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The Only Time

Teach Me How to Scream

“Here we are!” Zayn announces as he turns the key in the lock and opens up the door to One Direction’s ski house. “We rented it for the weekend.”

Alyssa steps through the doorway and her eyes brighten with the sight of the beautiful home. Hard wood floors and pillars; comfy couches in front of a flat screen TV; a roaring fireplace crackling away. “Oh, Zayn, it’s beautiful!” She gasps. Zayn comes up behind Alyssa, wrapping his arms around her waist and kissing her neck. Alyssa’s head falls back against Zayn’s shoulder. She closes her eyes as she feels his lips and tongue against her skin. “Oh, Zayn…”

“You know,” he says, breathing heavily. “There’s a hot tub out back.”

Alyssa opens her eyes and turns in Zayn’s arms to face him. “But I haven’t got a swim suit,” she points out.

Zayn raises an eyebrow. “Even better,” he snickers.

Alyssa ponders the thought for a moment but then quickly answers with, “Let’s do it!”

Zayn takes Alyssa’s hand and leads her through the house to the back deck where the hot tub is. Zayn turns on the jets and cranks up the heat. “Get undressed,” he commands softly.
Alyssa unbuttons and unzips her winter coat and piece by piece, her clothes peel off. Zayn’s clothes fly off his body and he settles into the water slowly, letting his skin get used to the heat.

Alyssa stands on the edge of the hot tub, bending down and feeling the water. Then, with a seductive look, she splashes some water up onto her breasts, massaging them with her hands. Zayn licks his lips and Alyssa giggles. Alyssa sits on the lip of the tub, spreading her legs and throwing more water onto her body. She whips her hair down and back up, sending a few water droplets toward Zayn. Alyssa slides into to water and makes her wave over to where Zayn is, sitting down next to him.

“This is lovely,” Alyssa sighs with contentment.

“Not as lovely as you,” Zayn says, moving hair out of Alyssa’s face. He then moves in closer, pressing his lips against hers.

“Mmm,” Alyssa moans from deep within her throat.

The kiss then gets more intense. Alyssa’s mouth opens, inviting Zayn’s tongue to enter and he does so. Their tongues wrestle back in forth, playfully trying to gain control. Alyssa then grips Zayn’s face with her hands and moves to sit on his lap. Zayn places his hand firmly on Alyssa’s bum and he pushes her closer.

Alyssa breaks the kiss and puts her lips up to Zayn ear. “Fuck me like you’ve never fucked me before,” she whispers seductively. Zayn smirks.

Alyssa slightly lifts herself up, and as he sits down she feels the sudden twinge of pain and then pleasure as Zayn is inside of her. “Oh, God,” she whispers. She gathers her hair in her hands and moves it to one side, leaving half of her neck bare.

Zayn begins to suck on the nape of Alyssa’s neck and he smooches her ear, causing her to groan further. Alyssa moves up and down slowly as pleasure rakes through her body, out to her fingertips and down to her toes. Zayn tries his best to thrust himself inside of his girlfriend but he doesn’t have much luck. It pretty much was all Alyssa.

Zayn eyes Alyssa’s breasts hungrily. He grabs ahold of them, one in each hand, and begins to massage them. He feels another wave of pleasure in his member at the touch. Alyssa leans back slightly and Zayn sucks on her nipple. He licks it, nipping at it with his teeth.

“Oh, Zayn,” Alyssa whines, squeezing her eyes shut. She then starts moving faster and faster, wanting more of that feeling.

Alyssa grips the edges of the hot tub for balance. Miniature waves form on the surface of the water with Alyssa’s back and forth motion. Zayn throws his head back and Alyssa runs her tongue along his neck, stopping at his chin. She sucks on his skin, tasting him and sure to leave a hickey.

“I love you so much, Alyssa,” Zayn pants, looking his girlfriend in the eye.

Alyssa is a little taken aback. Zayn has never said “I love you” during sex before. He’s usually more reserved that that. “I, love, you, too,” Alyssa says, grinning and then letting out a joyful laugh.

Just then, Alyssa really starts to feel it in her loins. A pressure grows in her forehead as the rest of her feels lightened. Her nails dig deeper into the plastic of the hot tub. Her thrusts become shallow and weak as she climaxes. Zayn’s head throws back once again and bobs back and forth.

“Oh, God! Oh, God!” Alyssa howls, holding her breath. Suddenly, she exhales deeply.

“A-hem,” a voice says from behind them.

The couple turns to find Niall, Liam, Harry and Louis standing on the deck. They all have disgusted expression on their faces. Alyssa immediately covers her breasts with her hands and moves to sit on the bench next to Zayn.

“Um,” Zayn starts. “How long have you guys been standing there?”

“Long enough,” the four say in unison.

“Um, I can explain,” Zayn squeaks.

“You bet your arse you better explain!” Louis snaps, hands on his hips.

“Who the hell is this?” Harry asks loudly, gesturing with his hand toward Alyssa.

“This is Alyssa… my girlfriend…”

Girlfriend?” Liam exclaims. “Since when did you have a girlfriend? I thought we told each other everything?

“Guys, do you not see the real problem here?” Niall chimes in. Everyone looks to him. “We just had this hot tub cleaned!”

“That’s so not the issue here, Niall,” Louis scolds. “There is a strange, naked woman fucking Zayn in the hot tub!”

“Hey!” Alyssa barks.

“Watch what you say, Louis, or I might just have to beat the shit out of you!” Zayn threatens.

“Lads, stop it,” Harry says calmly. “There’s no reason to fight. Zayn,--I’m sorry, what’s your name?”

“Alyssa,” she answers.

“Hi, Alyssa, I’m Harry.” He places his hand on his chest. “Why don’t you and Zayn get dressed and meet us inside.”

“We brought pizza!” Niall shouts.

“Yes,” Harry continues. “We brought pizza. We can all gather around and talk about this like adults. Sound good?” Everyone nods. “Good.”


So this one is for my lovely co-author, MrsMalikRealz. She was very specific in the plot suggestion and I hope this suffices! I actually really enjoyed writing this. I love when I can include all the guys in some way. :D

Alyssa's Outfit: http://tinyurl.com/qcoamrf

Title Credit: "Teach Me How to Scream" by BrokeNCYDE


I love these! You're an amazing writer! (:

Thank you so much I really loved it! Totally worth the wait.


Sorry but requests are currently closed! I have like five of them to do. Lol.