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One Direction at Camp

chapter 26

I jumped out of the shower and wrapped myself in a towel. My phone beeped, “shit where did I put it?” I mumbled to myself, I opened my suitcase that I had managed to cram all the clothes I was packing for the tour in, I felt around but couldn’t feel it. I opened my other suitcase, I packed everything else in here, my laptop, makeup, shoes, accessories and toiletries…..and my phone!

Harry: hey babe, you almost ready? We’ll meet you at the stadium <3

I was meeting the guys tonight…in about an hour at Wembley stadium, where the tour started. I was super excited, whilst I was still at camp I went over my set list of songs with Simon, I also practiced my songs over the phone with the guys’ vocal coach, he was impressed and said that I didn’t really need any help since I was already musically trained, he had said that he had to teach the guys how to breath correctly at first, I already was taught this when I was little, makes life a bit easier for me now I guess. Yesterday I met up with the guys’ choreographer; again I already knew how to dance so we just put a simple routine together that I could easy do without getting out of breath. I was ready for tonight and super excited. I hadn’t seen the guys since they left the camp; I was excited to see them again!

I quickly text Harry back.

Lilly: ye I’m almost ready just need to get dressed xxx

After I got dressed I texted Harry back.

Lilly: just waiting for taxi then on way. I’ll text you when I get there <3

The taxi arrived and I put my two suitcases into the boot, I had to pack reasonably light as we were staying on the tour bus, I somehow managed to get everything I needed plus extra into two suitcases, I suppose I was used to packing light though. We arrived at the stadium in good time, it was 5 hours until the show actually started and there were already tonnes of girls waiting outside, wow dedication. I text Harry quickly.

Lilly: hey just arrived x

Harry: yay! Just come in through the main doors I’ll meet you inside x

Without thinking about the possibility of causing a scene I got out of my taxi and paid, I grabbed my suitcases and headed towards the main entrance of the stadium…bad decision. “Oh my god it’s Lilly Taylor!!!” one girl screamed, the next thing I knew I had a crowd of girls around me all asking for pictures, I was shocked but I can’t say that I didn’t enjoy it. After several minutes of me politely taking pictures with the fans the screams grew overwhelmingly loud, suddenly an arm was wrapped around my waist and I was pulled against a warm strong body, I turned my head and saw Harry smiling down at me, “making a scene already are we?” he chuckled, he grabbed one of my suitcases and led me through the crowd followed by Paul the tour manager. Once we were inside and away from the crowd Harry pulled me into a kiss, “god I missed you!” he said, “I missed you too!” I said as I leant in and kissed him again. “This is going to be amazing! The fans already love you” he said excitedly. “Ye I wasn’t expecting that” I laughed as Harry led me through the stadium, we stopped at the stage, “oh my god! It’s huge!” I couldn’t believe it, wow I suddenly felt really nervous. “Common I’ll show you to your home for the next few months” he said excitedly, he led the way pulling my suitcase behind him.

We approached the back of the arena where all the busses and cars with equipment in was parked. As we pushed through the door and exited the building screams filled the air. I laughed “it’s like they always know where you guys are”, “well now that is how it will be with you as well, they’re not just screaming for me you know” he said as he pointed towards some girls behind the fence with a ‘we love Lilly’ sign, I couldn’t believe it. “This is our bus….” He said as he extending his arms in a ‘dada’ motion, “…you’re on the same bus as us!” “is that normal for the support act to stay with you guys?” I asked, he laughed, “no it’s not, normally it’s just us five but we sorted it so you can stay with us” he said as he ushered me into the bus. We entered the living room section, it was filled with a large TV, games system and comfy looking seating, further back into the bus was the bunks, they actually looked quite comfy, each one had a little curtain, Harry put my stuff on an empty bottom bunk, “we us the bottom and top bunks for storage, we sleep in the middle ones” he said motioning to an empty bunk “and this is your bunk….right opposite mine” he said, I looked into the bunk and saw a picture attached to the wall of me and the guys that we took after the scavenger hunt, it was a funny picture, but sweet that Harry had already made an effort to make the bunk homely for me. Harry showed me to the bathroom that consisted of a separate toilet and shower room, next he showed me the kitchen area which consisted of a small dining table and compact kitchen complete with an oven, fridge, microwave and sink. “Wow it’s so much bigger than I expected” I said as I took in my surroundings, “when there are six of us in here it will get quite cosy though…there is one bit left you need to see” he said as he pushed a button that opened a door to reveal the very back of the bus, there was a long sofa running around the edge of this small room, there was no TV or gaming system but it seemed cosy, it was quite nice as you could see out of the back window of the bus, it was tinted so we could see out but people wouldn’t be able to see in. “We call this the quiet room, if any of us want to just chill we come here…and that’s it” he said pulling me into a hug, “it’s actually really nice, I’m excited to be staying with you guys” I said cheerfully.


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