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My Heart Skips A Beat

Chapter 44


So it’s 2 AM. I’m wide awake. Harry is sleeping (and snoring) next to me, his head buried under his pillow. And I can not sleep. I mean, it’s my own fault. I passed out for hours the second we got here and didn’t wake up until dinner time. So now, here I was.
I tried going on twitter or something, but I was getting a bit stir crazy. So I eventually pulled on a pair of denim shorts, a t shirt, and my navy Vans, grabbed a room key of the bedside table, and walked outside.

It was amazing here. Instead of all the rooms in one building, everyone had individual bungalows, which we had 4 of; One for me and Harry, one for Louis and Eleanor, one for Liam and Danielle, and one with 2 separate rooms for Zayn and Niall, who were the designated bachelors of this trip. Liam, Louis, and Niall already had bets going on how many girls they would each try and pick up.

Another great part of this hotel? We were always only 20 steps away from the beach.
I was walking along the shore, the sand feeling great and the slight breeze from the ocean balancing out the slightly humid air. I was just enjoying the atmosphere when I heard something from behind me.

“Not too smart to be hanging out here alone at night.” I swear, my heart must’ve stopped. I jumped, turning around to see a guy standing about 10 or 15 feet away from from. He was wearing a pair of khaki’s rolled up to his knees to protect them from the water, a light blue polo with the hotel’s logo on it, and no shoes. he had longish messy blonde hair and blue eyes. He basically had ‘typical surfer dude’ written all over him.
“Um, why not?” I asked, trying to even out my heartbeat.
“No reason. I’m just kidding.” He said, cracking a smile and laughing. “But I really did scare you, didn’t I?” He asked, taking a few steps towards me. Instinctively,. I took a step back.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to freak you out.” Something about him made me believe what he was saying so I was able to calm down a little.
“Um, yeah, no problem. I was just - I thought I was the only one out here.”
“Nah, I love coming out here at night actually. It’s really chill.” He stretched his arms out, as if he was taking it all in. “I’m Conner by the way.” he said, turning back to look at me. “Am I allowed to ask your name?” He said.
“Anna.” I said simply. This sounds terrible, but ever since meeting Harry and people started knowing who I was, I was always nervous to tell strangers about myself. You just really never knew what they really wanted; just friendly conversation or a story worth selling.
“Nice to meet you, Anna.”
“Yeah, you too.” I turned back to the ocean and he took a few steps closer, standing next to me.
“You like it here so far, Anna?” He asked.
“Well, I sort of just got here today. And all i’ve done is slept and ate. So… yeah, it’s been great.” He laughed.
“Well, there’s tons to do.”
“I’m uh… guessing you’re not form here?”
“Did the blonde hair throw you off? And before you ask, yes I AM in fact from California.”
“So what are you doing here?” I was just making polite conversation, but I didn’t want to lead this guy on.
“I moved here after graduating, trying to get a surfing contract. Which was less than enthused to find out was a lot harder than I thought. So I needed a job. And here I am. So, where are you from?”
“Well, London I guess. I mean, originally New York. But i’ve been in London since September, I was going to Boarding School there.” I was hoping he didn’t press the issue, and thankfully he didn’t. I wasn’t really interested in telling my sob story to a complete stranger.
“Well, i’ll let you get back to your walk. it was nice to meet you. I’ll see you around? Tomorrow?” He gave an enthused smile and I couldn’t help but smile back.
“Yeah, maybe.” I turned around, walking away. And as I did, I decided to look back, and noticed that he was looking over his shoulder at me too.


