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My Heart Skips A Beat

Chapter 42

I woke up the next morning to bright blinding light filtering in through the huge bay window. I blinked a few times, trying to adjust my eyes to the light. My right hand helt for Harry, but came up empty. I did however, find a note.

Went out for a bit to get something. Be back soon
- Harry xx.

What in the world could Harry possibly have to do in New York at 10 AM? But I learned a while ago not to ask too many questions when it came to Harry; he was always a bit mischievous.
I ordered some coffee and breakfast from room service and turned on the TV. It had been forever since I watched American television and it was actually oddly comforting.
I was flipping aimlessly through channels when I heard someone, presumably Harry, opening the door.
“He’s returned from his mysterious mission!” I joke.
Harry’s carrying a huge glossy white box, attempting to balance it with one hand as he shuts the door.
“Oh, yeah, that;’s me. Mr. Mystery.” He chuckles and sets the box down.
“Do I want to know what you were up to?”
“I think you do.” He looks almost, giddy? I lower the volume on the TV.
“I got you something!”
“What, why?”
“Because I wanted to.”
“Okay…” I can’t help but smile as he hands me the massive box. I carefully slide the bow off, lifting the lid and pulling away the tissue paper. And then, staring back at me, is the most gorgeous gown I had ever seen. It was long with black lace with short sleeves and a deep v-neck with scalloped edges. It was something a movie star would wear on the red carpet. It was perfect.
“Oh, my…” I ran my fingers over the delicate beading.
“You like it?”
“I love it. But – why?”
“I didn’t want you to have to wear that ridiculous dress that came in the mail a few weeks ago. I thought this might be a bit of an improvement.”
“A bit? This is gorgeous! You seriously picked it out?” I didn’t want offend him or anything. I mean, Harry had his own ‘style’, but I never saw him as the fashion-savvy type.
“Well, I had a bit of help from our stylist Lou. She’s seen some pictures of you and said this one would be perfect. I had to keep sending her pictures from the store.” He laughed as if he were embarrassed.
“You’re too good to me, you do know that right?”
“Not a chance” We were both grinning at eachother like idiots and if I had my way, we would be starting Round 2 of last night. But it wasn’t my choice, it was my dads (And yes, I do realize how gross that sounds). And if we weren’t ready to go in 2 hours, he was going to kill me.
“I’ll thank you for that later. But now, I have to shower. There’s some tea and stuff for you.” I gestured towards the rolling room service table, giving him a peck on the cheek before disappearing into the bathroom or the next hour.

As always, Harry got ready in about 20 minutes and sat at the end of the bed watching TV as I primped and cursed myself every time I burned myself with the curling iron.
“Harry, can you zip me up?” I came out of the bathroom, holding the front of the dress up.
“Sure.” He stood behind me, his fingers barely touching my skin as he eased the zipper up.
“Now, let me see you!” I smiled to myself, turning around to face him. His eyes widened and his mouth gaped open a little. I loved more than almost anything that I still had this effect on him.
“Wow my girlfriend is FIT!” I swatted his arm, blushing from his compliment.
“Did you BRUSH you hair?!” I noticed, shocked that it looked a little more tamed than usual.
“I did, you proud?”
“Very” I grabbed my phone and clutch and we headed for the car my dad had waiting in front of the hotel.

You know what’s one of the best feelings in the world? Walking into a room full of people, and knowing that the hottest girl there, is with you. That’s the feeling I had the moment we stepped into the reception at Anna’s dad wedding.

The ceremony had been long and boring and Anna had to poke me in the ribs several times to keep me awake. But eventually it ended with a longer than necessary kiss between the newly married couple, and we could get the hell out of the stuffy church.
“I think my bum’s permanently numb!” I whispered into Anna’s ear. She covered her mouth to muffle her hysterics.
“Harry! Shut up you can’t say that!” She said, giggling into my shoulder.
“Why not? It’s fucking true! Do you know long we were sitting there. Almost three. Whole. HOURS. Three hours babe, THREE. That’s two too many.”
“It was kinda long, wasn’t it? I mean, I don’t really think they needed the harpist to play 4 different songs.”
“It was bloody endless!” She couldn’t stop laughing and it was making me so happy to see her like this. I ddin’t want to stop. But we were already drawing a little too much attention to ourselves as it is, so the more anonymous I stayed, the better.
“You do know that every guy we pass is checking you out.” I had noticed it since the minute we walked outside of our hotel room. Without fail, every presumably straight guy with in a 30 foot radius had been sizing up my date. And I had to say, I had been caught staring a few times myself.
“Harry…” She blushed, trying to shake it off as if it was nothing.
“I’m serious. Look, to you left? The guy with the glasses? He can’t look away.” She just scoffed, refusing to look.
“Neither can I” I whispered in her ear. I could hear the short intake of breath she took, trying so hard not to smile, then failing.
“You’re such a little flirt.” She joked. “Lets go find our table.”

