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The Only Time

I Love It

“I can’t believe you would do that, Liam!” I yell, slamming the car door and stomping my way toward the hotel.

“Skylar, wait!” Liam calls after me, following and trying to keep up with my angry pace. He catches up with me, grabbing my arm gently and pulling me to face him. “Can you please talk to me?”

I give him a bold glare. “I have nothing to say to you. You fucking went behind my back and got into a fight with one of my guy friends!”

“But he was sending you those texts—“

“—But nothing! I can handle it myself. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a Halloween party to go to!” I storm into the hotel and take the elevator with some other party guest to arrive at the party. I quickly find my best friend, Sam, who is glued to her boyfriend, Niall’s, side.

“Hey, cool costume!” Sam says, gesturing to my femme-Captain America outfit. “Love those boots!”

“Hey, love yours, too! Very… bright and rainbow-y,” I respond back.

“I’m a fairy princess, and this is my shining knight in armor!” Sam explains dramatically.

Niall takes Sam’s hand and kisses her knuckles. “Aye, I am.” He winks at me.

“Hey, where’s your Iron Man? You and Liam can’t be Super Husbands if you’re not together!” Sam points out.

“Uh, I think the Super Husbands are taking a break…” I say solemnly.

“I’ll just, uh, go find Zayn and Perrie…” Niall says awkwardly, side-stepping away.

“Aw, what happened? Tell the fairy princess and she shall make it all better!” Sam smiles brightly.

I lead Sam over to a more secluded place amongst the party-goers—the stoners. “Well, what had happened was…” I told Sam all about the fight I had gotten in to with Liam just before the party. He had confronted my friend, Todd, about some texts he had sent me. Todd can be… a little intense when it comes to relationships. He was my ex-boyfriend and I thought we could still be friends but I guess we can’t. Liam beat him up pretty good, while he left the fight with only a few scratches.

“Damn, that’s pretty bad…” Sam murmurs, looking down, and taking a joint from one of the stoners and handing it to me.

“I don’t know if I should…”

“You seem really tense. This will relax you—fairy princess’ orders!”

“Who could argue with that?” I take the hand-rolled joint and put it up to my lips and breathed in slowly. I cannot take it anymore and I exhale. “So what do you think I should do?” I ask, slightly coughing.

“I think you should talk to him. Don’t you see what this is? It’s a moment that shows you how much Liam really cares about you! He’s just too embarrassed to apologize, trust me,” Sam says calmly.

“Well, he has to ask for forgiveness before I can give it to him,” I tell her proudly.

“Well, maybe now’s your chance…” Sam points behind me and I find Liam coming toward me. I sigh deeply. “Don’t be rude!” She mutters, bumping my side with her elbow.

“Ow, stop!” I turn to see that Liam is standing right next to me. “Oh!”

“Sorry? Did I startle you, love?” Liam asks sweetly.

“No…. and don’t call me ‘love’! I’m still pissed at you!”

Liam ducks his head, looking remorseful. “I was hoping I could change that. Could we talk… somewhere private?”

My eyes widen a little bit but I try to hide it. I then look to Sam and I can read her mind: Go talk to him or I will murder you. “Uh, sure.”

Liam takes my hand and pulls me through the crowd. We finally make it out of the suite and then he leads me to a room down the hall, opening the door with a key card.

“What’s this?” I ask, gesturing to the room.

“I booked it for us—to spend the night.”

I feel a twinge of sadness in the pit of my stomach. Liam and I had never spent a night away together—it was always at his flat or mine—because of security reasons. But there were no security in sight.

“That’s very sweet,” I whisper, entering the hotel suite.

Liam closes the door and steps forward, attempting to take my hands in his. “I would like to talk about it.”

“Ugh!” I groan. “There’s nothing to talk about!” I stomp over to the bed and plop down, and then laying on my back. I could feel tears spring my eyes and Sam’s words swirling in my head. I feel another body lay next to mine. I turn my head to look at Liam.