Waking up to the sound of the ocean and a light breeze coming in through the open patio doors was incredible, I had never been to a place like this before. But I quickly realized that Anna wasn’t asleep next to me. i got up, threw on a pair of sweatpants and a t shirt, and wandered out onto the patio where she was sitting at the table with a cup of coffee, her laptop, and enough breakfast to feed 5 or 6 people.
“Um, you hungry?” I joked, leaning down to kiss her on the cheek.
“Hey you! They brought us this complimentary breakfast. It’s like, enough to feed all 8 of us.” She laughed, handing me a teacup. This girl knew me too well.
“You sleep okay?” I asked.
“Eh, not until really late. I actually went for a walk on the beach at like, 2 AM. It was really nice.”
“And you didn’t wake me up for it!”
“Babe, be honest, no way in hell were you getting up.” I shrugged.
“So what do you wanna do today? Where is everyone?”
“Liam, Louis, Danielle, and Eleanor are doing some scuba diving thing, and Zayn and Niall are already at the poolside bar, getting into trouble i’m sure.”
‘Course.” I agreed, chuckling.
“So… pool?” She asked, smiling.
“Sounds good. I need to get myself some color, I look like Casper the friendly ghost.” Anna laughed as I pulled her into my lap and her fingertips moved gently over my skin.
“Maybe a little.” She giggled, placing a kiss on my cheek, lingering there for a moment, then moving over to my ear; ”but I like you anyway.” Now it was my turn to laugh.
“I’m gonna go get ready.” She said, getting up and going back into our room. I stayed out on the porch for a little while, enjoying my tea and the view and the sun and the smell of the ocean and the fact that I was in a place this incredible with all of the people that I cared about most in the entire world.

“So, pink or white?” I heard Anna ask a few minutes later from inside the bathroom.
“What?” I asked, completely confused.
“Just pick one!” She said.
“Um…. white?” I said with no rhyme or reason.
“Okay.” I heard Anna say, I minute later she emerged from the bathroom in a white strapless bikini.
“Holy hell.” I’m pretty sure is along the line of what I said.
“Oh jeez, get your jaw of the floor Harry, it’s not like it’s anything you haven’t seen.” She said modestly, clearing embarrassed from the attention.
“Babe, get over here.” I said, grabbing her by her tiny waist and pulling her against me, our lips colliding.She seemed surprised for a second, than relaxing into it, exhaling and opening her mouth a little bit to allow me to deepen the kiss.
“You know, we could always just say here…. i’m pretty sure we could figure out something fun to do.” She smiled, kissed me once more, then pulled away quickly.
“Hell no, Styles! I flew all the way to Hawaii and i’m going to enjoy every second of it! Now get your stuff and lets go!” She said excitedly, throwing on a sheer cover up over her bathing suit, grabbing her bag, and opening the door to the path that took us all the way to the pool.

Okay, so I wouldn’t say I was exactly used to seeing Anna in next to nothing. But I have seen it before, unlike the rest of the people here. What I most definitely was not sued to was the reactions she got from every single guy we passed on our way to the pool. And it was like she didn’t even notice! Which i’m pretty sure she didn’t. She was just walking, holding my hand, and telling me about all the stuff we were going to be able to do here, while I tried my best not to give dirty looks to every bloke who I caught checking out her ass. I usually wasn’t the super jealous type, but this was a new kind of thing for me.

We found Zayn and Niall almost immediately, drinking and playing in the pool (yes, I did just say playing in the pool).

“Hey there Nialler!” I said when the two of them got out to greet us. Niall was hyper (as always) and grabbed me, hugging me tightly.
“Did you go to the buffet for breakfast?!? Like, seven different kinds of waffles mate, SEVEN!!”
“No, I didn’t. But tomorrow, I promise.” I laughed, messing up his damp hair. “So, meet any fit girls yet?” I asked jokingly.
“Eh, I guess… The bartender was talking my ear off for 15 minutes! I mean, she’s kinda hot I guess, but all she could do what give me drinks without carding, and talk about herself.”
“Well I guess it’s worth it for the drinks” I laughed. “So we’re gonna need to find you a nice girl, aren’t we?” I said. “Let’s see…” I scanned the perimeter, my eyes landing on one person in particular. “How about her, over there?” I said, pointing not-so-discreetly.
“Um, Harry. That’s Anna.” Niall said in a way that I knew could be translated to ‘duh. you arse.’
“I know, just thought i’d point out the fact that I’m with the hottest girl here. Sorry.” I couldn’t help but crack up at the look of annoyance / amusement on Niall’s face.
“You’re a fucking prick.” Niall said, hitting my over the head. I just kept laughing. “Hey, who’s Anna talking to?” Niall asked. I suddenly looked up to see Anna and some blonde guy talking.
“I have no idea.” I said, trying to seem casual. I mean, it wasn’t a big deal, of course I wasn’t going to be mad at her for talking to some random guy, but it was a bit weird, right? I mean, how did she even know him?
“Well, i’m gonna go find out!” Niall said, practically prancing off in the direction of the two of them.


