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Raising Jaxon (Niall Horan)

Chapter One

Allison's P.O.V: Jaxon wailed at the top of his lungs, waking me up for the third time in two hours. I groaned and slid out of bed, rubbing my tired eyes. I walked slowly down the hall, trying my best not to stub my toe on my three years old son's open door. Jaxon was sitting up, crying as loudly as he possibly could. His deep blue eyes were filled with tears and his bottom lip was trembling. He looked exactly like his father. I walked over and picked him up, rubbing small circles on his back. "Shh baby. It's okay. Mummy's here." I said softly. "Mummy monster!!" He wailed, pointing to his closet. "In there?" I asked. "Don't worry baby boy, Mummy's got it." I walked to the closet and threw open the door. My six month old Great Dane puppy, Mouse ran past my feet and shot out the door. I chuckled and picked Jaxon up, wiped his tears and kissed his nose. "See." I said. "It was just the puppy." "Oh." Jaxon said and smiled. "Are you ready to go back to sleep now?" I asked, stifiling a yawn. "No, Mummy." He said. "I Seep wif you please." "Okay, but tomorrow you need to start sleeping in your own bed, okay?" I said, ruffling his light brown waves. "Otay." Jaxon smiled wider and my heart just about broke. I sighed and kissed his forehead. I carried him back to my room and layed him down. He closed his eyes and soon enough a soft snore escaped his lips, indicating he was fast asleep. I sat down and stroked his hair. He looked so much like Niall it hurt. I thought about how that summer had been so perfect. Niall had seemed so excited about the baby. I didn't expect him to give up his early career, but the day summer ended he told me he couldn't do it. That he had to give up on us, he needed to focus on his career and our baby was just getting in the way. That was the night I moved to London to live with my father and his finace. I dropped out of school the day Jaxon was born and my sweet, blue eyed baby boy became the only reminder of what Niall and I used to have. It still broke my heart to see Niall's eyes copied exactly onto my son. I had never really gotten over Niall. He was my first boyfriend, first kiss, first time, and first love. I thought he was the one. Then he told me that the little baby that had been growing inside me -not even fourteen weeks yet- was getting in the way of his career. That he didn't want the baby and he was through with me. Everything crashed down that night and I remember crying in my room for week after week seeing him smiling and singing on The X-Factor, pretending nothing happened. Pretending he didn't have a son, pretending we had never met. I layed down and stared up at the ceiling, thinking of nothing important. Everyone seemed mad at Niall for leaving, and -try as I might- I could never bring myself to be mad at him. Not even for a moment, because without Niall I never would've had my perfect son. My beautiful, blue eyed angel.