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My Heart Skips A Beat

Chapter 21

If there is one good thing to come out of this ’time part’, it’s the amount of time I’ve accumulated to work on school stuff. I had done the homework for the next few classes for both Pre Calculus and French. And now that that was out of the way, I was forced to sit with just me and my thoughts.
It seems like I’ve been doing a lot of that lately.
It was November 11th, only one week until One Direction’s album is released. There has been promo EVERYWHERE for the past few days. Wherever I went, I saw posters of the album cover, commercials for their appearance on this huge TV Show on the night of the release. And although Harry and I weren’t exactly together right now, I was still happy for him, and all the other boys. I knew how excited they were and how much they were looking forward to this. So I couldn’t help but feel so incredibly proud of them.
So, it’s been one week since Danielle’s party and I’ve barely left campus. It was Friday night and after a week of nothing but schoolwork, I needed to do SOMETHING. So, at around 8:30 I knocked on Molly’s door. She answered, wearing a pair of pajama pants and a big t-shirt.
“We should go out.” I said bluntly.
“What? Are you seeing what I look like right now?” She gestured down to her clothes, her eyes wide.
“Okay well, we’ll find you something awesome to wear and THEN we’ll go out. I need to get the hell away from this school. It’s driving me insane.”
20 minutes later I had forced Molly into a pair of skinny jeans, a sheer black silky top, and a pair of blue suede heels.
“So, where to?” She asked once we were out on the cold streets.
“Uh, I dunno. Where’s like, the cool place to go or whatever?” I asked.
“Anna. I spend 99% of my time with Keenan, the other 1% doing homework in the library. YOU’RE the one who’s been spending weekends with famous boy bands.” My body went rigid.
I was doing everything in my power to try and not think about him, but it was impossible. I think Molly saw the sadness on my face.
“Oh, god. I’m – I’m really sorry. I totally forgot. Come on, we’ll find somewhere to go, it’ll be fun. I swear.” She took my hand as I tried to shake it off.
“Yeah, lets do it.”
We eventually found ourselves at a bar only a few blocks away from school. It was a different crowd than I was used to, a little more… I don’t know, flamboyant? Just different. There was a packed dance floor filled with sweaty bodies jumping and bumping and grinding to loud, thumping dance music. I made a B-Line for the bar, ordering a diet coke. I may want to let loose a little tonight, but I wasn’t interested in ending up passed out in a bathroom by the end of the night. Instead of drinking, I just wanted to dance. So I grabbed Molly’s hand and tried to push through the crowd to the center of the dance floor. The beat went through your entire body, it was everywhere, and it took over your body. Molly and I laughed and jumped around. I was letting go of everything, or at least trying to.
Suddenly, I felt a body behind me, their head radiating. Then, there was a shout in my ear; “Hey there stranger.” I jumped, spinning around to see Danielle standing in front of me. She was sweaty, probably from dancing, with her hair tied up and a bright smile on her face.
“Oh my god! What are you doing here!?” I asked, throwing my arms around her neck.
“This is one of the best places just to dance. Most of the guys are gay anyways so don’t have to worry about getting hit on all night.” We both giggled.
“You remember my friend Molly?” I yelled into her ear, grabbing Molly’s arm so we didn’t lose each other in the huge crowd.
“Yeah, from my party. Of course!” They hugged and we were about to start a different conversation when a new song came on.
“Ahh! I LOVE this song, lets gooo!” Danielle suddenly squealed, pulling us both deeper into the crowd. She was a professional dancer, so obviously she had nothing on us. But it was still super fun, just going crazy like this. I didn’t do it often enough. And even though the goal of the night was to forget, it was much easier said than done. Seeing Danielle somehow, yet again, brought me back to Harry.

