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Our Adventure

Chapter 3

- Riley POV –

“Watch it Payne!” I yelled at him. I never thought that I would yell at Liam Payne but, oh well, he deserves it. He looked at me shocked.
“Someone’s not a fan” He said to me. I just rolled my eyes.
“FYI I am a Directioner but, you’re just being a fucking tool” I said to him, he looked at me speechless. These three weeks should be fun. While he was putting my suitcases in the boot I got in the car and was ready to go by the time he got in the car. I pulled my phone out and texted Jinxx.

Convo -
R – Riley J - Jinxx
R -I wanna come home now :(
J -No u dnt, u want to spend 3 wks with Liam Payne’ I sighed
R -Not anymore, he’s soo mean
J -Just wait and see how things turn out, u’ll be fine, I knw it. G2G ttyl xx <3’
R -K, ttyl xx <3’

I sighed and put my phone away. Maybe she’s right, things might change. I looked out the window the whole car trip. When we got there my mouth dropped.
“Oh my god, this is amazing” I heard Liam laugh.
“Yeah it is, you’ll love it here. The residents are really nice and there are people that come in about three to four times a week to clean the place” He told me walking along the pier. I like how he is at the moment. I smiled and followed him.

“Would you like to choose a room?” He turned and asked me. I nodded and walked into a room that had an amazing view of the island and a balcony.
“Nice choice” He said from behind me. He put my suitcases down and walked out. I put one of my bags on my bed and got my bikini out and changed into it then I put a tank top, shorts and my RayBans on and walked out to the kitchen. Harry was eating an sandwich when I walked out.

“I’m gonna go for a swim, join if you want” I said to him before walking outside. I looked out at the clear water and striped down to my bikini and dived in.


@Mrs. Payne

sorry i've been busy ... i'll update as soon as i can :))
Update please it's really good!!