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The Only Time

Midnight Memories

I scream loudly, covering my ears, as Liam pops open another bottle of champagne. The cork flies, thankfully not hitting anyone and the foamy white liquid pours out all over before people surround us with their glasses—including me. I sip the sweet drink and then kiss Liam’s neck, leaving a deep red kissy mark.

Liam turns to look at me. “I’m so glad you could make it tonight, Kay.”

“Oh, please, Liam, it’s such an honor to be in your presence in New York City on New Year’s Eve! Out of all the girls in the world and you chose me!” I say almost sarcastically.

“I didn’t choose you, Kay. I like to see it as that we were meant to be together.” Liam winks and I roll my eyes.

We finish our drinks and we hit the dance floor. I grind against him, my butt rubbing against his crotch, feeling him grow hard. I continue to drink—losing track of how many I have had. Sip after sip, I start to lose control of my inhibitions. Akimbo, my arms fly through the air as my head spins. Suddenly, everything goes black.

“Kay, Kay, are you alright?” Liam asks softly, patting me on the cheek.

“Hmff…” I groan, attempting to focus my eyes.

“Let’s get you back to the hotel…” Liam helps me to my feet, grabbing my shoes and dragging me out of the building.

Liam hails a cab and once we are on our way, I am all over Liam. I kiss him drunkenly, slurring my words and my smooch. I try to unzip his pants but he stops me. Liam pulls out a flash and begins to drink as well. He is buzzed when we arrive at the hotel room.

Stumbling awkwardly through the lobby, we make our way to the elevator and up to our floor. We burst through the door and I go straight for the mini bar, picking up a small bottle of vodka.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, let me take this one,” Liam murmurs, snatching the bottle out of my hand. He chugs it.

I drop to my knees as he continues to consume the alcohol. I unzip his pants and before I can put my mouth on him, Liam scoops me up and throws me on the bed. He takes off his vest and undoes his tie, discarding them on the floor. He jumps on top of me, kissing me almost violently—and I love it; I like it rough.

“Oh, Liam,” I groan as he sucks on my neck.

Liam rips off the pearls around my neck and bites at my soft skin. I feel his abs through his shirt and nip at it with my fingers, begging for it to come off. Liam catches on; ripping his shirt off with buttons flying everywhere. His fingers slide up my thighs, going in between my legs, and massaging me through my panties.

My vision is blurry and my head is dizzy from all the alcohol so I just close my eyes and enjoy Liam’s touch. But suddenly, I’m jolted forward. Liam literally rips off my dress and yanks my thong down. He undresses himself and then forcefully thrusts his member inside me.

“Oh, God!” I gasp in pain and delight.

Skin slapping against skin, Liam holds the headrest for balance and leverage. He pumps into me at an intense speed. His eyes are red and watery and sweat is beading on his forehead. Liam slowly throws his head back before attacking my neck and breasts with kisses and love bites. My mouth opens wide but nothing comes out.

“You like that?” Liam asks seductively.

“Oh, yes, Liam,” I moan, digging my fingernails into his muscular shoulder. “Fuck me harder…”

“Your wish is my command…”

I did not even think it was possible but Liam gets even more passionate and zealous with is thrusting. With one hand on the headrest and the other on my shoulder, he pushes himself into me. Curses and high-pitched yelps release from my lips.

“Fuck! Yes!” I cry out. “Yes, Liam, faster!”

A deep, swelling sensation forms in my lower abdomen and I grab the sheets, trying to get ahold of something since my mind feels lost at this point. My skin feels flushed, yet light as a feather; hollowness in my bones and an aching feeling forms in my head. I was once a flower bud, but now I am a beautiful, blooming rose.

With a few more thrusts, Liam and I are both finished. We freeze but after a few seconds, he bends down to kiss me tenderly on my lips. He collapses next to me. With just the light from the moon and the bustling city outside, I stare into Liam’s chocolate brown eyes.

“I love you,” Liam says.

“You’re just saying that,” I chuckle.

“No—I’m serious.”

“Sure you are,” I scoff, crossing my arms. Just then, I hear the first of the fireworks. “It’s starting!” I exclaim. I get up—and without putting a stitch of clothing on—I run to the window to watch the show.

Liam stands as well, walking over next to me. “Happy New Year,” he whispers, kissing the top of my head.

“Happy New Year,” I purr back.

Gorgeous bursts of blues, greens, purples and gold explode in the sky. I watch in awe, still a little tipsy. I can hear the crowd of people down in Times Square cheer and scream, happy for the New Year; ready to make amends and kick-start new resolutions. Most of the resolutions are to lose weight or get that job promotion. Mine is not that simple. Mine is to find love, but looking up at the man beside me, I feel like I already have.

Liam and I climb back into bed. We kiss a few more times and then turn to our own sides. And in that moment my eyes fly open; I realize we forgot something major. We were so inebriated that we forgot a condom… and I am no longer on birth control.


HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYONE! I hope you all are having safe fun! Molly and I are just chillin' on Tumblr and watching YouTube. :) I hope Kay enjoyed this one. And I have a question for my readers! What is your New Year's resolution? Mine is to NOT go back to the psych hospital! :D

Kay's Outfit: http://tinyurl.com/kcmgo6g
Title Credit: "Midnight Memories" by One Direction


I love these! You're an amazing writer! (:

Thank you so much I really loved it! Totally worth the wait.


Sorry but requests are currently closed! I have like five of them to do. Lol.