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Our Adventure

Chapter 1

- Riley POV -

“OMG! I get to spend three week with Liam Payne on a remote island!” I screamed with excitement into the phone.
“Woah, woah, calm down. I know you love him but you don’t have to go phyco crazy fangirl” I stopped talking and was now hyperventilating.
“Take deep breaths” Jinxx told me. I took slow deep breaths and after a few minutes I was calm.
“Ok, I’m all good now.” I told her.
“Alright, good, now, when do you leave?” She asked me.
“Tomorrow morning”
“Are you meeting him at the airport here or there or are you going to meet him at the house?” I stopped to remember.
“He’s already there and he’s gonna pick me up from the airport.” I told her smiling at the thought. Shit, I haven’t started packing yet.
“I gotta go, cause these bags ain’t gonna pack themselves.” I told her laughing.
“Remember short shorts, tank tops, bikini and well just short stuff.” I laughed at her talking to me as if she was my mom.
“Yes mom” I said between laughter.
“Hey! You know I hate when you say that but, anyway you better start packing. Call me tomoz, k?” She said.
“Yep, I will bye babe, I’ll talk to ya tomoz” I said before hanging up and throwing my phone on my bed and grabbing my suitcase and opening it ready to start packing.

- Hours Later –

“Riley, come down cause dinner’s ready” My mom yelled down to me. I quickly finished packing my bags and ran downstairs.
“Mmmm something smells good, what’s for dinner?” I asked walking into the kitchen.
“Tacos, nachos and enchiladas, now get out so you don’t ruin the surprise dessert.” She told me pushing me out of the kitchen.
“Congrats couz” My cousin Jake said before hugging me.
“Tanks brahh” I said hugging him back. He laughed at me.
“What’s so funny?” I asked raising and eyebrow.
“Just you trying to be Irish” He said still laughing.


@Mrs. Payne

sorry i've been busy ... i'll update as soon as i can :))
Update please it's really good!!