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Player Love! (Niall Horan)

Chapter 9

Cassandra's P. O. V.

I don't know whether to panic and run or to try to finally move on.

"Hey I bought foo-" Niall cut off in mid sentence, "Lads, can you put these away?" He stared at me, eyes widening in shock. The boys picked up the eight full bags Niall was carrying and silently walked to what I assumed was the kitchen.

"Hey Niall," I smiled sadly, fidgeting with my fingers.

"Cassie? Is that really you?" He asked. Okay. Was that question really necessary to ask? Like seriously. There isn't a girl who looks like me because, girl, I'm unique.

"Yeah," I ignored my thoughts.

"How've you been?" He asked, sitting down awkwardly on a couch.

"I've been good. You?" I'm wondering how long this conversation will last. I'm in need for some pizza. I'm hungry. Frowny face.

"Alright," He replied, staring intensely at me. I know. Creepy.

"I'm sorry. I've got to go," I apologise and get up from the couch. I saw Niall frown and stand up.

"Wait," Niall said, reaching for my hand. I shivered at his touch, "Can I talk to you somewhere more private?" Oh my gosh. Okay. Calm down Cassandra. Cindy. Whatever my name is. Just say no. No. No. No.

"Yeah sure," I say. What? You were meant to say no! What are you thinking? Just ugh! I saw Niall smile. Ooh! Pretty smile...

"Great. Costa?" Niall asks. Well no point in saying no anymore. Plus, there's food!

"Sure," I accepted his offer, "Why not here instead?" Niall gestured to the door. I tilted my head, confused.

He motioned for me to come over and I did. He put his finger to his lips, clearly signalling me to be quiet, and reached for the door handle. He suddenly whipped opened the door. Out fell 4 bodies.

"Oof!" Louis groaned as Harry, Liam and Zayn fell on top of him as well as a glass hitting his forehead. I rolled my eyes. Typical. I really should take a picture of this. I whip out my IPhone and quickly snap a picture. Ahh! So cute!

"Hey!" Zayn said when he realised I took a picture. I giggled in response. I look at the time on my IPhone and nearly screamed.

"Oh my gosh! I've got to go!" I say, running to the door and opening it, "Bye!"

"Bye!" I heard Harry scream, "Ouch!" I'm pretty sure someone slapped him.

"You were meant to say wait you idiot!" I heard someone slap him again.

"Hey!" I barely heard Harry.

Oh gosh. Lilac's going to kill me! I was about half an hour late! I know that's not that much but when a girl's pregnant, you do not want to mess with her. You're probably wondering who Lilac is.

Lilac is sixteen and she got pregnant by her boyfriend. They are like the cutest couple! She is living with me at the moment because her parents kicked her out when they found out and I was the only person to take her in. I found her on the street, crying her heart out with 7 suitcases around her. I quickly rushed towards her (making sure no one saw me because I was still the same back then) and asked her what was wrong, quickly offering her to stay at my house. She is one of the reasons I changed.

I reached for the ice cream, nutella and ketchup and grabbed some kinder eggs, mustard (don't even ask me why), baked beans and blue cheese. Lilac wants to have them all at once. As in mixing all of them up in a blender and drinking it. I almost puked at the thought. Ew.

I payed for the stuff and rushed back to my house. I felt my phone ringing and I whipped it out.

"Hello?" I asked.

"Cassandra Elizabeth Darcy Lucinda, where the hell are you?" She screeched down the phone. I wanted to laugh at the name she had made up but I didn't want to anger her more.

"Sorry! Something came up and one thing led to another and sorry!" I gasped for breath as I continued running. Almost there. That's when I remembered the shortcut to get inside my house. I was outside the gate now so I tapped certain bricks and I tapped the gate metal thingies. The square piece of tarmac opened up and I fell inside and landed on some roses, pillows and feathers. I felt the lift go sideways in a speed faster than an aeroplane. I know. It's awesome!

The lift door opened up and I walked out to see my room. It was tidied. Good. I left my room and entered the living room.

"Lilac, I've got your food!" I shouted as I tried to find one of the maids to help me, "Lenna?"

"What?" Lenna spits, walking ever so slowly forward, when I see her.

"Where's Lilac?" I ask, narrowing my eyes at her. I hate Lenna. She got me into trouble one too many times.

"Don't know, don't care," Lenna, who is 20, replies. That... Urgh!

"Tell me or you're fired Little Miss Poor-Little-Girl-Who-Is-A-Fake-And-Can't-Even-Pay-For-Her-Horrid-Make-Up-And-Has-To-Get-Her-Mum-To-Do-It-Because-She-Spends-Her-Whole-Time-Paying-People-To-Get-Her-Vodka." I am now giving her the deadliest look I could muster. Which is pretty bad. I gave her a pretty long name don't you think?

"You little-" Her screech got cut off by my mum running into the living room.

Mum was obviously shocked to see Lenna, 'Little Miss Perfect', about to offend me.

"Oh, umm... Mrs. Lovelace! I... Err... I thought you wouldn't be back until next week," I could see Lenna's face slowly losing colour.

"Lenna, please get out of this house," Mum said in a strict tone, "And while you're at it, give me the house keys and your room keys too... Now," I smirked at Lenna while she stood rooted to the ground, her mouth wide open. Ew. She had gross teeth. And bad breath.

"What? But I-" Lenna began to say but mum stopped her.

"Get out of this house," Mum says, "And don't you dare come back. No one speaks to my daughter like that,"

Wow. Mum must be really angry and stressed. She's not normally this angry. Lenna huffed, gave mum the keys and stormed out. She is SUCH a blueberry.

Wait. Why is mum here? I thought she had to go to a business thingymajigy in whatever country it was.

"Hey mum, why are you here?" I asked, tilting my head to the side.

"We'll talk later, Cassandra," Mum sighs, shaking her head before heading to the lift. Umm... Okay?

Wait! Where's Lilac?

"Lilac!" I shouted as I searched the whole house for her.

Ugh. Where is she? Oh wait. I could ring her. Yeah. I'll try that.

Ring, ring!

I could hear an annoyed tone in Lilac's voice.

"Lilac, where are you?" I screeched into the phone.

"Who's Lilac?"

"Stop it, Lilac. That game's not funny,"

"I am being serious. Who is this?"

"I'm your best friend, Lilac. What the blueberry?"

"Who is this?"

"Lilac, I'm not in the mo-"

"For the last time, who is this?"

"Lilac, it's me. Cindy?" I say, annoyed. There is no way I bought all of this stuff for nothing.


Person has ended the call.

What the blueberry?


Love it!!!!!! Lol... " what the blueberry?" I really love it!!!! Update!!!!!!

Love it! Lol, I kept laughing at when she said, " what the blueberry?" :)
wot..the...update!!! <3
UPDATE!! :D :D :D OMG!! <3
Perfect update!!!