We were an hour in and Harry has already managed to charm around 75% of my female relative over the age of 30. They’re all obsessed with him, pulling him away to introduce him to their friends. I don’t mind, it’s sort of hilarious actually.He was all smiles and compliments at first, but at this point he semeed to be getting restless and pouty due to the fact that I refused ot help him out of it.
I’m sitting at our table, sipping a diet coke, watching my Dad and Meredeth mingle with his colleuges and friends. It was all so fake; the huge smile plastered on his face, the way he would joke and laugh with them, This whole thing really. But at this point that’s just what I expect form my dad.
I was just getting up to get another drink when, out of the corner of my eye, I spotted a farmilliar face entering the room. It had to be my imagination, it HAD to be. But I still needed to know for sure. So, I turned around and came face to face,
With my brother.
“Max?” I said it so quietly, I knew he couldn’t hear me. But he did see me. We locked eyes and I saw the brother I remember seeing for my entire life, not that other guy I had seen over Christmas. This was my Max.
“Max!” I said it louder this time, a huge smile breaking out onto my face. I couldn’t exactly run in this dress, let alone the shoes, but I did my best. He jogged towards me, embaracing me into a huge hug, crushing me.
“I can’t believe you’re here! Dad said –“
“Dad’s a dick, what else is new?” He laughed and my eyes filled with tears, but I laughed too.
“You look so good!” I squeezed his shoulders, smiling at him like a proud parent.
“Yah, I wasn’t doing too well the last time you saw me. I’m getting better now, I promise.”
“I’m just, I’m SO glad you’re here!”
“Me too. So, what’d I miss? I just got in so I missed the ceremony. How terrible was it?”
“Oh my god, aweful! But just ask Harry what he thought of it. It was torture for him.”
“Harry’s here! Great, I’ve wanted to talk to him.”
“You have?”
“Well, yeah. I just… I had something I wanted to say.”
“He’s over at the bar I think.” I turned to check but saw Harry already walking over towards us, two drinks in hand.
“Look’s like I should’ve gotten one more. Hey mate, good to see you, glad you could make it.” Harry handed me a glass and did the typical guy back-slap-handshake thing they always do.
“Yeah, yeah you too. Can I uh, just talk to you for a second? I promise it won’t take long?”
“Um… Yeah, sure, ‘course.”

I had been realy shocked to see Max there, even more shocked when he asked to talk to me alone. Anna had seemed just as surprised, but I tried my best to play it off as not a big deal.
Max and I walked through the hotel’s lobby, finally finding a completely empty outdoor patio. I was still holding my drink which I had managed to get spiked with vodka by the bartender (apparently she recognized me). And I was thankful for it, because I had a feeling after this conversation, I was going to be needing it.
“So I just, um, I wanted to talk to you tonight and say… thank you.”
Well, not what I had been expecting.
“Yeah, well – I mean, the last time I saw you, I asked you to take care of her, and it seems like you have. She seems to be doing well.”
“I think you should ask her that.” He had no clue what had happened since the last time he saw Anna; the press, the website, all the shit she’s had to deal with.
“I know, and I will. I just wanted to say thank you, man. That’s all. You’re good for her.”
“More like she’s good for me. And I appreciate the thank you, but we don’t really know eachother that well. And you don’t know how much Anna’s helped me. A hundred times more than I’ve helped her. I feel like all I’ve done is fucked up her life. So just, talk to her, I know how happy she is that you’re here. Don’t waste your time on me.”
Had it been a little harsh, maybe. Had it also bene exactly what he needed to hear; hell yes.
He nodded, giving my a small wave, before going back into the building to find his sister.
I wanted to give Anna some time with Max, so I sat out here for a bit, sipping my drink and listening to the music filtering from the large reception. We were up high, at least 20 stories, in one of the nicest hotels I’ve ever seen, maybe even nicer than the one we were staying in. And the patio was all covered in plants and Christmas lights and things, making it seem like you were pretty much anywhere but the center of New York City. The only thing that gave it away were the honking of car horns and the tall skyscrapers surrounding me.

