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One Direction at Camp

chapter 13

Harry led me down by the river, we stopped by the bank at a picnic blanket surrounded with little tea light candles. “Wow it’s beautiful” I said as I took in the hard work Harry had clearly done to make tonight special. “Glad you like it” he said as he led me to the blanket. We dug into the delicious food he had gotten, he had gotten most of it from the kitchen but he said that he had made the blueberry muffins that were amazing. We popped open the bottle of white wine and tucked into the fresh strawberries he had manage to smuggle out of Mike’s fridge, “oooh he would so kill you if he found out” I laughed, Harry laughed “I’d like to see him try, we’d set our fans on him”, I giggled the thought of thousands of screaming 12 year olds going after Mike was a hilarious thought.

“So why are you here?” I asked as I took a sip of my wine. He looked at me slightly confused, “I wanted to take you out on a proper date Lilly, I’m beginning to really like you” aww he was so sweet, but that was really not what I meant. “Aw and it’s a really nice date, I’m starting to like you too Harry. But that’s not what I meant…. Why are you here at the camp, surely you have better things to do?” he laughed slightly embarrassed, “oh ok. But I’m glad our feelings are mutual” he smirked. “Well we all really wanted a holiday as we have just got back from our world tour but management got a bit pissy since we had a bit of bad press lately. So we all decided that we were allowed a break if it was a working break, we love camping and we heard about this place. All we had to do was do a couple of talks and then we could do what the hell we wanted. Plus the fact that media are not allowed here is a big bonus.” He said. “Bad press, what sort?” I asked, “Liam said some stuff that the media twisted as usual and I had to file a restraining order against some paps as they kept getting in my face”, he said. “Must be hard to have your every move watched and judged” I said showing that I kind of understood. He nodded “ye it is but the pros about being in a boy band, for example the fans and the fact that we are doing what we love every day, kind of outweighs the cons and negative points,” I smiled at his answer. “You know for someone with so much money and fame, you’re still really humble”, I said warmly. He laughed “my mum would kill me if I wasn’t” he joked. I shivered lightly and looked at my watch, wow we had been here for hours. It’s really easy to talk to Harry. “Let’s head back, it’s getting late” he said, we gathered up the blanket and picnic stuff. We walked back to the cabin, his arm wrapped around my shoulders to warm me up, or so he said, I think it was just an excuse to touch me. I didn’t mind though.

I suddenly remembered the apparently arranged sleeping positions, “oh, hey did Jake talk to you about the bed situation?” I asked. He chuckled, “ye he was moaning about it earlier, apparently you take up too much room…he didn’t really ask he kind of just took my bed…so it looks like I’m sharing with you?” he kind of half told me and half asked. “Ye that’s what he told me too, apparently I’m a terrible person to sleep with” I laughed, “oh I don’t know, it was nice sleeping with you last night” I blushed slightly as he said that. “Well it’s a good job you think that because it’s either with me in a double, or you can squeeze in with one of the other guys” I laughed. “Definitely you!” he said.

We quietly crept into the cabin, all the guys were passed out in their beds. Harry turned his back while I stripped down into my underwear and pulled on my pyjamas. I crawled into bed as Harry stripped down to his boxers. He joined me in bed on the other side. “More room than last time” I joked, he just agreed and then pulled me closer to his body, my back was flush against his chest and his arms were wrapped firmly around my waist, “hmm much better” he breathed into the back of my neck. I must admit I agree, “ye it is, but if I wake up and your laying on me like Jake then I’m so making you share with Niall tomorrow” I giggled. “Agreed, but feel free to lay on me” he said, I could feel him smirking against my neck. I smiled as I drifted off to sleep.

I woke up in the early hours of the morning, to my shock I was pretty much straddling Harry in his sleep. My legs were tangled with his and I was lying on his chest with my head resting on his shoulder. God this must look weird. I carefully and quietly tried to move off of him, I clearly didn’t do it carefully enough as Harry woke, he giggled quietly “I see you took me up on my offer” he smirked. I rolled off of him and punched his arm, “I didn’t exactly climb on you on purpose…I was a sleep. And I intend to go back to sleep”. I tried to defend myself and make it sound like waking up on top of Harry hadn’t affected me. He mumbled “well I WAS asleep until you moved off of me” he then pulled me against him again so that I was resting my head against his chest, the next thing I knew I fell back asleep whilst cuddling Harry.



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I don't know I want to, I can try if people don't mind me not updating very often because as of next week I will be very busy. xxx

Are you going to continue this story with what happens on the tour? Cause you really should

Please update

awww yayy! theyre so cute!