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My Heart Skips A Beat

Chapter 7

I made the plan to go to the café that Anna and I had gone to the night we met. Not only for the romance factor, but I also knew it wouldn’t be too heavily populated with people willing to sell our picture to the tabloids. It was 7:30 on the dot when I got to the corner we had agreed to meet at. My ‘disguise’ was still pretty pathetic; sunglasses (even though it would be getting dark soon), and my trusty grey beanie. I had however, dressed up a little more than usual for the occasion, in a grey blazer and white button down. I was only waiting for a matter of minutes before I saw Anna walking down the sidewalk towards me. I couldn’t do anything but stare. She had looked amazing last night, but she had somehow outdone herself now. She was wearing a flowery dress that was sort of blowing behind her as she walked, carrying a bright orange bag, and heels, although even in them I still towered over her.
“Wow, don’t you look very dapper” she giggled.
“You look, lovely.” I breathed. And then, without giving it a second thought or concern, I wrapped my arm around her waist, pulling her close to me, and kissed her gently.
“We might want to relocate.” She muttered against my lips, “As much as you think this whole disguise thing works, I’m pretty sure its all a hoax.” I smiled down at her and guided her around the corner, towards a side ally that happened to be completely deserted.
“Much better.” I murmured into her ear.
“I though the heels might help but- no such luck.” She said, referring to the massive height difference that made kissing slightly more difficult. But I didn’t care; it was a small price to pay. I gently lifted her slightly so she was standing on her toes, pressed against a brick wall.
“Ow!” She yelped.
“What’s wrong?”
“Brick wall, not the most comfortable of make out spots.”
“Here-“ We switched so I was not leaning against the wall. “Much better.” My lips found hers once again as I breathed in her sweet scent.
About 5 minutes later we had said a proper hello and were ready to go.
“So, where exactly are we going?”
“It’s a surprise!” I said giddily. She gave me a “seriously?” look. “Come on, let me be romantic here!”
“Okay, fine, Romeo, whatever you say…” We walked for a bit until suddenly I began to realize a group of three girls trailing not far behind us.
“I think we have some stalkers,” Anna said between gritted teeth.
“I think you’re right.” I turned around, which caused the girls to corrupt into a fit of giggles. I slowed down a bit to allow them to speed up.
“Uh, hi, sorry. Um, Harry? Would you mind taking a picture with us?” One of the girls asked, clutching her cell phone in one hand.
“Sure, course.” I responded, as if it was a reflex. Anna sort of moved off to the side as the three girls crowded around me for a picture.
“Do you want me to take it?” I heard her ask.
“Uh, sure. Thanks.”
The flash went off and after signing a few things; I thought we would be able to get on.
“Are you guys, like on a date?” One of the girls asked. I wasn’t sure what to say as I fumbled with my words, as usual.
“No, no. We’re just friends.” Anna said after a second.
“So who are you?” Another girl asked Anna. She looked a little taken back by the question.
“I’m Anna. Uh, just, um, I’m-“
“She’s just a really good friend of ours. Just moved here from the states.” Before they could say anything else, I waved goodbye and urged Anna to start walking.
“Sorry bout that.”
“It’s fine. Honestly, I’m surprised it hasn’t happened before.”
“I know, I was just hoping this could be all about us.”
“It still can be” she responded, grinning up at me.

When we arrived outside the restaurant my heart almost melted. He was taking me to the place we went the night we first met.
“Awww, that is so sweet!” I said giddily as he opened the door for me. When we sat down, the EXACT same waiter we had had that night came up to the table.
“Weren’t you two here not too long ago? I remember you!” The old man said, pointing a finger at Harry, “And how could you forget a face like that?” He said, referring to me. And even though he could easily be 80 years old, a compliment never failed to make me blush.
“Couldn’t agree more, my friend.” Harry nodded at the waiter, and then winked at me.
We sat together, eating pastries and sipping from antique tea cup’s and everything was so totally and completely perfect that I couldn’t imagine anything ruining this moment.
‘So I uh, actually have to tell you something…”
“Sounds serious.” I said, immediately questioning what I had just been thinking.
“No, not really. I mean, a little. It’s just… We had a meeting with our management today and, well, they’re moving up our trip to the US from next week to, well, to this upcoming Tuesday.” I felt my smile fade as I heard him speak.
“Oh, wow. That’s…soon.”
“I know. And I just thought you should know. I’m really sorry.”
“There’s nothing to apologize for. It’s really exciting! I’m just gonna miss you.”
“I’m going to miss you too.” He said, finally looking up at me. “You have no idea”.
“Trust me, I do.” This caused the corners of his mouth to twitch in amusement.
“Oh, don’t get cocky!” I said, slapping him playfully form across the table. “So how long are you going to be gone for?”
“Well, we’re not totally sure. We’re only in the US for a couple days. But then by the time we get back, all the press and the traveling is going to start. So- yeah.”
“Are you mad?”
“No, of course not. I’m being selfish really. I’m just going to miss having you around. I know it’s only been like, not long at all, but you’ve sort of become fun to hang out with. All the boys, really!”
“I’m going to miss being around…” We both sat there in silence. I’m not sure exactly what Harry was thinking, but I was wondering how I was going to get through the next few weeks without him. We’ve only known each other a couple of weeks, and already he had become this important to me. It almost scared me, knowing that I already depended on him so much. I couldn’t help but wonder what was yet to come….