Max really seemed to be getting back to normal as far as I could tell. He told me about rehab, the people he had met, and everything that they had helped him with. He was only allowed out for a few hours, and then a car would be picking him up to take him back to Pennsylvania, where the rehab center was. I hated thinking about my brother like this, but at the same time I couldn’t be more proud of him, of how much he’s accomplished in such a short amount of time. But even he said he still has a long ways to go.
“So have you talked to dad yet?” I asked, glancing over to where he and Meredith stood, laughing with some distant family members I’m sure I’m expected to know.
“Not yet, I was sort of hoping I wouldn’t get a chance.”
“Yeah, it’s not like it’s his wedding or anything.” He smirked, raising his eyebrows and shrugging.
“Don’t worry about it, I’ll deal with him later. The truth his, I’m mostly here just to see you.” He shook it off, brushing it away easier than I ever could have.
“Max, what did you say to Harry?” I could tell by his face that he knew I was going to ask, it was inevitable. They couldn’t have secret conversations and not expect me to ask!
“I just wanted to try and thank him. When you two left, when I was in the hospital, I asked him to take care of you. And it seemed like he had done just that. You seem good. But when I told him that, he wasn’t having it.”
“What, why?”
“He said that you were the one helping him.”
“Ugh, he would say that…” I smiled, thinking of Harry. That boy could never just take a compliment.
“Well either way, I’m just glad you’re still doing well. You are, Anna, right?”
“Yeah, yeah I’m okay. It’s been a little crazy, but what else is new?”
“But you are happy with him, right?” He looked concerned.
“Of course! I love Harry, it’s just hard with the fans, and the press and everything.”
“Is it worth it?” I stopped, glancing over at to where Harry sat, being chatted up by my 60 year old aunt whose hand was gripping his bicep, a starry-eyed look on her face as Harry talked to her. He just had that effect on people. It was one of the things I loved most about him. The fact that he could make you feel like the most beautiful person in the world with just a glance.
“Yeah, he is.” Max nodded, seeming content with my answer.
“Speaking of… I’m going to go mingle, you know how much I love that..” I turned to see what Max was talking about, seeing Harry walking over. Max bowed out, making a b – line for the buffet.
“Care to dance?” Harry asked in a mock formal tone, cracking a boyish smile.
“Love to.” I took his hand and he pulled me out onto a dance floor, where a slow song was just starting.
He hands found my waist, while mine wrapped around his neck comfortably. Neither of us said anything for a minute, but I could tell Harry wanted to.
“So, sorry if I was a little abrupt with your brother. I’m sure he told you about our talk.”
“Not too much. But from what I heard, you were great. He was just being protective or whatever.”
“Yeah, I guess I sort of was too.” Harry responded. I just smiled, swaying slightly to the music.
“Would you want a big wedding like this?” Harry suddenly asked. I was surprised by the question, knowing most guys run and hide at the mention of weddings and marriage, but Harry seemed serious.
“Nah, not like this.” I said, trying to be as casual as possible.
“What would you want?”
“Smaller, more intimate, with just the people that matter the most. I don’t need a big cake, or like, the fancy food and stuff. I would just want it to be fun.”
“Me too.”
“You thought about that? About like, about us?” I had to ask, I just had to. I looked up at him and saw a content look on his face, his hands holding me tightly against him.
“Yeah, I have. I just – I wondered what it would be like, you know? And like, just basically if you would be able to handle me for that long.”
“You know I would.” I giggled, mussing his hair a little and kissing him on the cheek.
“All we would need is the boys, El and Dani, my family, your brother… and we wouldn’t evne need all that fancy champagne and stuff! Just like, good beer and enough food to feed Nailler.”
“Sounds perfect. And I would make you boys sing of course.”
“Naturally” Harry smirked.
“I can’t believe you’ve thought about our future like that.”
“Why, haven’t you?”
“Yeah, of course. But I just didn’t think guys did that. I thought wedding was like, a dirty word.” He laughed.
“Nah, not with you.”
“Well, don’t go out ring shopping anytime soon. I’d like to have at least graduated high school.” He chuckled and nodded, agreeing with me.
“How long’s he here for?” Harry asked quietly, referring to Max.
“Just a few hours, he’s not allowed to stay out for any longer. But he seems to be doing pretty well…” I prayed that Max was telling me the truth, that he really was getting better.
“yeah, he does.”
The song ended and as hard as I tried, I couldn’t get Harry to dance to a fast song. He insisted he was the worlds worst dancer which I could sort of imagine; all tall and lanky.
“So, you guys having a good time?” Max asked, sitting down at the table harry and I had just sat down at, a small plate filled with food in front of him.
“Oh, yeah, this is a real rager.” Harry and Max joked, making hushed remarks to the uppity guests and way-too-fancy-for-consumption food. I just laughed and gazed at my two favorite people in the entire world having a conversation together.

