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Best Friends Forever? (Unedited)

Chapter 4

**Zya’s POV**
“I don’t even know her yet lads, she probably isn’t even my type.” Niall says as we walk back to out house. The boys kept teasing him.
“So, she should actually arrive at the house in a few minutes after us because we took so long to eat,” Liam says.
“Well, we didn’t take long, it’s because SOMEONE insisted on seconds, oh and THIRDS!” Zayn teased, glaring at Niall and I.
“Seriously, I never thought I’d meet a girl who eats as much as Niall.” Harry laughed.
“Yeah, and you’re as thick as a rail!” Louis adds, throwing me over his shoulder and running down the street. “Seriously, Eleanor’s purse weighs more than this girl!” he says, still running. I glanced up to see the lads sprinting after us.
“Hurry up Lou Lou they’re catching up!” I yell as we reach our door.
We raced in and Louis threw me on the couch, face first, before it went silent. I lifted my head up after a few moments wondering where everyone went. Before I knew it, I was on the bottom of a dog pile.
“Small…girl…being…crushed…” I let our in between laughs.
Everyone piled off and we decided to plop in a move. Paranormal Activity 3. Scary movies weren’t my favourite, but I tolerated them, just as we got settled, the doors burst open.
“HAY EVERYONE!” Missy chirped. Oh joy, this was gonna be fun…
“Uhh hi…Mindy…” Harry stuttered, waving awkwardly while Liam, Louis and Zayn tried very hard, not to burst out laughing.
She just snickered and gave him a face before squeaking, “It’s Missy.” She then proceeded to plop herself in between Niall and me on the couch causing me to fall off the other side. “Whoops, sorry.” She giggled.
“Oh my god. Are you ok Zy?” Niall asked, while Harry and Zayn jumped off the couch and helped me up.
“I’m fine…” I reply coldly. “Anyone want something to drink?” I tried asking nicely.
“Water for me please.” Harry smiled.
“Make that two.”
“Five.” Liam, Lou, Zayn and Niall all added after.
“I’ll take a lemon tea with two Splenda please.” Missy chirped.
“Tea, sorry, we’re out of tea, and lemon and Splenda?” I shrug, flashing a cheap smile at her.
“Well, what DO you have?” she snickered.
“Water,” I smile.
“Alright, whatever.” She finished, shooing me away with her hand.
I turn to walk away before Harry stands up.
“I’ll help you.” He smiles, following me into the kitchen.
“Who the hell died and made her queen of the world?” I sneer, grabbing cups out of the cabinet and handing three to Harry.
“I don’t know… She’s so…peppy… it kind of scared me,” Harry chuckled.
“And what would Niall see in her anyway? She’s all fake and clearly a witch…I thought Niall liked real girls, who were kind and care free like him. Not fake pampered sluts who care about materialistic shit…” I trail off.
“Uhh Zya?” Harry asked, finishing his cups and looked at me seriously.
“Yeah?” I sigh, turning to him, my cup in hand.
“Are you in love with Niall? He asked casually.
Suddenly all of the plastic cups that once sat in my hands were toppled all over the floor.
“Shit…” I murmur, grabbing a towel and attempting to clean up the mess. Harry grabs one as well and bends down to help. “Thanks.” I smile looking up at him. He smirks. “What?” I shoot defensively.
“You never answered my question.” He laughed.
“Oh, uh, what was it again?” I ask nervously, trying to avoid the subject…I couldn’t be in love with Niall… could I? I don’t even know. We’ve been friends so long, but it just seems different now…ugh.
“Are you in love with Niall?” he asks again as we stand up, refilling the cups.
“What? No… of course not… why would you think that?” I look at him. I used to suck at lying…but that sounded believable…right?
“Whatever you say.” He smiles, walking into the living room. “By the way,” he says sticking his head back through the doorway, “You’re a horrible liar.” He winks.
Great. Just fucking great.
I made my way into the living room behind Harry, receiving smiles from everyone, but Missy, who just glared at me. Jeez. What happened to the happy chipper girl at the parlour…?
I set down the drinks on the coffee table and sat in between Harry and Zayn. I could have sat by Niall, but I didn’t feel like dealing with Miss Moody.
“Bout time,” she sighed devastated, grabbing the drink and taking a sip. Such a drama queen. “So what are we going to watch?” She asks, looking at Niall for an answer.
“Paranormal Activity 3,” I say.
“Excuse me, was I asking you?” she snickered.
“Well, considering you didn’t make a specific whom you were asking and the fact that this is HER house, I would say that Zya had every right to answer that question.” Liam spoke up.
“Hmmpf.” She just said and dug her shoulder into Niall as Harry clicked play.
The movie was great until the scary parts; I would jump and let out a slight gasp. But missy, you would think the world was going to end.
“No Missy. We’re watching the movie and we didn’t see it.” Zayn replied sarcastically.
“Niall, they’re being mean to me,” she whined.
“Lads, leave Missy alone, she’s just scared, and that’s all.” Niall said.
“Yea, leave me alone.” She chirped, glaring at me.
I did't even say anything! Ugh. We finished the movie and went to the backyard to relax.


Your welcome Lovely!

Sincerely Meg Leigh
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It's totally fine. I didn't check for any grammar and spelling mistakes. I didn't write it, but when I have some time, I will go back and edit it. But thanks for telling me
My opinion.
I thought it was okay, maybe a little bit of spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes, but otherwise good. I'm trying not to be rude, I'm just stating