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My Heart Skips A Beat

Chapter 46


So what I conveniently left out to Anna has that, while I was completely sober when I returned to our room, I had been a little… slap happy, when I went to get the tattoo. I mean, I knew I wanted it, I had been thinking about it for a while. But I didn’t go out last night thinking that I was going to get it done. Honestly, it had been Zayn who convinced me. He kept going on and on about how I needed to just go for it and live in the moment and blah blah blah, so i did. I actually thought she might be mad or something, I don’t really know why. I guess i’m saving that reaction for when I show my mum But thankfully for now, i could just enjoy it and have it forever to remember this holiday by.
“Babe, can you grab me my bathing suit from my suitcase? the blue one please.” Anna called from the bathroom, opening the door a crack. I went over to her disaster of a suitcase and tried to find what she was looking for.
“You only gave me the bottoms, Harry.” She said, poking her head out after I had handed it to her.
“Whoops.” I said, chuckling at myself.
“Dirty-minded boy…” She said under her breath, pulling a t shirt on and rushing over to her suitcase, rummaging through it.
“It’s not like it’s something I haven’t seen before.” I continued to joke, coming up behind her and moving my hands under her shirt, touching the skin of her back.
“Care to leave the mystery alive for a bit longer, Styles?” She said, spinning around and giving me a look of mock anger.
“Oh, come on…” I said, leaning in for a kiss. But before our lips met she dodged to my left and I wasn’t quick enough. Before I knew it she was behind the locked bathroom door, laughing uncontrollably.
“You are way too gullible for your own good.” I heard her laugh, emerging a few minutes later with her bathing suit on, her hair in a bun on top of her head, and a smug smile on her face.
“You are gonna pay for that you know?” I asked, moving close to her and trailing my fingers down her arm.
“Your tricks don’t work that well on me anymore.” She said, but her eyes told me otherwise.
“You’re lying…” I whispered.
“No i’m not.”
“Prove it.” I said before my lips descended onto hers. Suddenly, she tickled my ribs, causing me to flinch, giving her a split second to run away, grabbing her stuff and throwing the door open.
I immediately made a run for it, only making it a few steps out of the door before Anna and I slammed into each other. She had stopped to talk to someone.
That Conner guy.
“Oh, hey.” I said, trniceying not to sound as annoyed as I really was.
“Hey man, good to see you again.”
“Yeah, likewise.” I mumbled, standing up straight.
“ I was just telling Anna about the party on Friday, should be a good time.”
“Party?” I was lost.
“ Oh, you haven’t told him yet.” Conner asked Anna, as if they had this big secret together that I didn’t know about.
“Well, no, not yet. I was going to, today. Um… Conner invited us all to a party on Friday! It was really of him, right?” Anna asked, turning around to face me and giving me a wide-eyed look as if to say ‘please be nice’. She could read me like an open book.
“Yeah, really nice. Thanks mate.” I said, giving Connor the best fake smile I could muster up.
“No problem at all, so i’ll see you guys there. I gotta go teach surf lessons.” He said, nodding in front of him towards the ocean.
“Okay bye!” Anna said chipperly, waving him goodbye. I wasn’t nearly as upset to see him go.
“So that was nice of him, right?” Anna asked as we walked towards where the rest of the group was already set up for the day.
“Uh huh…”
“Is someone jealoussss?” Anna joked, poking my cheek.
“Are you joking?”
“Yeah, are you?” She said, clearly challenging me.
“I’m not jealous, he just seems strange. And he’s always checking you out.”
“He is not! He’s just nice!” Anna exclaimed when we finally reached everyone else.
“So we’re going to a party on Friday!” I said, trying to seem ‘okay’ with everything.
“Who’s party? I love parties!” Niall practically screamed.
“That Connor guy.” I said, sitting down on the sand next to him. Niall raised an eyebrow at me but I pretended to ignore it.
“Come ON, it’ll be fun.” Anna said, moving over so she sat next to me. “He’s grumpy this morning.” She said.
“I am not.” I grumbled, making her smile. “I just like you all to myself.” I moved over and whispered into her ear.
“Believe me, you still will.” She whispered back, giving my goosebumps.
“SOOO where’s this party?!” Zayn asked.
“I’m not sure, one of his friends house. we’ll have to get directions or something.” Anna said,sitting back down next to me and putting on her aviators.
“Why Zayn, need to know where to tell your posse of girls to show up?” Eleanor joked, pushing him jokingly.
No one noticed it, but I saw Zayn blatantly cringe and he and I made instant eye contact, which resulted in all three of us sharing an exchange of awkward looks.


“I’m gonna go get a drink!” Zayn said, standing up and brushing the sand off of himself.