The wedding was really nice, really fancy, and really…fucking…long. I swear, I was NOT the only one dying to get out fo there. The reception lasted for what seemed like forever, and after the first round of drinks, introductions, and the whole cake cutting beauquet throwing thing, I was sort of partied out.
The one upside was that I really got to know Max and he was actually a really cool bloke. We had some stuff in common actually, he kept up with the UK football team, and loved a lot of the same music as me.
At around 10:30, his phone vibrated and the happy, smiling and laughing guy that he had been a second ago, completely transformed. His face fell as he looked at his phone.
“What’s wrong?” Anna asked.
“I, uh, I have to go. The drivers here.” He stuffed his phone into his pocket, standing up from the table. I stood up as well, shaking his hand and patting him on the back.
“It was really great to see you, mate.”
“You too, Harry. And thanks for – everything.” I nodded.
“I’m gonna go –“ Anna muttered, clearly emotional.
“Go, say goodbye. Take as much time as you need, yeah?” She smiled and nodded, following her brother outside.
I was sitting at our table, fiddling with my phone and trying to not look as awkward and out of place as I felt, when I noticed someone sit down next to me. I looked up to see Meredeth. We had said no more than ‘hello’ to each other all night, which I guess was sort of impolite on my part.
“Hi, Harry, right? Anna’s boyfriend?”
“Um, yeah. Congratulations on getting married and…everything.” I was feeling more and more uncomfortable by the second. Her wedding dress was huge, poofing out all around her. She was pretty I guess, a little too tanned and highlighted and made up for me, but I guess I could see what Anna’s dad saw in her.
“I just wanted to thank you for coming. I know Anna’s relationship with her father is above both of our heads, but it meant so much that you both were here. And I know it meant a lot to him too.” Her voice sounded forced and slightly fake, as well as the smile plastered on her face. I’m sorry, but I wasn’t buying a word of this.
“Sorry but, why isn’t he telling me that?”
“He wanted to… Richard’s just, not great with words, or feelings…” Her voice trailed off, along with her train of thought.
“Well, thanks for letting me know.” I stood, ready to book it out of there, but I felt her sharp nails on my arm as I took a step away.
“Look, Harry, I’m not oblivious to your power, I know that you could sell any story you wanted to in a second. I just hope you know that if you do, your career will be over.” Her voice was much more serious now and I was sort of taken back by it.
“I’m sorry, but I think you’ve got me all wrong.”
“You’re a 17 year old superstar who could have anything you wanted at the drop of a hat, I know what you’re capable of. I just hope you know what Anna’s father and I can do too.” I pulled my arm away, giving her a disgusted look before walking out of the room.

“You ready to go?” Anna said, a sad smile on her face after saying goodbye to Max. She could instantly tell I was angry, but I ddin’t want to explain it now, not while she still had the opportunity to confront her dad.
“What’s wrong?” She aske,d placing a hand gently on my shoulder.
“Nothing – I, just, you wanna get out of here?” I looked around, seeing an empty cab.
“Uh, yeah, sure, let’s go. She responded, thankfully not questioning me. But I knew Anna, and that wasn’t going to last long.
“Harry, talk to me.” She said, running her hand down my arm to my balled up fists.
“Just, wait till we get back, yeah?” I said, noticing that the driver was eyeing us and maybe I was just paranoid, but it seemed like he was evesdropping. Anna caught onto what I was thinking and nodded, sitting back in her seat and patiently waiting as we weaving through the crowded streets.

