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I'm From One Direction Damn It!

Chpt 14: On your Own

June’s POV:

I walked down the road, upset with the whole thing at One Direction’s hotel. Liam, Harry, Niall, even that Zayn kid. Louis seemed okay, but they all turned out to not be what I expected them to be. I sighed, what a waste of my time to help two snot nosed brats. I glared at the ground, as I heard girls screaming down the road, “Liam!”

I turned sharply, seeing if I could catch Liam anywhere so I could make a quick escape but saw no one of the sort. I sighed out in relief and continued forward, when I saw a flash from behind a house.

I gazed around to see if anyone else noticed it, but saw I was the only one on this street, fear sinking into me, something didn’t feel right here. I quickened my pace, when something darted out in front of me, a crying little boy, “Please help me!”

I stopped, looking towards the house he came from, “what’s wrong?” I bent down to him; he peered up at m, his face changing.


I backed away confused, “What?”

“It’s all your fault!” the boy flew at me, little fists hitting me, “I wouldn’t be like this if Harry and Niall never met you!” he broke down, falling to the ground bawling.

“Harry and Niall?” I slowly said, confused. I bent down, placing my hand gently on him, everything finally clicking together, “Liam?”

He peeked up at me, his eyes puffed up and red, his lip quivering. I scooped him up, “You’re so cute!” I squealed. He was just like Harry when he pouts.

“Stop it!” he cried harder.

“You’re just like that brat Harry.” I smiled, hugging him tighter.

“Just take me home.” He muttered into my neck.

“I don’t know. Remember, no one wants me there anymore.”

He didn’t reply, as he stayed silent in my arms. I placed him down, and started walking down the road not looking back at him.

“Wait!” he yelled out to me, I turned to him.


He gazed around, not meeting my eyes, “They want you there, so take me home now girl.”

“Wow, what a tone of voice. Demanding.” I huffed, walking down the road again.

“June!” he cried out.

I smiled, before I turned back around, “Yes?”

“Please take me home, I need you there.” He whimpered out finally.

I took it, and walked over to him, holding my hand out for him, “Shall we?”

He peeked up at me, and placed his small hand into mine, as we walked back to the hotel that he recently told me to leave from.

“I think I'm going to enjoy you as a small child.” I chuckled.


Harry’s POV:

I sat in the living room, wondering where Liam had gone in such a hurry, and wondering where June ended up going. I felt bad agreeing with Liam in my room, I used to think the same way he did when I first met her, but she did help us, so I couldn’t just let her go with this sour after taste in my mouth.

I sighed wondering if there was anyone else out there that could help Niall and I, because clearly Niall didn’t have his curse broken. I sat there for several minutes mulling over everything that has happened in the past few days.


I turned around to see Zayn coming in, “Hey.” I returned.

“I saw that chick in front of your door, she just stood there, it was kind of creepy mate.”

“When?” I frowned.

“I don’t know? She was just there, seemed to be listening to something. I told her to leave.”

“You told her what?” I straightened up. She probably overheard Liam’s and I’s conversation, and to top it off Zayn pushed her overboard, making her do what she did to Niall later on.

“I told her to leave; we don’t need fans like that in our room. God knows what they’ll do to us.”

I nodded my head, I did agree with that, but for some reason I didn’t think June was that crazy of a fan. She sure spurred me on, and freaked out when she saw us naked, not the freaked out those fans would usually do. She was different.

I heard the front door click, “Liam, that you mate?” I got up to talk to him, when June walked in with a red eyed boy. “June?”

“Well, hello again.” She shyly replied. The little boy yanked his hand back and stormed into the room.

“Hey kid! You can’t just waltz into someone’s room like that!” Zayn yelled at him.

“What’s with you and children?” I gave her an odd look.

Her expression changing, “It’s not what you think!”

I laughed, “I’m just teasing, but really, who’s this boy?”

I watched as the kid sat on the chair, arms crossed, not muttering a single word, “Well you see, I happened to run into a much frazzled tiny Liam.”

My jaw dropped, “Liam?” Zayn looked at him in shock too.

“Am I next?” Zayn turned to us with worry.

“I…don’t know?” I turned to June, who seemed to be finding us all in our kid forms.

“Don’t look at me! I don’t know either. You’re on your own for that.” She shrugged her shoulders. Zayn actually showing fear on his face.

“Well, things have just got more interesting, haven’t they?” I smiled at Liam, who glared at me with everything he could. “Welcome to the curse.”


Niall’s POV:

I heard a bunch of commotion in the front room, it woke me up. I turned around trying to get comfortable, when I heard a familiar voice, “It’s not what you think!”

I slipped out of bed, to see what was going on, “Well things have just got more interesting, haven’t they?” I walked in as Harry was staring down a kid on the chair, Zayn worried, and June holding back a laugh, “Welcome to the curse.”

I stopped in my tracks, following Harry’s gaze to the boy. I stumbled out into the living room, “Liam, is that you?” he glanced over at me, just as everyone else did, “Why, no...how?”

He looked at me in pain, and shrugged his shoulders not saying a word, I turned to Harry for an explanation, and all he did was point to June. I finally placed my eyes on June, just a few hours ago, she left me behind confused. She blushed red in embarrassment, as she talked, not meeting my eyes, “He got the curse too. He hasn’t told me how it came to be, but I found him, and brought him back.”

“Whoa lads, what’s going on here? Harry’s big, Niall’s small, and a new kid? I feel so left out of the party.” A pouty Louis waltzed in, interrupting everything.

“Liam.” June pointed with a big smirk on her face, clearly trying to pay Liam back for everything he has done to her in the few days they have met.

Louis frowned, “Does that mean Zayn or I will be next?” he stared at each of us waiting for an answer, I looked around too, not knowing the full conversation they all had before I showed up.

“We don’t know.” Harry finally replied.

“Great.” Louis sighed as he sank into the couch next to Zayn, “Well is anyone hungry?”

We all stared at him in shock, “Louis mate, you all there?” I asked.

“Yeah. No bother worrying about something we don’t know. So let’s just move on and get this fixed as quickly as possible.”

“I agree.” I spun around to June, “You guys may not want me here, but I already have been a help to Harry and Niall. The three of us have at least found some ways that make you small and big. So you guys clearly need me.” The last part she turned to Liam, eyes narrowing, I caught Harry turning to Liam too.

What happened between the three?

“Okay. Stay and help us. We need One direction back in their normal forms, we have a concert here soon at the end of this week. Your days are ticking down.” Louis got up and went into the kitchen.

“June?” I turned towards her, as everyone fidgeted around not knowing what to really do.
She threw her hands up to stop me, “I’m sorry okay. I know you don’t want me here, and I forced myself in, but please, just let me help.”

I looked at her confused, “I never said that though. I want you here.” I blushed a little.

“What?” she asked, looking over at Liam again.

I turned to follow her gaze and saw Liam hop off, and dash after Louis, “What’s going on?” I turned back to her.

“Liam lied.” Was all she replied and followed after Liam.

I watched as she disappeared into the kitchen, not liking what I was seeing at all.


Do you guys think the other two are next, just what Louis and Zayn are afraid of, or do you think it stays there, with the three who are cursed already????



I cried during this chapter... how heartless could Liam be? :'(

I am! I love the beginning if it. :)


well I'm glad you were able to find it again lol. I just hope I can still keep you entertained with it n_n

I Love One Direction <3