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My Heart Skips A Beat

Chapter 32

Harry, being Harry, got us a first-class flight from New York to London for the very next day. I swear, sometimes being Harry Style’s girlfriend really comes in handy when in a crisis.
“I’m just really looking forward to things going back to normal…” I said. We were lying in the hotel bed together, the TV at a low volume. I felt a lot calmer than I have in the past few days. I think it was something about Harry’s calm and completely unstressed demeanor that brought me back down to earth. Like, even in a situation like the one we’re in right now; with trashy magazines spreading lies that were given to them by a girl who tried to break us up. It amazed me in the best way possible that he could still just lay here, watching Friends on TV and eating from a box of Cheez-Its. More and more, it is becoming one of the things that I admire about him most.
“I think we should actually talk about that…” Harry said hesitantly, sitting up a little. “When we get back – there are gonna be some things we’re gonna have to deal with, the story that Poppy leaked. I hate to tell you this Anna, but it’s everywhere. And the last thing you need right now is to have this to deal with, but I just wanted you to be prepared.” In all honesty, with everything that had happened in the past week and a half, I had almost forgotten all the messiness that I had left behind in London.
“How bad is it?” I asked. I’m not exactly sure I wanted to know the answer.
“The truth? Fairly bad. It’s just, it’s really about how much both Poppy AND the press have blown it out of proportion. And we don’t need to decide this now, but Louis told me our management said it might be best if you come onto a talk show or something with us, to clear everything up, you know?”
“You want me to be on TV? Um, have you met me Harry?! I get tongue tied ordering food at a restaurant!”
“I know, but we’ll help you, all of us. And of course, you don’t have to say yes, it was just a suggestion.” He settled back in next to me, easing my nerves slightly by running his fingers through the light waves of my hair.
“Do you think it would help?” I was suddenly really nervous as to what might be waiting for me once we got back.
I had really just been hoping that the New Year might bring some sort of new beginning, leaving all the bad stuff behind. But, it seemed as if that wasn’t going to be possible. Or at least not yet.
“I don’t think it would hurt. But it’s up to you, and whatever you want is fine. You don’t even have to decide right now. Just, think about it okay?” I nod, nuzzling back into Harry’s shoulder, breathing in the smell of his clean white t-shirt.
Harry eventually falls asleep. His usual deep and even breathing usually makes me feel so calm and content, but not even that can help me tonight. I lie there for hours, contemplating everything that’s going on right now. And even then, as I finally drift off into a restless sleep, I still don’t have a single clue about what the right thing to do is.

Due to my complete lack of sleep the night before, it’s Harry who is up and ready first, kissing me softly on the cheek to try and wake me up.
“Babe, we gotta get going if we want to make the flight.” I grumble some sort of response, finally forcing my eyes open and practically falling out of bed.
I fall asleep on the drive to JFK, being woken up a second time today by Harry;
“Sorry I’m so useless today. I didn’t really sleep well.” Harry just smiled, waving it off and casually putting his arm around my shoulders as we walked through the airport.
About an hour later we’re sitting at our gate, getting just a few stares every now and then. I think sometimes I forget that One Directions isn’t what they are in the UK over here (yet!). It’s sort of nice actually, getting to just sit around in public with Harry.
“Hm?” I asked, lifting my head from his shoulder.
“What we talked about yesterday- about doing a talk show or something? I hope I’m not like, pressuring you or anything. I mean, we can just forget about it if you want; just take all of this as it comes?”
“Honestly? I don’t really know what I want to do. I mean, a part of me wants to get on TV, in front of everyone, and set everything straight. Because at least then everyone would know the real truth. But the other part of me, just knows that that isn’t me. I’m not a big fan of confrontation or drama or whatever. I just – I don’t want to change because of Poppy Upton.”
“The last thing in the world I want you to do is change because of me, I just-“
“It’s okay, Harry.” He was getting a little worked up and I realized that I probably could have worded that a little better. I cupped my hand on his cheek, letting him know that I could never blame him for any of this. “It’s okay, I just think I need to think about it a little. And I know that that’s kinda dumb, since the second we touch down in London it’s gonna be like we never left. But I just feel like it’s not something I can decide right now.” He nodded, smiling at me. And without a word I knew that he understood where I was coming from. I don’t know how, but he just knew.

