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Show Me The Way


Evie would never admit it, but she's one of those people who keeps others at a distance. She never let's anyone in all the way, not since her life fell apart 2 years ago. So when she meets Zayn, and he immediately gets to her, she's not sure how to react. He's gorgeous and different and dark and everything she's been running from; but she likes him. So can they be friends? Or is that just a recipe for disaster? Because really, who can be 'just friends' with a guy like Zayn Malik?


Evie Baylor

Evie Baylor

It's been two years since Evie's life completely changed, and she still hasn't been able to move on completely. At least not until she meets Zayn. He brings out something different in her, something shenever thought she had. He scared her, but excites ehr at the same time. And although she tries to pretend like they can be just friends, it doesn't take long to realize that that's much easier said than done.

Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik

Bored and Broken; not really the words you would expect one of the countries' most eligible bachelors to use to describe himself. But that's where Zayn Malik is at this point. He's trying to get through each day, tired of the life he's been given. With One Direction on a one-year hiatus, it's giving him some time off for once in the last 3 years. He wants to be happy, and it isn't until meeting Evie that he actually begins to feel that way. But she wants a friendship, and he can't help but want more.


  1. Chapte 1

    Evie Baylor is in over her head; dealing with major changes in her life on top of having to look out for her 16-year-old brother. Taking him to his therapist is supposed to be a simple task. But it turns out to be anything but when she get's hit on by some random guy with psychological issues who tu

  2. Chapter 2

    Zayn's tendencies towards girls don't seem to work the same way on Evie, which surprised him. A party thrown by one of his friends tests the waters and shows both of them where they stand.

  3. Chapter 3

    Zayn does soemthing he NEVER does; he apologizes. And it actually works. He and Evie are finally able to be real friends. The have a great time together , until someone shows up to screw it up, as well as confuse Evie even more.

  4. Chapter 4

    Zayn and Evie participate in more 'friendly' activities. But of course, they never end up the way they should. Evie opens up only slightly about ehr past, leaving most up to Zayn's interpretation. It's clear that there's still a lor to lean about her.

  5. Chapter 5

    Evie manages to get a job fairly easily, which is all part of her new plan to become a new kind of person; a person who has a job. Liam is in town for a few days and Zayn and Niall throw a party to celebrate the occasion, inviting Evie. She's not sure if she can make it, but she get's there just in

  6. Chapter 6

    Zayn, Evie, and Niall have become great friends, spending basically every day with each other. Thing seem to be falling into place for Evie, her life in London finally feeling nice and comfortable. But obviously that can't last long with the underlying tension between her and Zayn. They can only ign

  7. Chapter 7

    Niall and his new girl inevitably make Zayn slightly jealous, secretly wanting the same thing. But, when he and Evie go out, even just as friends, there always seems to be something in the way from just being happy. So what makes him think being anything else is even a possibility?

  8. Chapter 8

    Evie and Zayn grow closer, but not without some hesitation on both of their parts. Zayn instinctively pulls away from her, closing himself off from what he really wants. But Niall isn't going to let him get away with it.

  9. Chapter 9

    The relationship between Zayn and Evie finally takes a turn...

  10. Chapter 10

    It's not even a real 'date', but already Zayn and Evie have obstacles to get through together.

  11. Chapter 11

    Team Zevie is in full force.

  12. Chapter 12

    Things can only be 'perfect' for so long. Evie is snapped out of her happiness haze when her brother goes back to his old ways, and she's forced to be the one to help him. But who's going to be the one to help her?

  13. Chapter 13

    In an attempt to make her feel better after fighting with her brother, Zayn takes Evie somewhere he hopes they can have fun. Unfortunately, nothing ever goes as planned. But maybe everything will work out in the end...

  14. Chapter 14

    Just some nice smut for Zayn and Evie :)

  15. Chapter 15

    Evie prepares for their trip to bradford, while Zayn can't help but realize how much he really does care for her.

  16. Chapter 16

    Zayn and Evie are in Bradford for Christmas, and they are able to get a better look into each others lives.

  17. Chapter 17

    Christmas Eve with the Malik's

  18. Chapt18

    They finally get some time alone....

  19. Chapter 19

    Christmas is over, and before Evie knows what to do, she's back to dealing with her family issues. In this case, her brother. But this isn't something she has to do alone anymore. Zayn's there, and he wants to do anything to help her.

  20. Chapter 20

    Evieis used to handling her brother's erratic behavior all on her won. But now, she doesn't have to. Zayn is there for her, every step of the way. And when Will pushes Evie away, Zayn is there to catch her. She wants to be close to him, in the strongest sense of the word. But will he let her? Or wou

  21. Chapter 21

    "The Morning After" doesn't end up going the way Zayn and Evie expected. Instead, it brings on a new batch of problems that they are forced to face....together?

  22. Chapter 22

    Zayn thinks he could be losing Evie, and he's willing to do anything to stop that from happening. Evie's trying to deal with everything that's happened in the past few days, which isn't an easy task. And as much as she cares about Zayn, she's not sure she can be round him right now, not until she ha

  23. Chapter 23

    Zaynis keeping his promise and staying away from Evie, but it's even more difficult than he thought. Evie is having trouble coping with everything, and goes to some new lengths to be able to have just a few hurs of peace.

  24. Chapter 24

    Zayn is still keeping his distance, much to the dismay of both he and Evie. But eventually, fate, or something like that, pulls them together.

  25. Chapter 25

    The accident leaves both Zayn and Evie scarred, while also bringing them together.

  26. Chapter 26

    After the realization of what she's done, Evie feels completely responsible of taking care of Zayn, so much so that she's makes plans to stay with him for a while. But he doesn't blame her, he's just glad she's alright. So, with nothing holding either of them back, they might just be able to finally

  27. Chapter 27

    Two weeks after the accident, Evie is on edge and Zayn is going out of his mind. They both just want what's best for the other. Thankfully, they find something that pleases both of them equally...


Love it!
unfortunately, i am STILL not able to post on this site for unknown reason, but i just posted the new chapter on my blog yayyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!! so yeah, you can go to notarealhipster.tumblr.com and click on the 'fanfics' tag and all my fics with their newest chapters are there :)
also, i started writing a non-fic story (it's a New Adult romance-fiction thing) called 'Change My Mind'. There's a tab for that on my blog too, so i hope maybe some of you will read it and like it. thank you so much if you do !!!!! <3

I'm really sorry guys, but for some reason it isn't letting me post Chapter 28 on here. I've tried a bunch of time,s but it isn't working. But I posted the chapter on my blog HERE so if you wanted to read it, it's there :)
Its like you never update UGHHH