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Best Friends Forever? (Unedited)

Chapter 1

**Zya’s POV**
“Wake up Zya!” My mom sang sweetly as she rubbed my shoulder softly.
“Nuuuhh mum 5 more minutes.” I whined, rolling over in my bed, throwing the nearest pillow over my head.
“Clearly you’ve forgotten what day it is.” She laughs, petting my back a bit.
“Nuumfggh?” Was all I got out. That was a question right?
“I’m sorry?” She questioned.
Clearly it wasn’t. “What day is it?” I ask groggily rolling over.
“It’s Wednesday.” She sang, getting off my bed and walking out.
“Oh my gosh!” I say, shooting straight up. Today was the day my best friend came back in town.
“That’s more like it. Hurry up, he’ll be here in 10 minutes and I’m making breakfast.” She smiled, walking out of my door.
I hadn’t seen Niall in over a year. He was my best friend; we had been through everything together. Friends since diapers, we were the dynamic duo, the inseparable two, or as our parents would say, “Pair of Demons,” clearly we got in a bit of trouble, every now and then.
I laugh at my recalling memories before throwing my blonde hair in a ponytail and slipping on some shorts and a t-shirt. I flash a smile in the mirror before heading off. We had gotten braces together just before he left to become a famous pop star. It was just one of the many things we had in common.
I zoom downstairs and joined the lovely smell of my mother’s cooking.
“Yum mum smells brilliant.” I say, taking in a huge waft, admiring ye away of griddles, bangers, bacon, and eggs.
“Well, you and Niall eat like garbage disposals. I know he’ll be expecting something after being on a plane for hours.” She smiles.
It was true; we always had a mighty appetite, but managed to stay small. Lucky for me… *grrhghhshgh* my stomach let out a sound to know it was ready to be filled. I slowly made my way to the counter and reached my hand out to snatch a piece of bacon.
“THIEF!” A familiar voice exclaims from behind me.
“NIALL!” I scream, turning around to meet his embrace. “You scared the life out of me.” I exclaimed against his chest.
“Sorry Zy, I had to,” He winked.
I just laughed and let go, keeping one arm around his shoulders, as he did mine. We always did this in photos as a kid and it felt normal to us.
“I missed you so much,” I say as we walk around to the kitchen and grab a pair of plates.
“I missed you too Zy,” he smiled.
“So, how did you get in anyway?” I raised an eyebrow.
“Come on. I’ve only been gone 18 months. I still remember where your spare key is. Plus, I’m pretty aware that you left side window is ALWAYS unlocked if plan A fails.” He smiled.
That’s how our friendship began. He would sneak into my room and we would stay up all night talking about everything. I knew Niall so well it scared me sometimes. After we grabbed our large plates of food, we sat at the table and dug in.
“Nice to see you too Niall.” My mom laughed as she sat down with her plate.
“MRS. E!” Niall exclaimed, jumping out of his seat and pulling her into a huge hug.
“Thank you Niall, enjoy your food sweetie.” She smiled as he took his place back down at the table.
“I don’t know how, but I think your cooking got even better.” Niall flashed a cheeky smile at my mum.
“So is that all you learned this 18 months while you were gone?” I smirk at Niall, “How to suck up?” I tease.
“No… I also learned how to schmooze my way through awkward situations.” He smirked back shoving a bite of pancake into his mouth.
“Nice, you’ll have to teach me sometime.” I wink.
“Definitely,” he chuckled.
After breakfast, we made out way to my room and took our old places at my large window seat and looked outside.
“I missed this place so much,” he said, admiring the trees and scenery outside.
“Yeah, it’s so beautiful this time of year.” I say.
“So calming, that’s what I loved about this town. There was always somewhere to go if I needed to get away. Now a days the paparazzi following me everywhere, there isn’t a moment of sanity.”
“Well… there is now.” I smile.
“That could change.” He smirks.
“What do you? No. Niall James Horan don’t you dar—” before I could finish, his hands found my stomach and were tickling me rapidly. “Niall, I’m going to kill you,” I got out in-between laughs. Everything seemed back to normal, finally.


Your welcome Lovely!

Sincerely Meg Leigh
@Meg Leigh

It's totally fine. I didn't check for any grammar and spelling mistakes. I didn't write it, but when I have some time, I will go back and edit it. But thanks for telling me
My opinion.
I thought it was okay, maybe a little bit of spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes, but otherwise good. I'm trying not to be rude, I'm just stating