“You must think I’m a monster… beating up on your friend like that,” Liam whispers.
“No, I don’t actually.” Liam looks at me. “I think that Todd kind of deserved it.”

Liam sits up quickly, grabbing my hand with both of his. “Skylar, would you please, please forgive me?” His eyes are wet with tears.

“Yes,” I croak, holding back a sob.

I pull Liam in close, putting my arms around his shoulders, and I smash my lips into his. Our mouths open in perfect synchronization, tongues gliding against each other. Liam rubs my waist and hip, grabbing my bum. His fingers then travel down to my belt, unbuckling it and unzipping my pants. Still holding our kiss, he slides his hand into my panties.

“Oh!” I gasp.

“What? Sorry?” Liam says, frantic.

“No, it’s fine… just wasn’t expecting it.” Not being able to wait any longer, I unzip my Captain America cosplay top and I sit up, untying my star-spangled “stripper” boots. I then take off my pants.

Liam manages to quickly get out of his Iron Man costume, with my help. He is then just in his Calvin Klein boxer briefs. We stare at each other intensely. But I push him on the bed and climb on top of him. I kiss him all over his face, neck and chest. I move down to his crotch and I massage his hard member, smooching that as well.

“Ahhh, s-s-s-s,” Liam hisses. He sits up and flips me on my back. “Take them off… now,” he commands.

“Which ones?” I ask, giggling.

“Both. Now.”

I unclasp my bra and pull down my panties. I then slide Liam’s boxer briefs off. Before I can anything, Liam is inside me. I jolt in shock as pain rattles in my core, but when Liam runs his fingertips across my cheeks, I immediately feel better.

Liam thrusts into me, starting slow and steady, but then revving up to a porn-worthy speed. He grunts incomprehensible words, while I moan and high-pitched yelps release from my throat. Liam holds on to the bedframe for support and I grab fistfuls of the comforter.
I know Liam is getting close to climax when he starts spouting random confessions:

“I love you!”

“I want to marry you!”

“I want to have babies with you!”

Ooh, that one is new.

I know I’m starting to get close when that familiar pressure forms behind my forehead and my skin is sweaty and flushed. Hollowness grows inside my abdomen, as well as my bones. Everything feels like it’s moving in slow motion, so hot and sweaty as if we were in a sauna.
Liam finishes before I do but he keeps going for me. Pumping into me, he begins to suck on my nipples and breasts, enough to do me in. Mouth gaping open and eyebrows raised, my back arches.

“Oh, God!” I moan. I finally relax.

Liam pulls out and still continues to kiss my breasts. He rolls over to lay next to me and he stares up at me.

I begin to laugh.

“What?” Liam asks, confused.

“I bet that’s how Tony Stark would fuck Steve Rogers.”

Liam cranes his neck up and kisses my forehead. “Don’t ruin in.” Liam gets up and puts on his boxer briefs.

“I’m serious! Super Husbands!” I stumble out of bed and put my panties and Liam’s T-shirt on. We get back in bed. A few moments pass and I finally get the courage to ask, “Did you mean it?”

“Mean what?” Liam asks, putting his arm over my abdomen.

“That you… love me..?”

“Of course, I love you, Skylar.”

“I love you too,” I smile.


[Steven Tyler voice] I'm BACK... BACK IN THE SADDLE AGAIN! Yeah, that whole drama thing? OVER IT! This imagine is actually based on a dream I had where Liam came to me and apologized. HELL YEAH, good enough for me! My meds are working awesomely! I'm returning to school tomorrow so yay!

Skylar's Outfit: http://tinyurl.com/l42rvtq
Sam's Outfit: http://tinyurl.com/lsz3l2f
Title Credit: "I Love It" by Icona Pop


I love these! You're an amazing writer! (:

Thank you so much I really loved it! Totally worth the wait.


Sorry but requests are currently closed! I have like five of them to do. Lol.