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One Direction at Camp

chapter 2

I jumped out of the shower and text Jake (the gay best friend) as I noticed he wasn’t in the cabin Lilly: hey you ready for the session this morning?

He instantly replied, I opened the text whilst trying to pull on my panties with one hand (this is harder than it sounds) Jake: hey Lil, ye course I am, I get to see your sexy body ;) but the session has been postponed until the afternoon because we have some special guests coming to visit. I think Mike has persuaded them to spend the week with us. Apparently a big named band, they are going to do a couple sessions and then just spend the week with us and the campers, should be fun :)

Oh this was news to me, but then again me and Mike don’t exactly get on, he has been off with me ever since I turned him down, plus he is the manager of the camp. Luckily he knows that I bring too much to this camp to fire me.

Lilly: oh ok that’s fine gives me longer to shave my legs haha. And Mike didn’t say we were having guests, do we know who they are?

Jake: oooh sexy image lol, um no he didn’t say, I think everyone is trying to keep it on the down low because it is a big band, I really hope it’s One Direction though ;)

Lilly: haha well of course you do, are they expected to stay with us in our cabin or something because we are the only cabin with room?

Jake: ye Mike did mention that whoever they are would be staying with us and that we have to be on our best behaviour otherwise our jobs are on the line, :( so no drunken late night parties then.

Lilly: oh, well I better tidy this place up then! Well it will be a squeeze as there are only 4 spare beds

Jake: don’t forget you sleep in the double therefore that’s in theory 5 spare lol, if necessary I’ll bunk with you ;) but no hanky panky young lady. But if it’s One Direction I’m kicking you out and I’m sleeping with Liam!!!!

Jake makes me laugh, I can’t believe he didn’t know he was gay a few years ago, I suppose now he makes up for it though.

Lilly: ok you can bunk with me if necessary :) and hanky panky I wouldn’t even think of it ;) you do realise that none of them are gay right?

Jake: ye but I can hope can’t I?

Lilly: you sure can, I’ll be your wing man/girl. Any way if it was One Direction it will be me kicking you out of bed…but I’m not picky who takes your place :P

Jake: :( beaten out by a boy band member, just my luck, longs you don’t make too much noise when I’m trying to sleep then I won’t complain lol. If you’re almost ready I’ll meet you in the canteen for breakfast, oh and wear the red lace underwear set for the scene later, lets give some of the campers and mini heart attack lol. See you in a few mins xxxx



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I don't know I want to, I can try if people don't mind me not updating very often because as of next week I will be very busy. xxx

Are you going to continue this story with what happens on the tour? Cause you really should

Please update

awww yayy! theyre so cute!