I was just about to get a drink from the bar when I heard someone calling my name. I turned around NOT to see a member of One Direction. Instead, it was Conner, the guy from last night.
“Anna! Hey!” he said again, jogging up to me, a bright and friendly smile on his face.
“Hey Conner!” I said.
“Um, I think you’re… group, or whatever, actually reserved a Cabana. it’s under the name Paul Higgins?”
“Oh, yeah, that’s us!” The boy’s always used Paul’s name when they wanted to stay under the radar, no matter how much Paul begged them to stop.
“Cool, it’s right over here.” I took a few steps, and then suddenly felt Conner’s hand cup my elbow.
“Hey guy! What’s the craic!?” I heard Niall say, his accent breaking the awkward tension that seemed to have occurred the second Cooner touched me. It wasn’t like, a spark, or anything. it was just… strange i guess.
“Niall! Awesome! We have a Cabana, let’s go Horan!” I said, looping my arm through Niall’s and going off in the direction that Conner pointed us.
“So, who’s your friend over there?” He asked me suspiciously.
“Huh? Oh, Conner? Please, Niall, it’s nothing. He was on the beach last night when I was taking a walk and he introduced himself.” He gave me a weird look. “You seriously think it’s something? Are you insane?” I hit him on his pale chest.
“Okay, fine, just looking out for my mates!” He laughed and slipped his Ray Bans on.
When we got to our Cabana, I was surprised to see that Liam, Louis, Danielle, and Eleanor were all back from their scuba adventure already.
“You guys are back already?” I asked, grabbing one of the lounge chairs before any of the other boys got their hands on it.
“Yeah well SOMEONE was too scared to go underwater with all the little fishies!” Louis pouted mockingly.
“El! Why didn’t you go, it would’ve been so cool!” I said.
“It wasn’t me who was too scared.” She said with a smile.
“Than who was it? Because I know Danielle will do anything for an adrenaline rush, so- Oh my GOD !” I said, suddenly realizing. “Liam, YOU were afraid?!?” I cracked up, managing to eventually catch a breath.
“Yes, okay, haha it’s very funny Liam’s afraid of the ocean. Can we move on please?” Liam said, clearly embarrassed.
“Aww, it’s okay. You’re still a man in my eyes. Just, a man who’s afraid of goldfish.” Danielle said, kissing him on the cheek. he scowled.
Harry appeared in the entrance of the cabana, a tray of drinks in his hand.
“So apparently these are from Anna’s new friend over there.” He said, placing it on the table.
“Who?” Danielle asked, grabbing a Margarita.
“Conner, wasn’t it?” Niall said, cocking a blonde eyebrow at me. i gave him a death glare.
“Who’s Conner?” Louis asked, grabbing a drink from the tray.
“Just some random guy who I met on the beach last night.” I said, brushing it off.
It wasn’t a big deal, why was everyone acting like it was>