The entire night went sort of perfectly. We just talked and laughed and it was really great. I had wanted to kiss her the entire night, but I knew after what had happened earlier that that might not be the smartest idea. But sometimes I would just look at her and think ‘screw it’.
It was around 9:15 when we casually made our way back to her school. I didn’t want the night to end, but she had Molly covering for her again, and she didn’t want to take advantage of that.
“I’ll see you again before we go, right?”
“Yeah, of course… This just, it sort of feels like this is our goodbye.” She looked up at me and her eyes were a little glassy. I wrapped my arms around her and tried to say that everything was fine, that the time would fly by. But it even seemed false to me.
“I’m sorry, I’m being silly. It’s not even-“
“You’re not being silly.” I whispered, cutting her off; “Not at all.” She sniffed a little and I rested my chin on the top of her head, just allowing us to stand there for a minute longer until she grabbed the back of my neck and pulled my head down, my lips crashing against hers. I was pleasantly surprised of her forwardness, as the kiss got slightly more intense. I just gripped her tighter, wanting the moment to last forever. But we eventually pulled apart, knowing she was going to have to leave me in a matter of seconds.
“I’m gonna miss you so much…”
“I’m going to miss you too. But have an amazing time. Really. Enjoy every second of it.”
“I’ll try.” I smiled, giving her another kiss before she pulled away, fingers still laced with mine. Eventually we were forced to let go as she walked away, leaving me feeling sad and already lonely.

The entirety of Sunday was filled with the boy’s and I getting ready for the trip; cancelling our mail, packing, consuming everything in our fridge so it wouldn’t go bad while we were away. Just because we were in a band didn’t mean we still didn’t have to do the normal stuff everyone else does. Anna had to spend the whole day in the library, writing this massive paper for her History class. I had texted her a little this morning, but I knew she was concentrating and super busy, so I didn’t want to distract her.
“Haz! You gonna eat this ice cream or can I have it!” I heard Louis scream from the kitchen.
“Go for it man!” I yelled back, throwing a few t-shirts into my suitcase. Even though we weren’t leaving until Tuesday morning, I liked getting my packing done early, unlike Louis who would be running around the flat until the minute we had to leave. So now, instead of being productive, he was sitting on the kitchen counter, devouring everything in sight. Sometimes he could be such a girl…
“So, you talk to your lady today!?” He yelled again.
“Lou- if you want to talk can you come in here?” I said. I heard him mumble something and then make his way into my room, which was littered with clothes.
“Yeah, a bit. She’s doing school stuff today.”
“Ah, smart and sexy…”
“Shut up!” I said, chucking a converse at him.
“Hey, I’m just speaking the truth here! So, you worried about when you’re away? That she might meet some other bloke?” Um I hadn’t been until now.
“What? No.” I said, hating even the thought of it. “Wait, do you think I should be?”
“No. I mean, I don’t think Anna’s the one you should be worrying about. It’s those other guys. She’s right fit, there’s no denying that, so I wouldn’t be surprised if she had some guys at school fawning over her. And I mean, they could make a move. Not that I think she would go for them! I’m just saying…”
“What exactly are you saying?”
“I’m just SAYING that you’ve got a hot girlfriend!” That was definitely not all he was saying.

