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My Heart Skips A Beat

Chapter 39

I ended up not showing up for the next day of school either, as much as Molly tried to persuade me to. But it was Thursday, and I was being forced to reenter the real world, no matter how much I was dreading it.
“I’ll talk to you later?” Harry asked, dropping me off in front of the school, still not letting go of my hand. I nodded, trying to give him the most reassuring smile I could muster.
“I love you babe. Be strong today.” He said, leaning over and kissing me on the cheek.
“Love you too.” I never would’ve told him this, and hopefully he hadn’t noticed, but I got sort of nervous and tense when he leaned over to me. Habitually, I glanced around us at the people walking down the street, searching for familiar faces, someone with a camera, pretty much just anything suspicious…
And with that, I got out of the car, and watched as Harry drove away.

There was a letter under my door when I got inside my room. This had happened to me once before, so I was pretty sure I knew what it was. And opening it; I was right.

Miss. Hollis,
Please come to my office at the end of the day to talk about the past few days.
Thank You,
Headmistress Perkins

Shit’ I mumbled under my breath. I guess I had been expecting this, but it was really the last thing I needed right now. I just wanted to handle getting everything back to normal. But until this meeting was over, there was no chance of that happening.
It wasn’t even that late, but I was exhausted. So without giving it a second thought; I shut off my phone, turned off the light, put on my comfiest pajamas, and buried my head under my pillow.

Skipping meals at school had somehow become the norm lately, as terrible as that sounds. It just really wasn’t worth it at all; sitting there as all those people judged and gossiped about you.
So, I wasn’t forced to communicate with anyone until first period Pre Calc. Walking into the room and sitting down, I felt the stares and murmurs. I knew it was happening, but I did my best to ignore it. Thankfully, once the teacher arrived, everyone else was given something else to focus on.
I think the worst part of the day was the halls. I was walking alone; Trying just to get from Point A to Point B. It was especially difficult when you heard things like;
“Hey Anna! You mind telling your boyfriend that when he’s done with you, I’m available?!” Wherever you went.
As usual, I skipped lunch AND managed to get out of Biology by telling my teacher I didn’t feel well. I spent an hour in the nurses, lying on one of the cots. When the day was finally over, the idea of going to see the headmistress sounded even worse than it had the night before, but I didn’t really have a choice. So, at 3:30, I found myself sitting on one of the hard wooden benches in the main office, waiting to be called in to see her.
“Anna Hollis?” I heard my name and immediately stood up, getting slightly nervous about what she was going to say.
“The headmistress will see you now.” I nodded, opening her office door and stepping inside.
She was sitting at her large, oak desk, looking down at some papers, not bothering to look up when I enter the room. I sat down, patiently waiting for her to finally say something.
“Anna…” She eventually said, sighing. It didn’t sound too mean, more like a disappointed parent. “We’ve been here, in this same situation, already once before. And that time, I fought for you because you were a model student. I thought it was just a lapse of judgment, a one-time problem. But now; you’ve missed the past 2 days of school and have gotten your name AND this school into the press. And I just don’t know if I can help you this time. Parents have been calling for days, saying that this entire issue is distracting their daughters from their academics.” I didn’t know what to say. So I just sat there, listening. “You’ve put me in a very difficult position.”
“I really am sorry-“ I began, but she kept talking.
“- And I know that you’re a smart girl Anna, your grades speak for themselves.. But it’s just, it’s become too much of a liability.”
“Please, can I say something?” I practically begged. She nodded once.
“I understand where you’re coming from, I really do. But please, you need to understand what the situation is.”
“I understand the situation completely. And the girls who participated in the site will be punished. But right now I’m worrying about you. And due to the amount of backlash I’ve received… I’m afraid you aren’t going to be able to continue your time here at St. Kingston’s for the rest of the year.”
Suddenly and without warning, it felt like my heart stopped.
“What?!” I could barely comprehend what she had just said.
“I’m very sorry Anna, we just feel that for now, this is for the best. You will be allowed to finish your work on your own and with the help from teachers, via e mail or meetings. But other than that; I’m very sorry to tell you that you’re going to need to leave the campus. We can provide you with off-campus housing. Or, if you would prefer to go home and finish the year off there, that could also be an option.” She kept talking, but I couldn’t understand a word of it. It was like there was a ringing in my ear, my mouth had gone dry, and I felt like I was going to throw up.
“I don’t understand – There are students at this school who have gotten arrested, and they’re still here!” I didn’t know how to act, or what to say, to try and fix this. And by the look on her face, there wasn’t really anything I could do.
“Anna, I really am sorry. But the amount of bad publicity that you and the school has received has left us with no other options. I would, however, like to invite you to come back to St. Kingston’s starting next fall. Hopefully by then this will all have died down, it will give you some time to think and get things sorted, and you can return with a fresh start. We will, however, need you to be moved out by Monday. Will you be needing assistance with finding somewhere to stay?” I just shook my head, unable to formulate a proper sentence.
“Well, I suppose that’s all then. Again, I really am very sorry, Anna.” The way she said it, so abruptly, and then immediately went back to typing on her computer, let me know that the meeting was over.
I got up, my entire body feeling like I was dragging cement around with me. I could barely get out of the building without bursting into tears. Those gross, loud, hiccup-ey tears. I practically sprinted back to my room; which wouldn’t be my room for much longer, slamming the door and sliding down the wall, eventually collapsing on the floor.
“Anna?” I heard Molly’s voice on the other side of the door, and then knocking.
“Anna?!” She kept knocking, she wasn’t going away. So I opened the door.
I’m sure I looked a mess with mascara running down my red and blotchy cheeks. I was the grossest crier.
“Oh my god, what’s happened?” She asked nervously.
“I’m – leaving.” I managed to get out.
“What? What do you mean you’re leaving?!” Molly said desperately, stepping into my room and quickly shutting the door behind her.
“They asked me to leave.” I managed to choke out.
“Because of the site? Are they mad?! This wasn’t your fault!” She was getting worked up and I should be too. But I couldn’t. All I could do was sit on the floor and wonder how the hell everything has lead up to this point.
“When?” Molly said, her voice calmer.
“Now. I need to be out by Monday.”
“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.” Molly said, sitting down next to me. “This cannot be happening.”
But it was.
“Have you called Harry?” Molly asked. I knew she was trying to help, but I could barely think, let alone explain all of this to Harry, who I knew would blame it all on himself. But I just shook my head, wiping my face with the sleeve of my jacket.
“You need to call him Anna, tell him what’s going on.”
“I can’t. He doesn’t need this. I just – I can’t believe this happened, I can’t believe it came to this.” I let out another sob.
“I’ll be right back.” I heard Molly say, getting up and leaving the room.

