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One Direction at Camp

chapter 19

“Wow! That was kind of hot” Niall joked, he still dripped with water. “Well I know Mike, I got the response I needed” I laughed. Harry frowned at me slightly, I whispered to him so the others wouldn’t hear “Mike, means nothing, what you saw was me knowing how to push his buttons and get the response that I needed….” I lightly licked his earlobe, “….no-one comes even close to you Harry”, he smiled and responded with “I know”, he’s cocky, but I kind of like it. “Ok love birds, where to next?” Louis laughed, I gave Liam our third clue, we only had three left to get. I looked at the map, we were closest to one of the clues where we needed to do a challenge first. “Who’s up for doing a challenge to get the clue?” I asked, the guys all cheered in response. “Follow me” I said as I ran towards Lisa’s cabin where she was waiting to challenge the campers. We quickly reached he cabin and stepped inside “ah you made it, well done so far guys!” Lisa said happily, “ok so to get this clue…” she read her piece of paper, “…you need to complete two challenges……if there is a girl in your group…” she looked up at me and smiled, “…which there is….you need to make out with one of the guys for a whole 2 minutes!” she giggled, “are you serious?” I asked, “yep, afraid I can’t give you the clue otherwise” she smirked knowingly since I had told her that I liked Harry. I turned around and looked at the guys; they all smiled widely and put their hands up in their air, “I volunteer as tribute!” Louis laughed, the next thing I knew though Harry had approached me and pulled me against his body, “if it’s going to be anybody who volunteers it will be me” he said before he plunged his mouth onto mine, I heard a click as Lisa started the timer. Harry pulled me tighter against him if that was possible, his bit my lip gently asking for entrance, I opened to him and allowed his tongue to slip in, his breath was warm and slightly minty. My hands tangled into his hair as I pulled him even closer, Harry bit my lip again, I let out a little moan as his hands travelled down to cup my arse, he continued to deepen the kiss, I could feel my legs begin to weaken, Harry clearly noticed this as he lifted me up by my bum, I immediately wrapped my legs around his waist so he was now fully supporting me. His kiss was starting to turn me on as it became urgent and passionate, Lisa cleared her throat “um…that’s been over 2 minutes guys” she said, Harry didn’t care as he continued to kiss me thoroughly. “Get a room guys!” Zayn said loudly, Harry let my legs drop and I slid back down so that my feet were planted firmly onto the ground again, he looked me in the eyes and smirked, “totally worth it!” he laughed. My cheeks flushed slightly as I noticed that all the guys and Lisa were staring at me.

“Ok what’s the next part?” I said trying to sound like Harry’s kiss hadn’t affected me. “Umm….” Lisa said looking slightly flustered herself, “….oh ye…..two of you need to swap clothes….Lilly since you’re the only girl, this challenge involves you again” she said, “god who came up with these challenges?” I laughed, “Jake gave me some ideas over the phone” she said, “ye I bet he did” I laughed, “ok so who wants to swap clothes with me?” I asked, “Niall!” Liam said laughing, Niall sighed and pulled off his shirt and threw it to me, I laughed as I caught it. Niall continued to strip down to his boxers, “a bit of privacy?” I asked, “nope” the guys all laughed, fine if they were going to be like that! I pulled off my sweater and tank top, revealing my full breasts and plunging cleavage in my best bright red bra, I could hear everyone’s breath hitch slightly….well not Lisa’s, she had probably seen me in way less than this. I threw my top to Niall, I then undone my shorts and slowly slid them off, revealing my little matching red lace thong, I swapped clothes with Niall, he pulled on my top, luckily it was a loose fitting one on me so it wasn’t too tight on Niall, he then attempted to pull on my shorts, he managed to get them on and do them up but he looked ridiculous in little denim shorts. I grabbed Niall’s skinny jeans, I attempted to pull them on but they were really wet and heavy, “this is not exactly fair I look like a complete dick!” Niall complained, “Harry got to snog your face off and I have to wear your tiny clothes….think I got the bum deal” he said, the guys just laughed. “Don’t forget Niall your clothes are really wet still and bloody cold” I said as I pulled on his jeans, “ye we can tell that they are cold” Zayn laughed, I looked down and saw that my nipples had slightly hardened and were visible through my thin bra, I chucked Niall’s wet shirt at Zayn’s head, it hit him face on, “ha ha aren’t you funny Mr Malik!” I said sarcastically as he threw the shirt back at me so I could slip it on. Niall shirt was white so you could see my red bra through it very clearly as the wet fabric clung to my skin, I shivered slightly, good job it was a warm night. “Well done guys!” Lisa said, “I bet your glad you came up with this idea” Lisa laughed as she handed us our forth clue.