I so wish I had been able to spend Harry’s last few days with him. But Sunday had been crazy, I had so many things to catch up on. And I had school on Monday, whereas he and the boys were busy Monday night with some talk show they were scheduled for. So, I had promised to get to his flat early Tuesday morning to be able to say goodbye. At least, that had been the plan.
It was currently 7:57 on Tuesday morning and somehow I had slept through my alarm which had been set for 6:00, so I would have plenty of time to get ready, get over there, and say a proper goodbye. But of course, that didn’t happen. I woke up late with barely enough time to pull on a pair of black leggings and a sweatshirt and throw my hair in a ponytail. The only descent thing about this morning was that I had a free period first thing so I didn’t have to worry about getting to school on time. I practically sprinted outside, catching the first cab I could find and begging them to go as fast as they could. It was a cloudy morning and rain hit the windows as we drove. My heart was pounding the whole way and I felt like I was going to scream with every red light we hit.
Finally, I saw their building.
“I can just get out here,” I told the driver, practically throwing the few bills at him. I jumped out of the car, running. I saw a big black SUV waiting outside with the trunk open, a few suitcases already in it. Suddenly, I saw Niall walking out the front door.
“Anna! You’re here!’ He said.
“Of course I’m here. I just had a, uh, a few issues this morning. But I’m here.”
“Ugh, good. Harry’ll be so glad. He’s coming down right now.” He said, handing the driver a duffel bag. I walked into the lobby of the building just in time for the elevator door to open and see Harry in front of me, a bag slung over his shoulder, staring down at his phone. He looked up and his entire face changed, a huge dimpled smile on his perfect face.
“You’re here!” He breathed, taking a few long strides until we were face to face.
“Why did everyone think I wasn’t going to show up?”
“Well, you are cutting it a bit close.” He said, laughing.
“I know, and I’m sorry. It’s been a crazy morning, but I’m here-“ And with that, he pulled me in a hug, lifting me off the ground, burying his face into my neck.
“I’m so glad babe.” I heard him murmur into my hair. My heart did little flips as he placed me safely back on the ground.
“We’ve got like, 5 minutes, boys” One of their ‘people’ said, popping his head through the door. My head was spinning, knowing in 5 minutes, he would be leaving. I felt the corners of my eyes prick with tears which I prayed wouldn’t fall. But I couldn’t help it. I felt my eyes burning as a tear slid down my check.
“Oh, no, no, please don’t cry.” He said, wiping the tear away gently with his thumb.
“I’m sorry- I just-“ My words got caught in my throat and I just pulled Harry close to me, my tears staining his t shirt.
“Shhhh, it’s okay.” He said soothingly. My hands found his shoulders and I lifted my head so I could look at him, a pained expression on his face. There was nothing either of us could say, so I just kissed him one more time, making it last as long as possible, while also wanting the memory of it to last the entirely of his trip
“Don’t forget about me,” I said, only half-joking.
“Never.” He said quietly, looking me straight in the eye.
After another minute we were forced to pull apart. I said goodbye to the rest of the boys as they piled into the driveway. Danielle, Eleanor, and I stood on the curb as the car pulled away. I saw Harry through the back window. I gave a small wave, trying my hardest not to cry. He waved back, his fingers touching the glass.
“I should go, guys.” I said, once the car was out of sight.
“What? Really!”
“Yeah, I’ve got to get to school.”
“How about we all hang out later? We can throw a pathetic pity party. With liqueur!” Danielle suggested.
“That sounds sort of perfect right abut now.” Eleanor agreed.
“Yeah, I think I could use it.”
“Perfect! We can meet at my place at five. So that way Little Miss Scholar over here can get back in time to go to school tomorrow, even if she does have a bit of a hangover.” The two girls laughed and I gave a weak smile.
“I actually don’t have to be at school until noon tomorrow, so it might be subsided by then. So, I’ll see you later?” I hugged them each goodbye and hailing a cab back to school, not knowing how the hell I was going to concentrate on anything for the rest of the day.

I hadn’t said a word since we’d started the drive to the airport. I was staring out the window, watching the raindrops hit, wondering what the next few weeks would bring. I was, of course, massively excited. I couldn’t wait to get to LA and film the video. But that didn’t mean it hurt any less to leave Anna. I had genuinely thought she had decided not to come say goodbye this morning. I didn’t know why, or what happened, but when the elevator opened and she was standing in front of me, I really was shocked.
“Hey mate, y’okay?” Liam asked. I just nodded unconvincingly. “I know how hard it is, Harry. Trust me I know. The first time leaving is always the worst.”
“Yeah. It feels like shit.” I muttered, toying with a hole in the sleeve of my zip-up sweatshirt. “But you’ll both get through it. And as crazy as it sounds, get used to it.”
“I just, don’t see that happening.”
“I’m not saying it ever gets EASIER. I’m just saying it becomes something you know you’ve got to deal with.” I sighed, thanking Liam for trying to help.
None of the boys bothered me for the rest of the ride, jokingly amongst themselves. When we got to the airport there were a few fans waiting outside who we took pictures with, signed autographs. But we couldn’t stay too long, being that we had a flight to catch.
“We’re really sorry guys but we’ve got to go!” Liam yelled to the crowd. “But thanks to everyone for coming out, we love you!”
Oh Liam, always the people pleaser.
I was eventually seated on the plane next to both Louis and Niall. The label had actually been nice enough to splurge on First Class. It was actually kind of funny; Before The X Factor, Zayn had never had a passport, never been anywhere. So these sorts of things, like first class, still excited him which was really nice.
“I didn’t sleep at all last night, I’m so knackered.” Louis said, as he got comfortable for the 6-hour flight in front of us.
I quickly pulled my phone out and sent Anna a text now since I wasn’t going to be able to talk to her for a while.

Miss you already babe. Have a nice week & don’t forget about me.

i think you just stole my line….

Yes, well, I think it applies here.

I could never forget about you. You know that. But have a good flight and an incredible time. Maybe bring back some US sunlight for me, got knows we’re not going to be getting it here.

I will definitely do that J sorry, I’ve got to go, we’re about to take off.


@notarealhipster Who do you imagine anna as?


I'm from the US, outside of Philly :)
Where are you from? My side of the pond (United States) or the other one?
I love this story it's my favorite one I've read so far! :)