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My Heart Skips A Beat

Chapter 45


“Well then, tell us! Who the hell is it?!” I was shocked, by also sort of relieved. I was happy for Zayn, he needed something like this.
“Um - It’s - Look, if I tell you can you just not tell anyone for a bit? It’s not really a secret, I just want everything to be - right - before I start telling the rest of the gorup.”
“Sure, sure, just bloody tell us!”
“It’s Perrie, from Little Mix.” Zayn finally said, a smile forming on his face.
“Mate, she is fit!” I said, slapping him on the arm.
“Yeah, yeah she is.” Zayn responded quietly.
“Who’s Perrie? What’s Little Mix?! I”M SO LOST!” Anna burst. We both laughed.
“They were the girl group that won The X Factor this year. They were put together at bootcamp too, and this girl Perrie, oh my god, Zayn was OBSESSED with her. Every week he would watch, just -”
“HAZ!” Zayn interjected, clearly embarrassed.
“But it’s true!”
“I know just - shut it!” he was smiling. Damn, this thing was for real.
“Well, we’re really glad you’re happy Zayn, seriously. I can’t wait to meet her, eventually. And if we’re lucky, it’ll go much better than last time.” Anna joked. Zayn glared at her but then cracked a smile too.
“Well I was actually supposed to Skype with her, which is why I came back early…”
“Oh, right! Well, we know when we’re not wanted. Let’s go Harry!” Anna said enthusiastically, grabbing my hand and dragging my out of the room.

Once we were outisde and walking down the pathway to our room she finally let go of her death grab on my hand.
“Well, that was an unexpected end to our evening.” I said.
“Who said the evening was over?” She asked, giving me a sly sideways glance. I smiling, knowing what that look meant.
“What could you possibly be talking about?” I asked, opening our door and turning on the light. The door shut behind me and I felt Anna’s hands on my back as she stood behind me.
“Well, in case you’ve forgotten, the time is currently… 1:14. Which means it’s is officially your birthday. And I think you deserve something special.” She said into my right ear, kissing my neck. I let Anna move so we were now facing each other, her hands tangling in my hiar. She kissed my jawline as her hands moved down and unbuttoned by shirt, pulling it off. I stood still, loving the feeling of her hands and her lips on me. But then she pressed her body against me and I couldn’t stop myself from grabbing her hips and pulling her even closer against me. I groaned as her lips finally found mine. I moved my hands to the back of her neck, undoing the top of her dress and letitng it fall to the floor. We stumbled across our room until we reached the bed. I picked Anna up, placing her down under me.
“Happy Birthday, baby.” She whispered, tracing a line across my jaw. And with that, she pressed her lips against mine, and gave me the best gift I could’ve ever gotten.

“ Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Harry, Happy Birthday to you…” I whispered, carefully holding the cupcake with a lit cnadle on top of it, making sure nothing went wrong as I climbed on top of Harry, straddling him hips as I attempted to wake him up. He groaned, the muscles in his back moving in a way that made me lose my train of thought.
“Hey you wake up” I leaned down and whispered in his ear.
“Urggg it’s too early babe, far too early.” Harry groaned, attempting to cover his head with his pillow.
“Oh, no you don’t. Come on, get up! I have surprises for you!” With this, I coul tell I had gotten his attention.
“What kind of surprises?” He asked, finally poking his head up and opening his eyes to look at me.
“Well you won’t know unless you get up.” I teased. Finaly, he sat up and smiled when he saw what I held in my hand.
“For me?!” he asked excitedly.
“Of course. But you have to think of a wish first!” I said, pulling the cupcake away as he tried to grab it.
“Babe, what could I possibly wish for?! Do you see this, right here-” He moved his hands around., “ - And look at you! I have everything I could ever want.” With this, my heart melted.
“You’re such a charmer Styles, just think of a damn wish and blow out the cnadle. it’s a tradition.” He laughed, ruffling his hair in thought, the way he always does.
“Alright.” he said, closing his eyes and lightly blowing out the candle. “Do I get the cupcake now?!” He asked enthusiastically.
“Yes, you do.” I handed it to him, a bright smile on his face.
I swear, he was not nearly as cool as he wanted people to believe.
“So, want your present now or later?” I asked, casually walking over to the room service table that had been brought in about 30 minutes before I had woken Harry up. I had practically had to beg them to make just a single cupcake for me, but I think they eventually they figured out on their own who it was for and then were more than happy to oblige.
“Is that a trick question?!” Harry asked, devouring the cupcake in about 3 bites.
I grabbed the small, flat envelope from my bag which I had been obsessivly careful with even since I got it right before we left for New York. I had been working on this gift for what seems like forever, enlisting the help of the other boys to make sure it could really happen. Thankfully, everything had worked out perfectly.
“Alright, close your eyes!” I said giddily, jumping back on the bed. “- Now hold your hands out” I ordered, Harry thankfully did what I said, for once. “Alright, open your eyes!” When he did, after opening the manilla envelope, and he saw what was in his hands, I think he almost had a heart attack.
“Please tell me this is what I think it is!” Harry practically gushed.
“Depends on what you think it is” I said with a smile on my face. “I mean, if what you think it is is a signed version of The Beatles Album ‘Abbey Roiad’ that I got framed, along with a personalized letter from Chris Martin inviting all of us to his next show in London, then I think you might be correct.” I was so happy that I had pulled this off I couldn’t even contain my excitement.
“Oh my god. Anna. oh my god, babe- How, I mean, I don’t even, How the hell did you get this?!?” he was clutching it like a newborn baby bird, his eyes wide and his mouth hanging up, JUST the reaction I had been hoping for.
“ Oh my god, I don’t even - Oh my GOD. I don’t even know what to say.”
“Well, it sort of pays to be friends with One Direction, whom all have Simon Cowell on speed dial, whom is arguably the most powerful man IN THE WORLD!” I said dramatically, throwing my arms around his neck. “ Tell me you like it. Becuase I worked damn hard to get it for you.” I grinned.
“Are you joking?! I LOVE it! It’s incredible.” He said, pulling me closer to him. “ and I love you. “ He then whispered, his lips finding mine. “ Have I told you that since we got here?” He asked, tilting his head to the side slightly, his curls falling across his forehead.
“I’m not sure you have…” I smiled, pushing them out of his eyes. “Have I told you I loved you too?”
“I’m not sure you have either…”
“Well I do.” I giggled.
“I do too.” Harry said, wrapping his arms around me into a hug. “This is already the best birthday ever.”


Hours later, after spending quite a bit of time in our bedroom, and quite a bit fo time at the beach Harry was getting ready for the big night out Louis had planned for his best frined’s birthday.
“It’s gonna be bloody fantastic mate! I talked to this guy at the bar and he told me about ALL the best clubs to go to. Get ready, this is gonna be a ngiht you’re hopefully not gonna remember.” Lou had siad giddily, slapping Harry on the back. “I’m so glad my boy is all grown up now!” he said, practically hopping up and down.
“So Zayn…” I began, diverting my attention from Louis and Harry, and back to the rest of the group who was lounging on towels earlier today. “- Be honest with me here, would tonight be more fun if it was more of like a ‘Boys Night Out’ type of thing?” I asked, eyeing hm for a genuine answer. And I knew, the seocnd I asked it, what he was trying really hard not to say.
“No, of course not! We love you guys!” he siad, referring to El, Dani, and Me.
“Liar!” Danielle said, hitting Zayn on the back of his head.
“Admit it Zayn, we would be total cockblocks.” Eleanor said. I made quick eye contact with Zayn, neither of us saying anything about what I knew.
“I mean…” Zayn bean, trying to break the news lightly.
“That’s it, decision made, you’re having a Boy’s Night Out, and we’re having a Girl’s Night In!” I shouted.
“What’s this?” Harry asked, flopping down next to me.
“According to your girlfriend, we’re having Lad’s Night tonight.” Zayn chuckled.
“Babe, you know I want you there!” Harry said, looking at me innocently.
“Oh, cut the bullshit Styles, I see right through the innocent act.” I giggled. “Go out, party, have fun. You guy’s haven’t done that in forever.” Danielle and Eleanor agreed with me.

“You excied for tonight?” I asked as Harry pulled his t shirt on over his head, messing up his curls in the process. I was sitting cross-legged on the bed in my pajama shorts and a tank top, ready for a night of movies and room service.
“Yeah… but you know I would’ve loved yo have you with us.” he said, coming over and leaning down to press a kiss to my forehead.
“Yeah, yeah, sure.” I joked. “Have fun. And if Louis takes you to a strip club; look, don’t touch. And please come back to me in one piece. That’s all I ask for.” I ordered jokingly.
“Will do.” He saluted, grabbing his phone and wallet off the bedside table and giving me one last kiss before leaving the room.

