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I'm From One Direction Damn It!

Chpt 13: I'm Joining the Ranks

Harry’s POV:

I left my room, pissed off with Liam. There were just no words to describe what I was feeling right now. I glanced down the bright hallway, knowing it was still daylight out, meaning that June had to be the savior, when I caught Niall’s small child form, walking slowly to his room. “Hey what’s wrong lad?” I waltzed over to him.

“Nothing.” He muttered, reaching for his doorknob with no enthusiasm at all.

I opened it for him, and watched him go in silently, “How did you get back in your kid form?” I gave him a once over, noticing his clothes were actually sticking to him from some kind of liquid, “Who got you wet Niall?” I rushed over to him, turning him to me, my mate’s protectiveness coming through.

“June did.” He finally answered, gazing down at the floor.

“Oh.” Was all I could manage to say, knowing why she was upset. Liam and I. Damn Liam.
“She said none of us wanted her here…” he peeked up at me, “But I kind of enjoyed her around, plus how are we going to go back to normal? She was our savior.”

I frowned, not knowing how to answer it, I was like he was a real kid, and you had to be cautious on how you answered them, “We’ll find someone to help us. June can’t be the only one out there, plus we don’t really know if she was our savior, right?” I punched him softly in the shoulder. He half smiled, and walked to his bed, not saying another word the entire day.
I sighed, as I was turning to leave Niall’s room, I caught a glimpse of Liam storming down the hall, and the front door slamming. What was that all about?


Liam’s POV:

I left the house quickly, after I walked by Niall’s room, catching a part of their conversation, “Who got you wet Niall?” Harry asked, concern filling his voice. That made me worry, and peek into the room, seeing Niall drenched in something.

“June did.” Anger filled me with that one simple answer. I rushed to my room to grab some stuff, and stormed down the hallway, and out the door.

Where was that bitch?

I hurried out of the hotel, throwing a beanie on and some shades, so that no one would slow me down. I was in no mood to deal with fans. I saw the pack of girls that were a problem earlier this day, still in the same area, talking about seeing Niall and I.

I took a deep breath and changed my path to the group, “Excuse me?” I asked hesitantly.
“Yes?” one girl gave me a once over, judging me right away.

“When you saw Niall and Liam, the girl they were with, did you see her recently?” I tried m hardest to make an American accent.

One girl narrowed her eyes, as she was checking me out again, “Yeah, that bitch headed down that way.” A brunette replied pointed towards the right.

“Thanks.” I smiled at her, as I took off, someone’s hand stopping me from proceeding.

“It’s Liam huh?” the girl stared at me, hunger in eyes, waiting to devour me whole.

“No. you don’t have the right person.” I tried to shake her off, but she held on tightly.

Her eyes widened, as she put on a creepy smile, “I love you Liam!” she whispered, as she inched her way up my arm and closer to me.

I pried her hands off me, and sprinted as she was screaming absurd things from behind me.
My god, fans. I shuttered in fear. One day, they were going to devour me whole.

I rushed to the corner, peering behind me, to see she was still following, some of the other girls from the girl, tagging along with her; I took a quick right, and skidded to a halt. Sliding behind someone’s house, as I heard them run by, screaming my name.

I sighed in relief, peeking out of my hiding spot to see where they were.

“Liam!” a girl whispered, her eyes wide as wide can be, a creepy grin on her face, as she stood right in front of me. I stifled a shocked scream. Shit!

I backed away from the girl slowly, “You do not want to do this.” I tried to reason with her.
“Oh but I do.” She slurred out, as her eyes glazed over.

I panicked, not knowing what to do, I couldn’t just hit a fan, but I couldn’t just let her have her way with me either. I glanced around, seeing if I had an escape route, only to notice I was trapped in what I thought was a perfect hiding spot.

“Please don’t.” I resulted to begging. “I can take a picture with you, or sign something, but please, don’t do anything…” I paused, “Rash.” I finished.

She narrowed her eyes at me, her voice distorting, “Who said I was going to do anything rash with you?” her voice seemed to be changing, a mixture of a child, teenager, adult, and old, all syncing together, leaving goose bumps on my body.

“Who-who are you?” I tried to not look her in the eye.

“You sure are full of yourself, thinking everyone wants something from you, even that June girl.” The girl chuckled in her different voices.

“How do you know her?” my fear rising.

“I know lots of things Liam.” The girl slurred, she brought her hand up, uncurling her fist, pointing one gnarled old finger at me, “You like the other two, have a major issue that needs to be solved, or no one will stay by your side.”

I stared at her, as she changed into that of an old woman. The things Niall and Harry said coming back to me, “you’re the old lady.” I whispered out.

She smiled a crooked old smile, chanting, “All those who see me. All those with helping hands. Thy rejection of help and compassion. Shall curse thee. Once cursed. You shall find your savior. If your savior doesn’t fall thee. Then you shall be cursed. For all eternity.

“No.” I whispered as she smiled more, her form disappearing from view, the one thing Harry said to me ringing through my ears, “Maybe if you were cursed too, you would understand this situation!”





I cried during this chapter... how heartless could Liam be? :'(

I am! I love the beginning if it. :)


well I'm glad you were able to find it again lol. I just hope I can still keep you entertained with it n_n

I Love One Direction <3