I looked at the map “ok if we head for the shower block next we can get the next clue, Niall go back to the cabin and change, meet us at the shower block, we’ll get the clue then wait for you” I said, “thank you!” he said as he pulled me into a hung then ran off into the detection of the cabin. “Spoil sport, he looked hilarious!” Louis laughed, “poor Niall! Like any of you would stay dressed like that” I said. We headed for the shower block to get our next clue. We all went in and looked; the clue was positioned on the pipes running overhead. “How we going to get that?” Liam asked. “Lilly can climb on your shoulders then we can try and lift you up” Harry said, Liam bent down so I could sit on his shoulders, “don’t drop us!” Liam said, “ye I kind of want to survive this” I joked. Harry, Zayn and Louis carefully lifted Liam with me on his shoulders. I managed to reach the envelope and grab the clue, “got it!” I said, the guys slowly let Liam go, and he helped me off his shoulders.

“We only have one clue left to get!” Niall said excitedly as he finally joined us, wearing his clothes again. “Ok the last one then is in the canteen” I said, we all quickly took off towards the canteen. We searched the canteen but couldn’t find anything, outside of the canteen was a huge container (looked like a deep paddling pool) filled with what looked like watered down rice pudding, “I’m guessing the clue is in there” Louis said pulling a face, “I vote that Lilly looks for it” Zayn said, “what? why me?” I asked, “you’re already wet, what difference does it make?” he said, suddenly all the guys agreed, “I officially hate you all” I said as I started to strip off Niall’s clothes, “what you doing?” Harry asked, smiling widely at the sight of my body again, “if you think I’m getting in that in these clothes and then completing the rest of the hunt covered in that, you must be deluded” I said as I stripped down to my underwear, the guys had already seen me in my underwear, it was no different to a bikini…well apart from the thong. The thought of the clothes I was wearing also being covered in rice pudding didn’t seem overly appealing to me. I slowly stepped into the tub of pudding; it was cold and came up to my mid-thigh, “get in there!” Louis laughed, “if it wasn’t totally disgusting it would be kind of hot!” Liam laughed; Harry just smirked as he got a full view of my arse from the angle he was standing. I bent down and rummaged through the thick gunk, after a few minutes I felt something, I stood up and pulled out the envelope, I opened it and gave the last clue to Liam, he held it in the corner carefully so that he didn’t get any rice pudding on his hands. I was about to step out but before I knew it Niall was pushing me back in, I slipped and fell into the pudding, it came up to my chin, I was totally covered. He laughed but helped me out, once I stepped out I pulled him into a hug, he was now covered in pudding too, the rest of the guys laughed so one by one I hugged them too, “gee thanks” Zayn said sarcastically, I made a come hither motion with my finger to Harry, he smiled and gave me a hug too, his hug lasted a little longer and he didn’t seem to care that I was covering his signature black jeans and tight t-shirt with rice pudding, his hand ran up and down my back and caressed my bum as he continued to hug me “still damn sexy” he whispered before letting me go. I quickly pulled Niall’s top back on; it was long so came to my mid-thigh so I didn’t bother squeezing into the jeans.

We put together all the clue pieces and read it out loud “You will find the treasure 50 paces left to the cabin where a number and a letter rest.” We all looked at each other confused, “where a number and a letter rest? What the hell does that mean?” Liam said confused, it suddenly hit me “1D!!!” I shouted, they all looked at me still confused, “a letter and a number...1D….50 paces from where 1D rest, it’s 50 paces left from our bloody cabin!” I said. We all ran back to our cabin, from the front door we paced 50 paces left, “must be here somewhere!” I said. We looked around, “found it!” Harry said as he pulled a tiny piece of folded paper off the nearby tree, we opened the paper, I read it out loud “congratulations, you have found the treasure, take this piece of paper to head councillor Lisa!” “We won!” we all shouted and pulled each other into a slightly wet and messy group hug. We ran to Lisa’s cabin, we all pretty much fell through the door and handed her the paper, she congratulated us, “well done guys!” she then sounded the horn signalling the end of the hunt. “We all make a pretty good team!” Liam said excitedly, wow these guys are world famous band members and yet they still get exciting over winning a silly treasure hunt. My type of people!


I wish when I went to camp we had treasure hunts like that haha


Check out my new story, I have put together lots of short stories that I have uploaded to different sites :) go check it out xxx


I don't know I want to, I can try if people don't mind me not updating very often because as of next week I will be very busy. xxx

Are you going to continue this story with what happens on the tour? Cause you really should

Please update

awww yayy! theyre so cute!