“HAREH YOUR PHONE’S RINGING!!” I heard Zayn yell. I was just getting dressed after showering.
“Who is it?!” I yelled back.
“IT’S YOUR LADY FRIEND!!” Louis yelled back, waltzing into my room with my phone in his hand. I smirked, snatching it away from him.
“Hey babe.” I answered.
“Harry?! It’s Molly.” She sounded frantic.
“Molly? What’s going on?” Louis looked at me with a confused look.
“Harry, you need to get down here. Anna’s gotten asked to leave the school and she’s really not doing well, she’s a mess.”
“Oh my god.” My heart dropped to my stomach.
“Can you get here. Quick? She doesn’t know I called you.”
“Yeah, yeah I’ll be right there. I – I’m leaving now. Thanks Molly.” I hung up, grabbing the first items of clothing I could find and throwing them on.
“What’s wrong? What happened?” Louis asked. Zayn and Niall came into the doorway, equally concerned looks on their faces.
“Shit – Shit! It’s Anna, she got kicked out of school because of this whole fucking website thing. I have to go.” I grabbed my jacket, slipping on my converse and storming out.

20 minutes later I was meeting Molly outside the front gates. It was freezing so we quickly rushed into the building.
“What the hell happened?”
“I honestly don’t know. I mean, I assume it had something to do with the, uh, well… the site… But she can barely talk. And she felt bad about calling you, but I just, I knew you would want to be here.” I smiled at her appreciatively.
“Thanks.” We trudged up the stairs.
“I’m just gonna, um, let you go in.” Molly said, motioning towards Anna’s door. I nodded, knocking lightly on the door.
“It’s open, Mols.” I heard Anna’s muffled voice through the door. I turned the knob, finding myself nervous, or like she might be angry that I was here.
Anna” I found her sitting on the floor right next to the door, her knees against her chest and her head down. When she heard me, she immediately looked up and for a second, I felt like I could cry.
“Harry? I didn’t-“
“Molly called me.”
“Oh, god… I’m sorry.”
“Don’t be sorry, I’m glad she called. Why would you think I wouldn’t want to know what’s going on?” I sat down next to her, stretching my legs out in front of me.
“I just… it’s too much Harry, you do too much for me.” She was crying really hard now, unable to catch a breath.
“No…no…” I pulled her tight against my chest as another sob escaped her throat. Hearing her cry like this, her small frame shaking uncontrollably, I couldn’t help by let a tear roll down my cheek. I quickly brushed it away, doing my best to hold myself together.
“Please just, let me be here for you. Don’t try and shut me out. Just tell me what I can do to help, I’ll do anything.” She pulled away slightly and looked up at me.
“I need to be out of here by Monday, I guess I could use a little help packing. And, I kind of need somewhere to stay.”
“Done. Sorted. The boys and I can come and help, and you’re pretty much living at mine anyways.” Finally, I managed to get a small smile out of her.
Thank you.” She whispered. “You do know that if you and the boys show up here, all hell will break loose.”
“Then we can figure something else out. Whatever. But it’ll be okay. I promise.” This was the very first time since we’ve met that Harry had said that, and I hadn’t been 100% sure that he was right.


@notarealhipster Who do you imagine anna as?


I'm from the US, outside of Philly :)
Where are you from? My side of the pond (United States) or the other one?
I love this story it's my favorite one I've read so far! :)