Damn it, what the hell was wrong with me? It was like, even the thought of her with some other guy completely ruined me. Like, there was clearly nothing going on, how could there be? They met LAST NIGHT for gods sake. But there I was, hating this guy’s guts when i’ve never even spoken to him. And then there was Anna, thinking she was just being friendly. When in reality, I saw the way that guy checked her out when she walked away from him with Niall, and I didn’t like it.
Thankfully, I was able to take my mind off of it by a truly eventful first day. It was nearly 10 o’clock and we were all in our separate bungalows, getting ready to go out.
“So, my birthday boy, you ready? Less than two hours to go!” Anna said, coming up behind me as I buttoned up my shirt. She put her hand on my shoulders and rested her cheek on my back. I smiled and turned around, resting my hands comfortably at her waist.
“Will you stop with that! If I had known you were so into birthdays…” I shook my head, chuckling.
“I love birthdays!” Anna said defensively.
“Clearly.” I joked, tugging at her hair.
“I like this, is it new?” I asked, referring to her dress, which was sort of this floral halter wrap-ey dress thing. Her shoulders and back were bare, along with her legs, all of which had already tanned quite a bit.
“Yeah - it is. I can’t believed you noticed.” She smiled, seeming bewildered.
“‘course I do.” I said, kissing the top of her head. “So you sure you wanna go out? We could stay here and have fun on our own….” I gave her what I hoped was some sort of alluring look, but she wasn’t buying it.
“What is with you today grandpa?!? It’s about to become your EIGHTEENTH birthday and you don’t wanna go out and party!?!”
“I do, I do, calm down.” I laughed.

The pounding of the music and flashing of the lights was pulsating through my body. But it was nothing compared to the feeling of Anna’s entire body against me. She had forced my onto the dance floor, although I had tried to refuse, we both knew there was no use. I could never say no to her. So here we were, my head spinning from the drinks I had earlier, completely surrounded by sweaty, dancing strangers. Her blonde ahir was everywhere and the smell of ehr perfume mixing in with the smell of alcohol and cigarettes, her hands on my chest, it was a lot to take in.

Eventually we both were panting and tired, making our way back to the table. Niall had a girl on either side of him and he seemed to be telling some long story that involved a lot of hand gestures.
“Where’s Zayn?” I yelled, getting his attention. He just shrugged.
“Dunno, he stayed for 10 minutes and then I think he said he was gonna go back to the hotel He was acting a little weird!” Niall said, being forced to yell over the music.
“What do you mean weird?” Ever since everything with Poppy and Zayn happened right before Christmas I had felt sort of distant from him, guilty even. I knew he was going through a hard time, and I also knew that I hadn’t done nearly enough to help him through it.
“You wanna go find him?” I heard Anna ask. It was like she was reading my mind and she could tell I was a little weirded out by the situation.
“You don’t mind if we leave?” I asked.
“Of course not. Let’s go.” She took my hand and we managed to find our way out of the overcrowded club.

The cab ride back to the hotel only took a few minutes, and as I knocked on the door of Zayn’s room, I Wondered if I was being overdramatic. Maybe he was just tired.
I knocked a few more times, waiting patiently. Finally, I heard the locked click and the door opened. Zayn looked surprised.
“What are you guys doing here/” He asked.
“We just wanted to make sure you were okay, no one knew where you went.” Anna said.
“Oh, yeah, i’m - fine. I mean, yeah, i’m fine.”
“Can we come in for a second?” Anna asked, taking a step forward.
“Um, sure.” I was lost, not knowing what to say to him, whereas Anna was acting as if she knew exactly what she was doing. But we walked in anyway, finding a spot on the couch that wasn’t covered in Zayn’s clothes, sneakers, and various hair products. We’d been here a day and he’s already made himself at home.
“Look, Zayn, I just - we just wanted to make sure you were doing alright? I just - I know things were a little weird before the holidays and since then we haven’t really had a chance to talk.” Anna was taking the wheel on this one, so I just sat by and watched as Zayn messed up his hair, something he rarely does, and rubbed his eyes. “ - And maybe I should’ve done more when I got back from New York, or even before I left. But things were just really crazy and I was dealing with so much, not that that’s an excuse, I just, i don’t know- I feel terrible because you’re such a great guy and you deserve to be happy-” Anna was rambling, talking a mile a minute, and I had to try my hardest not to laugh.
“I am happy!” Zayn burst out, seeming surprised with himself. He didn’t say it in an angry way, it just seemed like he had been holding it in.
“What?” I asked this time, confused by his little outburst.
“I’m happy, really happy, unbelievably happy.”
“What are you talking about, mate?”
“I’ve sort of been…seeing someone…”


@notarealhipster Who do you imagine anna as?


I'm from the US, outside of Philly :)
Where are you from? My side of the pond (United States) or the other one?
I love this story it's my favorite one I've read so far! :)