“So, wanna know who I saw last night?” Danielle asked, flopping down next to Liam on the opposite side from me at the booth at our regular pub. She dipped her hand into a plate of fries, giving me a look.
“Anna.” She said it so bluntly; I almost choked on my beer.
“What? Where?”
“At a club last night.” I felt like someone had punched me in the stomach. She didn’t look at me, just popped a few fries into her mouth.
“A club?” Was she really over me so quickly?
“Yeah, she was there with her friend Molly. Don’t worry Haz, it was completely innocent. They were just there to dance. Anyway, it’s wasn’t THAT kind of place.”
“What kind of place?”
“The place were guys hit on hot girls.”
“Um, what does that mean?”
“It means it was pretty much a gay bar.”
“They were at a GAY. BAR?”
“No, not technically. But, there were quite a few guys there who played for the other team. So don’t get your panties in a bunch, Styles.”
“I wasn’t- I just-“
“ I just thought that you would want to know.”
“I do. I guess.” I took a long sip, trying to calm down.
In the one week Anna and I have been apart, I don’t think I’ve done anything of substance that our PR team hadn’t scheduled for us. It was like I was on autopilot. I was going through the motions, doing what I was supposed to do and what I knew I had to. But everyone could still sense that I wasn’t myself, especially the boys. After our conversation in the car a week ago, I had felt so confident about getting Anna back. But now, I wasn’t so sure. Anna had been out last night at a club, living her life like nothing was wrong. I couldn’t help but wonder if she missed me at all. Was I just wasting my time, moping around and trying to figure out how to get her back? Should I be moving on, going out and snogging the first girl I see? Somehow I didn’t think either of those would make me feel any better.
“So what’s the plan then?” Liam asked. “For getting her back, I mean.”
“Uh, I have no idea. You’ve got a suggestion?” He just lifted his eyebrows, sipping his ginger ale.
“I think you’ve gotta handle that one, my friend.”
“Can I give my two cents?” Danielle chimed in, raising her pointer finger.
“Be my guest.”
“You’ve gotta prove yourself. Let her know you’re not just giving up. I know she said she needed time apart but let’s be real here, that isn’t getting either of you anywhere.” I nodded along with what she said, not sure what to make of it.
“So, that’s it for your amazing advice?”
“I never said it was amazing. I just thought it could help.”
“Yeah, maybe you’re right. Thanks, Dani.”
“She still wants to be with you. Everyone knows that.”
I just nodded, not actually sure if what she was saying was true.

The 18th of November couldn’t come fast enough. We were up bright and early that morning to go to the Virgin Megastore to buy the album. We were told there were hundreds of girls outside; they’ve been waiting for hours.
Being there was so exhilarating. The screams, the flashes, the excitement that our fans had for this album was incredible and it only added to the hype that was in store for the rest of the day. We took as many pictures and signed as many autographs as possible until we were practically pushed into a van and driven off to the next location.
The rest of the day went by in a similar whirlwind; one venue after another, screaming girls everywhere we went. It was amazing, breathtaking really. Finally, at around 5:30 we had a bit of time to grab some food and rest up until our performance tonight at 8. I spent most of that time with my phone plastered to my hand, building up enough courage to do what I’ve wanted to for days. Finally I decided to just freaking GO FOR IT! Honestly, what did I have to lose?

If you’re watching tonight, please just listen carefully right before the song.

Harry’s text from earlier had come as a complete and utter shock. I read it over a few times, wishing there had been a bit more substance to the text. What did he mean? Why did he want me to watch? What was going on? But I decided I might as well figure it out for myself. So, at 8 PM on the dot, I sat down on the couch of one of the common rooms and flipped on the TV, searching for the channel I knew the boys would be on. Surprisingly, there was no one else in the room; I had it all to myself, which I was thankful for.
“And in just a few short minutes, we will have the act that we KNOW everyone’s been waiting for; A performance by One Direction!” The host of the show said in a loud, cheery voice. They cut to a clip of all five boys smiling and waving from what I assumed was backstage. I felt a few fluttering butterflies in my stomach just from seeing him on the TV screen. How the hell could he do that?
A few minutes later after a painfully long commercial break, the host enthusiastically announced One Direction onto the show. The boys filed out, smiling and waving again, squishing onto one couch next to the host, who sat at a desk.
“Hello boys! So, the album dropped today. How does it feel?” Liam gave a typically sweet and happy answer. The host continued with a few more questions, everyone speaking up except for Harry.
“So, who would you lads say these songs are meant for? Anyone specific?”
For the fist time in the interview, they cut to a shot of Harry. He looked nervous, wringing his hands out and clearing his throat until he began.
“Yes, absolutely. I think, for us, er, I mean, for me – I think for me, this album is for the people that come into your life that you are never going to let go of. It’s for the people that mean the most to you, and-“ He took a small pause. My heart was racing, I was clinging onto the edge of his every word. “- Mostly, it’s for the people that we love.”
When he said that, I heard myself gasp a little. I didn’t know what to do. All I COULD do was just sit there in complete shock.
He was talking about me. THAT was why he wanted to me to watch. He was talking about me. As many times as I thought about it, it was still unbelievable.
“For the people that we love”
His voice rang in my ears; I wanted to hold onto the sound for as long as possible, letting his words sink in.
It was then that I realized it. What I had been hiding from all along. What was the one thing holding me back from letting go of Harry Styles for good?
I was in love with him.


@notarealhipster Who do you imagine anna as?


I'm from the US, outside of Philly :)
Where are you from? My side of the pond (United States) or the other one?
I love this story it's my favorite one I've read so far! :)