“Okay, we’re back, we’re alone. What happened in the 5 minutes I was gone?”
“I’ll tell you, but you please just need to stay calm, and not doing anything you might regret.”
I had no clue what Hary was about to tell me, but the more the suspence built, the more nervous I became.
“Okay, fine, whatever. Just tell me, please, you’re really starting to freak me out here.” “It was Meredith. She was just like, she just basically threatened me. It was so bizarre. I was just sitting there, and she came up to me and started off kinda nice and whatever but she said that if I ever revealed a story about her and your dad, she would end my career. I’m not sure how she even thinks she has that kind of power! And I didn’t know what to say, and I just needed to get out of there. I needed to get out of there before I said or did something that would hurt both of us.”
He was talking quickly, pacing across the room in determination. But when he was finished, he stopped and looked right at me, his expression softening but his brows still knit together.
“And I know you’re going to want to confront him about this, but I just think if we let it go everything will go so much smoother.”
“You right I’m going to want to confront him about this! How dare he threaten you like that? And how dare he send his new wife along to do his dirty work for him! He is disgusting.”
“I know, I get it…” He took a step toward me, his arm extended, then stopped, seeming to notice how angry I was.
“But you DON’T get it, Harry! You have this incredible family; your mom Anne, Gemma, Robin. They love you so much and I could see that form the moment I met them. You don’t understand what it’s like. I can’t let him bully me, us, like this. I won’t do it anymore. And as much as you want to act like you get it, you just DON’T” I was yelling and crying, not even sure why I seemed to be taking this out on him. This wasn’t Harry’s fault, not even close. I just – I didn’t know how else to react. Sometimes I found myself becoming so jealous of Harry and the relationship he has with his family; they call each other and actually talk on the phone about their lives. She sends him packages of food and clothes, just because she loves him. And the way he talks about his mom…. Like she’s his hero.
“Well I’m SORRY Anna, but I can’t change my life or my family! And I can’t believe you’re blaming me for something that is completely out of my control! I’m here for you, the boys are here for you, Eleanor and Danielle, and you’re friends at school. We are ALL here for you. But it’s not fair for you to get mad at me like this, it’s just not fair!” Harry said quickly, looking at me in a way he never had before. Maybe because I had never talked to him like this before. “I need to get some air.” He said, grabbing his jacket and phone before throwing the door open and letting it slam behind him.

I was pissed. Not as much at Anna, much more with myself. I was just sort of surprised at how she reacted. She was mad, I had expected that, but she seemed, I don’t know… resentful? I just knew I needed to get out of that room to give Anna some time to think this all through.
But the second I exited the hotel, I realized the mistake I had made.
Flashes went off in my face, yelling questions and rude comments. I honestly hadn’t really noticed them there when we had arrived a few minutes ago; I guess I had been too focused on just getting up to our room with out exploding. I walked quickly down the street with my head down and my hands in my pockets, eventually losing the photographers and managing to not get chased by anyone.
My first instinct was to find a bar. That is, until I remembered that I wasn’t legal in this goddamn country.
There had to be a bar in New York City that didn’t check ID, I just needed to find it.
I walked for a while, out of the Upper East Side and into what seemed to be a more touristy part of the city. I knew I was getting some stares and I heard the squeals, but I was just so oblivious to it all right now, and in all honesty, no one wanted to be talking to me when I was like this.
I eventually spotted a place that looked like a small nondescript bar with flashing neon signs. I ducked in, and I had been right. There were 2 guys sitting on stools; one old man who was nursing a full glass of beer, and a middle aged man who seemed to be trying to chat up one of the waitresses, who was clearly not having that.
“What can I get you?” The guy behind the counter asked, not even looking up to see whom he was taking an order from.
Wow, I had hit the jackpot. No ID check and no one in here gave a shit who I was.
“Uh, whatever. Surprise me.” I muttered, sliding into the stool.
“Rough night?” The bartender asked, grabbing a glass and pouring a few different things into it.
“You’ve got no idea, mate…” I rubbed my eyes and loosened my tie, which felt like it was strangling me.
“Well it’s sort of my job to listen to peoples problems so spill it pretty boy.” I smirked, taking the glass he offered and taking a sip. It was strong, but also exactly what I needed right about now.
“I went to my girlfriends dads wedding tonight. He’s like, this really powerful businessman or whatever, and he’s marrying this twenty-something bimbo who basically threatened me on his behalf. So I, you know, I had to tell her. I had to tell her right? Like, I couldn’t keep that from her? I dunno what I expected her to say or do, but she freaked out. And maybe I don’t think about her situation the way I should because she handles it so goddamn well. But I… I sort of just fucked everything up.”
“Yeah man, I can see that.” The guy chuckled, shaking his head.
“Who’s this guy, the ‘successful businessman’?”
“Um, Richard Hollis?” I’m not sure what knowing his name would do, but…
“You shitting me?” The bartender responded, eyes wide.
“What? Um, no. Why?”
“Richard Hollis? Richard fucking Hollis is whose wedding you were at tonight!? He’s pretty much the most successful man in New York. He owns half the fucking city!” I can’t say this surprised me. I guess if anything, I was shocked that Anna had never told me this. But it was obvious from the huge wedding, the expensive hotels, and posh guests that this guy had money.
“He’s loaded, man, a millionaire!”
“Um, what does he do exactly?”
“Oh, god, you’re asking me? Something with like, luxury brands. He buy’s em’, turns them into success stories, sells em’, and makes the profit. The man’s got more money than god and is apparently the biggest son of a bitch you’ll ever meet.”
“Well I can vouch for the last part.” I said dryly, gulping my drink. “She never told me…” I said, thinking out loud.
“Not surprising. She hot?” I looked at the guy, giving him a confused look. He just shrugged.
“Yeah, yeah she’s incredible.” I said, thinking of Anna and how perfect she looked tonight.
“You should go and talk to her.” I heard someone say. I turned to see that it was the old man sitting a few stools down from me.
“Excuse me?” I asked, startled that he was speaking to me.
“I said, you should go and talk to her. The hell are you doing here?! You love her?”
“Of course.” I muttered.
“Than you go, you apologize, even if you didn’t do anything wrong! You go apologize, and you do whatever you have to do to get her to forgive you. I’m telling you, trust me. I actually know what I’m talking about.”
“And how is that?” I asked, amused by his bluntness.
“Because I had a girl like that, long time ago. But I know, that when you end up sitting in a bar, going on and on about her to a couple of strangers, that’s how you know it matters.”
“Hm.” I said, taking one last sip of my drink and dropping a few bills onto the counter.
“Thanks, mate.” I said, smiling at both men before giving a short salute-wave and quickly walking out the door.

