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I'm From One Direction Damn It!

Chpt 3: I'm From One Direction Damn It!

June’s POV:

I stood there, looking from one to the other, when the one named Harry stood up, completely naked.


“What the ‘ell?” he said looking at me then down at himself, blushing a little, he cupped himself to hide what was plainly out there for us all to see.

“Why are you naked?” I freaked out, looking everywhere else, and not at him.

“I don’t…” he paused, looking back down at himself quickly, “I’m huge again!” he yelled out happily.

“What!?” both the blonde and I said, a little grossed out.

“Look at me Niall!” he crawled on the bed excitedly.

“Stay the fuck away from me!” the boy named Niall said, hopping away from Harry’s oncoming naked body.

I screamed again, “You’re naked too!” I turned around looking for an easy escape. Catching my bathroom door open, I booked it, avoiding the annoying chatter behind me. I slammed the door, locking it up behind me, sliding down the door. What the hell!

I got up and glanced at myself in the mirror, “Gross.” I muttered to myself, seeing that my dark red hair was a tangled mess. I slid my hands through my hair trying to untangle it, when I remembered the kids. I ran out the door, “Where are the kids?”

The two boys looked at me still naked, “For Christ sakes put some bloody clothes on girl.” Niall growled, avoiding contact with me.

I peered down at me, yeah my clothes were slightly provocative, but a lot better than their full on naked bodies, “You should be the one talking.” I scoffed at them, running to my dresser draws, and grabbing a shirt, throwing it on, and then leaving the room.

“Harry! Niall! Where are you guys?” I yelled running around my apartment like a mad woman. Did they run off?

“We are in here stupid!” I can hear one of the guys yell.

“Very funny!” I yelled back, getting nervous, “There were too little kids here, have you guys seen them at all?” I ran back into the room, panicking now.

“We’re the little boys.” The one named Harry said.

“Ha ha ha, very funny. I’m being serious.” I glared at him.

“I’m being serious too.” He glared back. He rummaged around under the covers and pulled something out, “See?”

I peered at the item in the guys hands; it looked like tattered clothes, “Why are you showing me this?” I asked confused.

Niall rummaged under the covers too and pulled out something similar too, “Hmm, you were right Harry. I thought I was just dreaming the entire time.” He gazed down at the tattered clothes in his hands.

“Excuse me?” I crossed my arms angrily.

“Remember when I said I was Harry from One direction last night?” he raised an eyebrow, smirking at me, “Well, I’m in One direction damn it!”

He grinned throwing the tattered clothes at my feet. Still confused, I picked it up and inspected it closely. Sure enough it was the same clothes as what the little Harry was wearing last night. I quickly looked at the ones in Niall’s hands, seeing it was the same too, “One…Direction?” I asked, as it finally clicked together.

“Yep.” Was all Niall said.

My eyes widened, “I just saw Harry and Niall naked from One Direction?” I was still in shock.

“You most certainly did. So be happy, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.” Harry laughed out, coming towards me.

“No! You stay there!” I yelled out, running to the bathroom, “What the hell!?” I screamed.


Harry’s POV:

I laughed at her reaction, as she screamed from inside the loo.

“God Harry, put some damn clothes on for Christ’s sake, your ars is damn ugly.” I heard Niall sigh from behind me.

“You too mate; no one wants to see your squingy ars.” I walked to the bathroom, listening in, I could hear her grumbling away as she turned on the water, “well lets look for some clothes we can at least leave in. we don’t want fans to rape us once they see us naked.” I laughed rummaging in the girls closets for any decent clothes to put on.

“I doubt we’ll find anything.” Niall sighed again, crawling back under the covers, “If you do, wake me up.”

“Lazy ars!” I yelled at him, throwing a bra I just found at his face.

I laughed as he glared at me, throwing the bra on the floor, “Very funny mate.”

I walked back to the bathroom door, deciding if I should open it or not to ask her if she had any larger clothes for us, instead I just pushed my way through.

Man did this girl understand the situation she was in? I thought as I walked further into the steamed bathroom, how could a defenseless girl take a shower with two unknown guys being in her place. She did save us from this curse though. I pushed the curtains back slightly, sliding into the shower with her, letting the nice hot water hitting my real body.


June’s POV:

I was so frustrated that I decided to take a shower to let my brain calm down. How did they shrink and get larger? I kept thinking as I turned the hot water on, standing underneath the soothing heat. They did say something about a strange lady last night. I remembered, as I felt something slide around my waist.

“Who the hell is there?” I turned around sharply hands out in protection.

“Whoa there lil lady, I just thought I would join you and you know…” Harry slid closer to me as I went to move out of his reach, but hit the shower wall, “I thought maybe I should pay back the kindness you showed us, by letting you do something with a famous person that most people can…”

I stared at him, busting out laughing, “Never do…” he trailed off finishing his sentence, “What’s so funny?” his voice rang out offended.

“Look down.” I pointed at him.

He glowered, and stared down, “Fuck!”

“Do you want me to help you take a bath?” I teased him in a little kid voice, bending down to his five year old body again. He was so much cuter this way.

“I thought the curse was broke?” he growled, pushing my hands away. He tried to hop out of the shower, but slipped, banging his chin against the edge, “Shit.” He whimpered.

“Hey are you okay?” I asked, cupping his small face, and turning it towards me, he was slightly bleeding, “Lets get that bandaged.” I turned the water off, and picked up his small slippery body, forgetting that he was a grown man inside.

He clung to me, and then thinking better of it he chuckled, “What’s so funny I asked?”

“I could enjoy this body sometimes.” He laughed again, turning his little face up to me, and then rubbing it in my naked breasts.

I dropped him, mad, “You ass!” I stormed out the bathroom and went to my closest quickly find clothes to throw on.

“That hurt.” He moaned coming out of the bathroom. I looked away disgusted with him, throwing a shirt over at him, “Put that on.”

He did as I said, as I finished dressing. I stormed back into the bathroom, pulling out a bandage and came back, crouching on the floor. He glowered at me as I treated his wound, putting a little band aid on his chin, “now cheer up little Harry.” I smirked at him as I got up, turning to the one in my bed now.

“What the…” I could hear Harry genuinely confused from behind me.


I keep wanting to type Ava instead of June in this story. doing two stories gets me mixed up from time to time lol.

So, do you guys like this odd different style story?



I cried during this chapter... how heartless could Liam be? :'(

I am! I love the beginning if it. :)


well I'm glad you were able to find it again lol. I just hope I can still keep you entertained with it n_n

I Love One Direction <3