“I’ll come with you. Anyone else want anything?”
5 minute slater, after taking down drink orders for every single person, Zayn and I were making our way towards the bar.
“So… when are you gonna tell them?” I asked, trying to be casual about it.
“I dunno.”
“Not to sound pushy but you might wanna figure it out… I think Niall’s starting to suspect something.” I admitted, remembering the way he had looked at all three of us just a minute ago, like we were crazy.
“You think so?!” He asked frantically.
“Kinda…” Suddenly, I saw a look of guilt pass over Zayn’s face.
“I need to tell him… He’s my best friend. And he’s always complaining about being the last to know everything. And even if he doesn’t admit it, I know it’ll hurt him if I wait too long and he finds out that you guys knew first.”
“You know, you don’t show it too often, but you’re kinda a great friend.” I joked, reaching up and ruffling his perfectly quiffed hair, laughing. Zayn just laughed and swatted my hand away, leaning against the bar to order everyones drinks.
“Yeah, yeah I know. Can you just do one thing for me?” He asked, looking suddenly slightly nervous.
“Yeah, of course.”
“When we get back to London, and you guys all meet Perrie. It would be really great if you girls could like, include her in some stuff, you know? She’s sort of nervous about how close we all are, she’s not sure she’ll fit in or anyone will like her. I just, this thing with her is for real and I want her to be comfortable, right? So I jus-”
“Zayn! Calm down. Of course we will. And if there’s a girl that makes you this nervous, i’m sure she’s great. So obviously we’ll all love her no matter what.” He gave a relieved smile and a silent thank you.
When we got back to where everyone was set up with the drinks, Harry quickly got up, tugging on my arm.
“Go in the ocean with me?!” he asked excitedly. I literally had no choice but to say yes.
We waded in, the water warmer than I had expected. Harry had already ran in and was waiting for me impatiently. Eventually I made my way over to him.
“You happy now?” I asked.
“Very.” he said, satisfied with himself. “Now you come here.” He said, pulling me closer to him. the bottom half of both of our bodies was under water, so I wrapped my legs around his waist and clasped my hands behind his neck. Harry’s hands supported me under my butt.
“This is nice…” I said absentmindedly, looking around at the gorgeous turquoise ocean, the sky, the sand, the bungalows. Everything looked like it came from a postcard.
“It is.” When I finally looked at Harry, he was actually looking right at me. I blushed.
“I like it when you blush.” He smiled, kissing my warm cheeks. Slowly, his lips moved to mine and I let him kiss me, right here, in the middle of the ocean.
The kiss was getting progressively more intense.
“Harry, there are little kids around. And there could be paparazzi.” I whispered, pulling away from him only slightly.
“Shh… it’s okay.” He muttered kissing the spot right below my ear that always did me in. I heard myself groan, pressing myself to him a little more.
“Not sure that was helping your argument.” He said into my ear, giving me goosebumps with the intensity of his husky voice.
“I don’t care.” I managed to get out, our lips connecting again. Suddenly, we were both splashed with a curtain of water. We flew apart, and turned around to see Niall and Liam laughing their asses off.
“If you’re gonna do THAT, I think I speak for everyone on the beach when I say, GET A ROOM.” Niall yelled, buckling over in a fit of giggles. Harry smirked and I buried my face in his shoulder.
Harry chuckled, eventually putting me down and taking my hand as we waded out of the water.
“Hey Haz! The boys and I were thinking about a round of golf, you in?” Niall asked, grabbing his towel and shaking the sand off of it and drying his hair.
“Sounds good. Gives me the perfect excuse to use my Christmas present.” harry smiled, eyeing me.

It was nearly 4:45 and the boys should’ve been back from their golfing thing over an hour ago. I mean, could those thing run long? I wasn’t really sure.
“Oh my god, FINALLY!” I heard Eleanor say. I turned around from the bar to see all 5 boys walking towards us, wearing polos and those golfing shorts and baseball hats, and with… a girl.
That was kinda weird.
“Who’s that?” Danielle asked.
“I was about to say the same thing.” Eleanor said. i decided not to get all defensive and bitchy until I actually knew what was going on and who she was. But i mean, it was kinda random.
“Hey guys!” Niall said happily, as usual.
“Hey, how was golfing?”
“It was FANTASTIC!” Niall responded, making wide eyes towards me and then looking over to the girl. “This is Maria, our golf instructor. We invited her to have lunch with us.”
“Oh, that’s nice. Hi, i’m Anna.” I said, politely shaking her hand. I had to admit, the girl was gorgeous. She had long dark hair, olive skin, and almond-shaped brown eyes. She was wearing a light blue polo with the hotel’s logo on it, the same one that Conner wore. Except her’s was a little… tight, in the chest area. She also wore a pair of khaki shorts and white converse. She was wearing a baseball hat the shaded most of her face, but I could still tell how pretty she was.
“Oh, it’s so nice to meet you!” She said, a little too forced. There wasn’t really anything else to say, and suddenly an uncomfortable silence fell over us.
“Well i’m starving, should we get a table?” Liam said, grabbing Danielle’s hand and leading us all into the restaurant. Harry found his way to my side, “I missed you today.” he whispered in my ear.
“It was only a few hours Harry.” I giggled. He immediately made a pouty face, like I had just stolen his favorite toy. “But of course I missed you too.”
And of course I had, I just liked to make him work for it sometimes.

