage. “We’ll introduce you!” Zayn said as they piled onto the stage.

The deafening screams filled the stadium, wow! “Hey everyone! How you all doing?” Liam shouted excitedly, his response was more screams. “Ok so we wanted to introduce our support act tonight, she is amazingly talented and a great friend to us all. We hope you love her as much as we do…it’s the amazing, beautiful and talented….Lilly Taylor!!!!!” Harry screamed. I ran onto stage and was greeted by lots of screams. “How you feeling to be on tour with us?” Harry asked, I took the microphone and smiled at him “it’s totally an amazing opportunity to get to perform for all you guys, I’m a bit nervous but really excited, I haven’t had the chance to know what touring with these guys is like yet but I can’t wait!” I said excitedly, “they love you already babe” Harry said into my ear, “good luck!” they all said as they left the stage. “Ok this first song is actually the first song the guys have heard me sing and I wanted to share it with you all”. The music to Hurt started to play (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KLVN6iFFXYo) I started to sing the lyrics, when I got to the chorus and belted out the lyrics the crowd went crazy. I walked the stage as I belted out the song; the crowd sang along and screamed even louder when I came near them. As the song ended I caught sight of the guys standing in the wings, they clearly stayed to make sure I was ok, they stuck their thumbs up at me, I returned the gesture and they went backstage to get ready for their performance.

“Let’s turn up the tempo shall we?” I shouted as my next song started, the crowd cheered as they recognised the song, I started to sing Part of me by Katy Perry (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tOpvXTglq70) I was quickly joined on stage by some of the backing dancers, I bet the crowd were shocked that there was going to be dancing at a One Direction concert! As I sang we performed the simple choreography that looked fab on stage. The crowd broke into loud cheers as I continued to sing more songs, some were upbeat and some were power ballads. I was about to say thanks to the audience for being amazing when I felt my phone vibrate, I sneakily looked at it.

Harry: I wanna do a duet with you…you game?

I saw him in the wings holding a microphone with a cute grin on his face. I laughed; of course I wanted to do a duet with him. “So before I go who wants to hear me do a duet with the lovely Harry Styles?” I asked, I already knew the answer, the audiences response was uproar of screams. “I take that as a yes!” I laughed as I motioned for Harry to come on. “Wow wasn’t Lilly amazing?” Harry shouted as he hugged me. “What song you thinking of?” I asked since we hadn’t discussed this, “how about Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri, you love that song?” he asked, “ye ok, I can play it on the guitar as well” I said. Harry gave me one of the musician’s guitar, the crowd screamed. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RjGXAWxxmm8)
I started to play the guitar while Harry started the song, we both really got into it, and by the sounds of it the crowd loved it as well. All the way through the song Harry stared me dead in the eyes, he barely looked away towards the crowd. When we finished the song Harry kissed me on the cheek, I thought the crowd were going to pass out from all the screaming. “Give it up for Lilly and Harry!” Liam screamed as all the guys ran onto the stage, me and Harry thanked the crowd, I hugged the guys and ran off to let them continue the show. I watched the show with the security in front of the stage; I got on really well with Paul.

The guys were amazing; they interacted with the crowd and it was truly obvious that they loved what they were doing. Near the end of the concert they broke out into a water fight with the musicians, they were all soaked, somehow I found myself dragged into the fight as well as Niall jumped off the stage and poured water over me, he then put me over his shoulder and carried me onto the stage. The guys all suddenly came at me with water bottles, it was typical One Direction and it was hilarious. We all thanked the crowd for being amazing, we left the stage worn out and soaked. “That was amazing!” I said excitedly, “ye you were great, and the duet between you and Harry gave me Goosebumps!” Zayn said excitedly.

We all headed back to the tour bus, Niall, Liam and Louis watched TV, Zayn sat in the quiet room talking to his mum while me and Harry decided to go to the bunks to get some alone time…Harry pulled me into his bunk and held me tight “you were amazing tonight love” he said softly, “thanks, it was amazing I loved every minute of it, I feel kind of blessed that I get to do it especially with you guys” I said. “The rest of the tour is going to be amazing, I get to hear your beautiful voice every night plus we can spend lots of time together, you may get sick of me” he joked, “nah I don’t think I can get sick of you Harry, plus if I do there are four other guys on this bus to keep me warm at night” I giggled, “ye, I don’t think so” he laughed as he pulled me tighter into a hug, he kissed my forehead as we both drifted off to sleep.


9 months later

The rest of the tour was truly amazing, the crowd seemed to love me and all the One Direction fans seemed to take me under their wing and really support me. I grew even closer to the guys, they were now like my brothers. I was still totally head over heels in love with Harry, every night he would hold me close and tell me that he loved me and would never let me go. I’m still holding him to that.

Simon signed me to his record label and I made my very first single, surprisingly it was number one in the UK and America. I have the guys to thank for my success as they have supported me throughout, their fans have been truly amazing and even supported me and Harry when we finally announced our relationship, they now ship us and everything, which is nice I suppose. Several months ago I would have never thought that what I have accomplished was possible, I owe it all to the One Direction guys, if I had never met them I would still be at the camp, I still stay in contact with everyone there as they are like my extended family, they even make time and come to the concerts to see me.
I feel truly blessed to have gained such amazing new friends and boyfriend. I love singing and fell thankful for everyday that I get to do what I love. The last 8 months have been overwhelming, and I pray that the months and years to come only get better!


I have officially finished :(

I decided not to continue the story through what happens on tour, as I kind of felt there wasn't much else to write about and it might get boring if I just describe the tour.

If anyone else however wants to take the story idea and expand upon it then go ahead :)

I have enjoyed writing this story and all your comments and support is amazing.

Thanks love you all xxxx


Check out my new story, I have put together lots of short stories that I have uploaded to different sites :) go check it out xxx


I don't know I want to, I can try if people don't mind me not updating very often because as of next week I will be very busy. xxx

Are you going to continue this story with what happens on the tour? Cause you really should

Please update

awww yayy! theyre so cute!