The girls came over with their bags of makeup, nail polish, magazines, and DVD’s, and we made a real night of it. I hadn’t done anything like this in what feels like forever so it might’ve actually worked out well for both of us; the boys (mostly Louis) got the wild night they wanted, and I got the girly therapy I think I sort of required.
“So, give me some gossip blondie.” Danielle stated simply, applying an orangey-pink color to her toes.
“WIsh I had some, seems like my life’s been pretty boring lately.” I laughed, taking a few fries from the massive plate we had ordered.
“PLEASE! You have the most exciting life of anyone I know!”
“If that’s true, I feel bad for everyone else I know.” We all laughed.
I love hanging out with just the girls, it was always so relaxing and just good old fashioned fun.
“What do you think the boys are up to? Niall and Zayn chatting up every girl they see i’m sure.” Eleanor joked. I felt bad for having to keep this secret form everyone, but it was what Zayn wanted for now and I knew I needed to respect that.
“I swear to god if Louis shows up in our room pissed drunk i’m making him sleep on the porch!” Eleanor continued.
“Good thing I don’t need to worry about that.” Danielle responded.
“Oh god. Harry drunk is the both the funniest and most annoying thing ever. He’s like, all clingy and falls all over the place. Like, I don’t even know what to do with him. He’s like a sloppy, lost, puppy.” I laughed.
Suddenly, There was a knock on the door.
“I’ll get it!” I jumped up, careful not to mess up my freshly painted nails. Throwing the door open, I had not expected to see Conner standing in front of me.
“Oh, hi!” I said, surprised and confused.
“Hey, Anna. Um, I was just here to….-” He stopped when he heard the two girls laughing and talking. “- Sorry, um. Yeah, so, there’s this party going on at my friends place on Friday night and I was wondering if you and all your… people… wanted to come?” I was even more shocked now.
“Oh wow, that’s really nice of you. Uh… GUYS!-” I turned around, making eye contact with the two girls, who were even more lost than I was. “-Wann go to a party Friday nigth?” I asked.
“Sounds fun!” Eleanor said cheerfully.
“There we go then! Thanks for the invite, we’d love to.” I said, turning back to Conner.
“Awesome, uh, here’s the address.” He handed me a folded piece of paper. “And I guess i’ll see you…soon?”
“Yeah.” I nodded. He gave a small wave before taking a few stpes backwards and walking off, down the pathway.
“Okay… please explain.” Danielle asked.
“I dunno. he’s just this guy I randomly met and he’s really, friendly, I guess?”
“Oh please, he fancies you!” Eleanor blurted out.
“What?! No way. I think he’s just really nice. And anyways, he knows I have a boyfriend. I mean, it’s pretty obvious.”
“That doesn’t mean he doesn’t fancy you. And that doesn’t mean he wasn’t checking you out by the pool the other day.” At this, I felt myslef blush, embarassed, whether or not what the were saying was true.
“Oh hush, let’s get back to the movie.” I giggled, pressing play on the remote and trying my best to focus on Crazy, Stupid Love, and how unbelievably hot Ryan Gossling was in this movie.

It wss nearly 1 AM and El and Dani had just gone back to their room’s to go to sleep, but I wasn’t really feeling that tired. I flipped through the TV channels aimlessly before deciding to take advantage of the humungous juccuzi bathtub, and 5-Star Hotel bath products. So, I filled the tub with bubbles, lit the candle that I found on the counter, and moved the iHome from the bedside table into the bathroom, pressed play on my ‘Calm’ Playlist.