Hours really seem to fly by when you’re completely passed out in a big first-class seat. Harry is sweet, not complaining about how quiet I’ve been (and not always because I was asleep). I was just starting to feel really nervous about getting back to normalcy, or I mean, as normal as my life could possibly be now.
Thankfully, Harry wasn’t forced to wake me up for the third time when we finally landed. We had spent the last hour or two of the flight watching episodes of How I Met Your Mother on our little TV’s, trying to suppress our laughter.
“You ready for this?” Harry asked, reaching out for my hand as we made our way into the terminal at Hethrow Airport once we had landed.
I nod, squeezing his hand as he kisses the top of my head.
As we walk through the airport, getting several more glances than we had when in New York, I remember walking down these exact same hallways only 4 months earlier. I had had no idea what I was doing, or how this year would play out. And as we walk out into the cloudy London day where dozens of photographers and fans are waiting for us, I do know that if you had told me when I was here in September that this is what switching to a boarding school in London would bring, there isn’t a chance I would’ve believed you. For a split second I wonder what I would be doing right now if I hadn’t met Harry that night when he stole my cab, if I would be happier. But then I feel his hand held protectively on the small of my back, his tall frame holding me close to his side as we wind through the crowd and I realize that, these things that we’re trying to deal with right now are only obstacles. These are only road bumps along the way. But the way I feel when I look at him, and especially when I think about being without him, outdoes any hesitation I could ever imagine having.

I tried my absolute best to ignore the snide and rude comments the paps were always throwing at us. I tried to act like it didn’t bother me, or like I didn’t even hear them. But THAT one, went way too far. I stopped dead in my tracks, looking back to see an evil grin on one of the guys face. It was a look that just screamed ‘Yes! We got him.” He was ready for whatever I was going to do next, camera in hand.
I should turn away, I should just turn around and keep walking, and I shouldn’t do this.
But I couldn’t help it.
“Harry, don’t.” I faintly hear Anna whisper, but I have to ignore it.
In one swift movement, I strode back, gathering the guys stupid scarf in my fist, bring him close so I could whisper this in his ear and didn’t have to yell.
“I swear to fucking god, you bring her into this shit one more time and I will ruin you. You hear me? Take all the pictures you want, I’ll still do it.” I felt my pulse get faster, the blood angrily pulsing through my veins. The guy didn’t say anything, so I just let him go and turned around. Anna looked shocked, but I didn’t have the guts to say anything to her right now. So I just grabbed her hand, trying as hard as I could to get the hell out of here.

It wasn’t until we were both in my car, which I had left at the airport, that I could finally exhale.
“Harry, you didn’t need to do that.”
“I hate the way they talk about you, Anna! I hate that all they’re trying to do is hurt you, and me! I just fucking hate it!” I felt anger building up inside of me as I slammed my palms on the steering wheel. My head was bent down and my eyes closed when I felt Anna’s hand on my shoulder, moving to rub circles on my back. I felt myself relax, if only slightly.
“I know, Harry. But just – you can’t give them what they want.” I felt her move closer to my side of the car, leaning her chin on my shoulder. I turned my head slightly so I was now looking her right in the eye. A small smile played on her lips. “But thank you for that.” She whispered.
“You’re welcome.” I said quietly, finally beginning to calm down. “Let’s go home.”

Even though what Harry did was really sweet and romantic in theory, I was really just worried about what it could bring on both of us, on top of everything else that was already going on. But I wasn’t going to worry about it right now, I couldn’t.
As we drove, I laced my fingers through his and rested my head on his shoulder. He felt a little tense, but seemed to calm down a little as time went on.
I still had a week and a half until school started, and I really didn’t feel like staying at the dorms all by myself, so I was going just stay at Harry and Louis’ until the 7th. None of the boy’s were back yet; they were all coming home in the next day or two for New Years Eve. It sort of worked out pretty well that I came back early; I would get to spend a little extra time with Harry, plus get to kick off the New Year with the people that mean the most to me.


@notarealhipster Who do you imagine anna as?


I'm from the US, outside of Philly :)
Where are you from? My side of the pond (United States) or the other one?
I love this story it's my favorite one I've read so far! :)