It’s been almost an hour and Harry still wasn’t back, and he wasn’t answering his phone.
I had called my dad, though he didn’t answer. But I left a message that went sort of like;
“Dad. It’s Anna. I just wanted to let you know that I know what you did tonight. I don’t know why and I don’t really want to, I just think you should know that I want nothing to do with you. You can go on your honeymoon, come back, start your life with this woman, I don’t care. I no longer have faith that we will ever be a family again and that’s something I’m learning to deal with. So just, please don’t try and talk to me or call me, just leave us alone.”
I hung up and turned my phone off, not wanting to hear from anyone other than Harry. And if he really wanted to talk to me too, he would eventually come back. I washed my makeup off my face and changed into a t-shirt.
Lying in the big king-sized bed, I allowed myself to cry for a little. Not a full-on sobbing fest, just a few tears. My dad wasn’t worth the real thing, and I wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction of the boatload of tears I know I’m capable of.

I don’t know how much later it was when I finally heard the door open. I had been half asleep, but was quickly bolted awake by the sound of someone entering the room. I knew it was Harry, but I didn’t get up. I just stayed there, pretending to be asleep, like the coward that I was. I kept my eyes shut, but I heard him shuffle around the room, changing out of his tux and throwing his phone, watch, and room key onto the desk across the room from me. Finally, he moved over to his side of the bed and lie down next to me. But he didn’t come close, the way he usually does. He stayed strictly on the left side; lying on his back, stick straight. His breathing was heavy and I wanted nothing more than for him to reach out and pull me close to him and kiss me and hold my hand and do all the Harry-like things that I loved when he did. But he didn’t…and still didn’t…. and still didn’t. I waited and waited until I couldn’t take it anymore. I slowly moved over a little, still not opening my eyes. I reached my hand out until I felt the heat of his skin radiating off of his body. My hand ran down his arm to his hand, grasping it gently.
“Anna, are you awake?” He whispered, turning to face me. Finally, I open my eyes to see him looking right at me. It was dark in the room except for the light filtering in through the windows, and shadows cast over his face, illuminating his green eyes. I just nodded. He blinked a few times, not saying anything.
“I’m sorr-“
I quickly shushed him, “Not now, okay? Just – We can talk about it tomorrow.” He nodded, thankfully not arguing with me. “Can you just, come here?” I asked quietly, gripping his hand.
“Yeah, I can.” Me moved over to my side of the bed, our bodies fitting together perfectly.


@notarealhipster Who do you imagine anna as?


I'm from the US, outside of Philly :)
Where are you from? My side of the pond (United States) or the other one?
I love this story it's my favorite one I've read so far! :)