Okay, so, golf hadn’t gone exactly as planned. This girl Maria worked at the hotel, and she had been assigned to help us. From the second he saw her, Niall was obsessed with impressing her. But for some reason, she was set on helping me. Not to sound cocky, but I didn’t really need the assistance. I’m a pretty decent golfer. But every other minute, she was helping my with my stance and my swing, offering my water and stuff, and it was all a bit much. I didn’t want to hurt her feelings, but I also didn’t know how else to say ‘back off’. So, I said nothing. I just did my own thing for the rest of the game, letting Niall jump through hoops to try and impress her.
Of course, it had been him to invite her to lunch. And of course she had accepted. On the walk back she was asking my tons of questions about what we were doing while we were here and stuff, but the second I saw Ana, I broke away from the group and jogged over, kissing her and taking her hand, letting this girl know I was taken. And now, as we sat down at the large table, by some ‘coincidence’, Maria was sitting on my right, with Anna on my left.
“So, Harry, are you planning on another round tomorrow?” Maria asked me, leaning in towards me.
‘Um, i’m not sure. Whatever the boys want.” I said, staring down at my menu. Her forwardness was making me a little uncomfortable. I mean, she was fit, but wasn’t it a little obvious that I wasn’t interested? It was just a little difficult not to notice her quite large boobs, especially when they were practically pressed against my right arm.
“What are you gonna get, love?” I asked, turning towards Anna who was giving Maria a dirty look.
“Not sure.” She mumbled.
Well, this was awkward.

Lunch went by painfully slow and after only about 15 minutes I was ready to rip this Maria’s girl’s hair out. She was all over Harry the whole time, twirling her hair and pouting her lips and pushing her enormous rack in her face and it took all of my willpower to not slap her. I wasn’t usually like this; protective and jealous and territorial. But something had just come over me. Maybe it was her complete lack of subtlety, or the fact that this felt like Poppy Upton all over again. But I was NOT having it.
Lunch couldn’t end soon enough. And by the time it did, Maria had to get back to work, thank god.
“Isn’t she great?!” Niall said.
“Sure, if you say so.” I mumbled. We were walking back to our bungalows.
“You don’t like her?” Niall asked me.
“She’s fine Niall, I can see why you like her so much.” Danielle and Eleanor sniggered, clearly agreeing with me. The conversation ended there, thanks to someone behind us calling my name.
“Hey guys! Just wanted to give you the info for tomorrow night!” He said, running up towards us and handing my a folded piece of paper. “It should be really fun.” His wide smile was genuine and although I felt harry tense up next to me, I smiled back at him. Maybe it was secretly my way of getting back a him for spending his day with Maria.
“Awesome! Can’t wait!” I said enthusiastically.
Out of the corner of my eye I saw harry grimace, maybe that would get my point across.

_____________________________________________________ “You invited her?” I asked Harry, trying to seme nonchalant when on the inside I was ready to explode. They boys had spent another day golfing, and that means another day with maria.
“I didn’t, Niall did. He’s like, in love with her.” Harry said, sounding way too casual. I was trying to give of the same facade, but failing miserably.
“Do you not like her?” Harry asked, shifting through his suitcase.
“I dunno. She’s kind of…forward. And, I mean, I don’t know.” I didn’t have any real ground to stand on. I barely knew the girl. I just wasn’t too fond of the way she looked at my boyfriend… But I wasn’t about to tell harry that. It would give him way too much satisfaction.
“I know what you mean. But she’s actually kinda nice. And I mean, we don’t even really know her.”
“True.” He was right, I was sort of creating this dislike of this girl from basically nothing. I guess I should give her a chance.
“You almost ready?” Harry asked, flopping down on the unmade bed and pulling out his phone. I was padding around the room in a bathrobe, trying to figure out what to wear and where the hell I had left my mascara.
“We don’t have to leave for half an hour!” I exclaimed, pulling out the dress I had planned to wea,r which was a wrinkled mess.
This really wasn’t my night.

Eventually we were all ready and piled into a car the hotle had set up for us to take us to the party. Maria was there too, squished between myself and Niall. She looked good, to my resentment. She wore a tight light blue tube top and a pair of slightly high waisted denim shorts. On most people it would look ridiculous, but she pulled it off. her hair was down and falling down her shoulders, and she was showing more skin than all three of us girls combined. I had gone with a simple white sundress with thin straps with my favorite brown sandals, both recent purchases from Topshop. My hair was in a loose side braid and I had felt like I looked pretty good, until I saw her. Her glowing skin and curvy shape and long legs made me feel like a child, and I was suddenly extremely insecure.
“Who’s ready?!?” Louis yelled, standing up in the large back seat and doing a little dance. His random outburst distracted me from the gnawing feeling in my chest that told me that this girl sitting to my left was nothing but trouble.


@notarealhipster Who do you imagine anna as?


I'm from the US, outside of Philly :)
Where are you from? My side of the pond (United States) or the other one?
I love this story it's my favorite one I've read so far! :)