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I'm From One Direction Damn It!

Chpt 6: Enter One Direction

Harry’s POV:

I stood there in front of Baldy debating on how to get past him, after he shooed me away. I mimicked him by crossing my arms and glaring up at him.

He glared back at me, “shoo kid, go find your mum. She’s not down this way.” He went towards me.

Taking the opportunity in front of me, I dashed past him, as I heard him barreling after me.

Sorry mate, but I need to fix this now.

I ran to the door and reached up trying to open it, just as it turned and Louis opened the door, “Oh hey. Its you again lil buddy.” He bent down to me.

I rattled through my brain to find a way to get past his blocking figure, when I thought up the perfect plan. I started crying, “My-my mum said-said I couldn’t stay with her any-anymore.” I bawled, batting my baby green eyes up at him.

He stared at me with his hurt eyes, “Hey lil buddy, tell you what. Why don’t you come in for a while and have a juice box. Does that sound good?”

“Ye-yes.” I kept giving him my baby eyes.

He smiled holding onto my hand as I entered the room.

Bingo! Infiltration a success! Now to convince them I’m Harry.

Louis brought me into the kitchen, placing a juice box down on the table for me, when I heard some one enter the room, “Is that Harry and Niall?” Liam noticed me, and turned around disappointment written all over his face.

I tried to think of something that would get them to listen, “I’m H…” I stopped knowing it didn’t work last time. Shit. What do I do now?

“Hey guys. There’s a commotion outside with a girl. She’s saying something about how she knows what happened to Harry and Niall.” Zayn came in, worry on his face.

Yes! June should be able to help explain to them about us. I ran after them as they all walked out into the hallway, trying to keep up with their fast pace.


June’s POV:

“No! I know what happened to them! Trust me!” I screeched as the guard took me further from the door, where Niall said they were staying at.

“Sure miss, that’s what all the fans would say.” He ignored me, as he kept dragging me further and further from my destination.

“Please trust me! I’m not like those crazy fans out there! I’m not making it up!” I saw the three boys coming outside.

“And why should we trust you?” Liam crossed his arms glaring at me.

I gulped, “How would I know that something happened to Harry and Niall if it was never mentioned?”

He narrowed his eyes at me even more, “So you’re telling us you kidnapped them?”

“No! I didn’t take them!” I panicked as I saw the opportunity flying out of my reach. I caught Harry’s little body come huffing out after them, I stifled a laugh at his cuteness, but took this opportunity, “Look. This is Niall!” I showed them Niall, “And that’s Harry!” I pointed behind them.

They followed my finger and turned towards me, their eyes all saying I was stupid, “Is this your big sister, and she plan this out with you guys to get closer to us?” Louis crossing his arms now.

“No! I swear! I didn’t make this up! If I was to do something idiotic like that I wouldn’t kidnap Harry and Niall, I would kidnap Liam!”

They all went wide eyed in shock, when I realized what I just said. The guard grabbed hold of me and dragged me harshly to the elevator, throwing Niall and I into it. He slammed his fist onto the button hissing at me, “You come here again, and I’ll call the cops.”

I sat there, in fear and horror as the elevator slowly started shutting on us, “N-no…” I reached out, as I saw Niall slip his body through, making the elevator fling open.

“She’s not lying. Why cant you guys sit down and listen to us first?” he stared at them all with complete power. I stared at his small body in complete awe. “Baldy can stay with us, and decide when to throw us out. But just listen to us. We’re your mates for Christ’s sakes.” He glared, daring them to say no.

I heard a sigh from over where the group was, “Okay we’ll listen to your story. But you guys are to stay as far as hell away from us.” Liam pointed at me, as I flushed with embarrassment.

This wasn’t turning out so well.

I got up, wiping my legs off, I held onto Niall’s small hand, meeting up with the abandoned Harry, and the three of us entered their room together; all of us thinking the same thing: will we convince them?


Sorry for the long wait :O
I was out with my boyfriend all day yesterday, and then my computer shut off deleting the entire chapter I was working on. I almost flipped a table in anger -_-

I'm working on my other stories as quickly as I can too, so I can catch up on my forever updates. Sorry guys!



I cried during this chapter... how heartless could Liam be? :'(

I am! I love the beginning if it. :)


well I'm glad you were able to find it again lol. I just hope I can still keep you entertained with it n_n

I Love One Direction <3