We had only been here a few days and still had over a week left which I was thankful for. I was feeling…happy? At least, a hell of a lot happier than I had been feeling lately. I sank down into the bubbles, closing my eyes for a little while, listening to Ed Sheern and literally feeling all of the stress I had had over the past few weeks wash away.
I’m not sure how much time had passed but I eventually heard the hotel room door open and someone stumbled in.
“Harry?!” I called. Even though I knew for a fact that he was the only one who would be able to get into the room, my heart still jumped a little when I heard the loud noise and the click of the lock.
“Anna?” His deep voice called.
”In here.” I responded. A moment later, he slid open the sliding wooden bathroom door and I saw a mischevious smile form on his face when he saw me.
“Well look at you…” He practicaly purred.
“Have fun tonight?” I asked, sitting up a little but still keeping myslef submerged in the mass of bubbles.
“Yeah it was… interesting.”
“I hope I still have a boyfriend after you tell me what you boys were up to.” I joked.
“You have nothing to worry about, promise.” He said, leaning aginst the doorframe, crossing his arms across his chest, staring at me in a way that made me blush and suddenly feel very, very… naked. Which, i mean, I sort of was.
“What did you do?”
“Just had a girly night with Eleanor and Danielle. Nothing special…” Neither of us said anything for a moment. His eyes seemed to be boring into me. “So, you gonna get in then?” I finally asked. He gave me a smirk, extracting himself from the wall and taking a few steps into the huge bathroom.
“I thought you’d never ask.” He said. I watched intently as he pulled his t hirt over his head, undoing his belt and letting it clatter to the flloor. He pulled off his jeans and boxers, stepping into the hot water and settling down across from me.
And that’s when I noticed it.
“HARRY EDWARDS STYLES WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?!?” I suddenly burst out, grabbing his arm and turning it over to look at the inside of his forearm, where a black 5-point star was staring back at me.
“Yeah… It was sort of going to be a surprise..” Harry said.
“Oh my god, is it seriously real?!” I asked, trailing my fingers over it, to which Harry winced slightly.
“WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME?!” I squeeled, splashing water in his face and getitng his precious curls damp.
“I dunno… it was sort of an impulse. I mean, i’ve been thinking about it a lot but i wasn’t really sure what I wanted and since i’m 18 now and all… I thought I would just go for it.” He gave me that crocked half-smile that always managed to completely ruin me. “You mad?” He said quietly. I looked up at him.
“Why would I be mad?” I finally responded, he semeed slightly relieved.
“I mean… I didn’t tell you.”
“Harry, it’s your body, I can’t exactly tell you what to do with it. Well, in that respect at least.” I laughed and he nodded. “ It’s actually, kinda sexy…” I spoke quietly, moving over closer to him. He semed surprised at my comment, his eyes widening slightly.
“Oh really?”
“Kinda…” I giggled, leaning down an inch and pressing my lips to where the tattoo was. “Did that hurt?” I whispered.
“A little.” He lied, as I could hear a smile in his voice. I looked up at him and we locked eyes.
“Sorry…” I whispered, leaning over to kiss him lightly. “I’ll be more careful next time.” I said, smiling
“Don’t you dare.” He growled, moving his hands from his sides to cupping the back of my neck, pressing further into the kiss. I bit down gently on his bottom lip and I heard a low groan escape his throat. I couldn’t help but smile at the effect that I still had on this boy.
“Don’t get cocky” He joked, sliding his tongue into my mouth and causing my to shudder at the way his hands touched my body. “Two can play at that game.” He said, pulling me closer to him and wrapping his arms around me, his fingers drawing patterns on the damp skin of my back.
“This is Part 2, in case you were wondering.” I asked, kissing his neck.
“Part 2 of what?” He seemed genuinly lost.
“Well, remember for Christmas; the golf club’s were part 1 of your gift… And then what you go, later on… was Part 2… So, this is Part 2.” I finally got out, drawing out all the words as I managed to kiss almost every inch of his face.
“I quite like these 2-part gifts. Maybe we could make it a tradition.”
“We could do that…” I said, standing up and stepping out of the bathtub. To conceal myself at least a little, I grabbed a towel from the rack and wrapped it around my body. I made my way out of the bathroom, hearing the splashing of the water, meaning Harry was getting out as well. I had only taken a few steps before I felt him behind me, his hands on my shoulders.
“I love you hair…” He whispered into my ear, tangling his fingers into the damp strands.
“I love your hair…” I said, turning around and doing the same ot his dark curls.
“ I love your eyes…”
“I love your eyes…”
“I love your lips…” He finally said, tracing the outline of my lips, making them tingle, beofre he indulged me with a kiss that made me feel like my insides were melting. I moved my hands to his chest and my towel fell to the floor. Again, I grazed the new tattoo.
“I think it’s growing on me already.” I giggled.
“Will you be mad if I get more?” He asked.
“No, you’ll still be my Harry.”
“I will.”


@notarealhipster Who do you imagine anna as?


I'm from the US, outside of Philly :)
Where are you from? My side of the pond (United States) or the other one?
I love this story it's my favorite one I've read so far! :)