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The Only Time

Christmas in Hollywood

I smear red lipstick onto my perfectly plump lips and put the last coat of mascara on my lengthy eyelashes. Tonight was the company Christmas—excuse me, holiday party—and I was looking to get lucky. There was not much to choose from. Harvey? Johnny? Please. I had my eye on someone else…

I strut my stuff as I enter my workplace building. I wink at the security guard, my crimson lips spread into a smirk. Alone in the elevator, I fix my breasts and hair, making sure everything looks absolutely perfect for this party. I was not leaving alone.

“Veronica!” Everyone exclaims, lifting up their drinks, when I walk into the room on the top floor.

I wave and smile proudly. “Hello! How’s everyone doing?” A mixture of positive responses erupts from the crowd.

Seeing the spiked punch bowl, I immediately make my way over to it, personally greeting multiple coworkers on the way over. Yeah, I’m kind of hot shit around here. I ladle myself a cup of the sweet fluid and take a sip, scanning the room for my target.

Just then, I spot him: Marcel along with the other geeks from Marketing. I slowly walk over, trying not to drawn attention to myself—which is nearly impossible in this crowd.

“Hey, Marcel,” I say in a low voice.

Marcel freezes, recognizing my voice. He turns to face me. “Oh! Hi, Veronica!” He responds nervously. The rest of the geeks giggle and whisper to each other—so immature.

“I was wondering if I could steal you away from your… friends,” I suggest kindly.

“Uh, sure,” Marcel agrees, pushing his glasses further up on the bridge of his nose.

I lead him and me over to the roaring fireplace. Stopping in my tracks, I swivel to face him and lean in close. “Lovely party, isn’t it?”

“Oh, yes!” Marcel grins. “I love the decorations. Christmas is my favorite holiday!”

“Mine too.” I pause a moment. “I just love your work, by the way.”

“Oh… why, thank you! I enjoy your work as well.”

I can tell he immediately regrets saying that. I am just a secretary after all. I just smirk, looking up. “Well, would you look at that…” I point up. “There’s mistletoe above us.” Marcel gulps. I look at him, my eyes darkening. “Follow me,” I command, grabbing his hand.

We sneak out of the party and down the hallway to Harvey’s office. Surprisingly, the door is unlocked. Harvey must have been so excited to get to the party that he forgot. But I lock the door behind us once we are in.

“What are we doing in here?” Marcel wheezes. “We’re going to get in trouble.”

“But that’s half the fun!” I laugh. “The anticipation…” I plop myself down on Harvey’s desk and cross my legs. Marcel stands about ten feet away, twiddling his thumbs anxiously. “I know you have a crush on me,” I finally say.

Marcel looks like a deer in headlights. “B-b-but—“

I put my hand up, silencing him. “It’s okay. I kind of like you too.” Marcel does not relax—if anything he is even more freaked out as if this is some kind of sick joke. I smile tenderly. “Come here,” I motion.

Marcel steps toward me, shaking. I put my fingertips on his thick-framed glasses and pull them off. I realize how beautifully green his eyes are. Throwing my plan out the window, I softly brush my lips against his. Suddenly, Marcel grabs ahold of my face, smashing his mouth into mine. We open our mouths simultaneously—sloppy kisses ensue. I kick off my heels and hop off the desk, pulling my tights down to my ankles.

“W-where are your panties?” Marcel asks, obviously embarrassed to say the word “panties.”

I raise an eyebrow. “I’m not wearing any.”

Fumbling with is belt buckle, I assist Marcel in taking off his pants. I immediately grab hold of the bulge in his whitey-tighties. He gasps in shock and pleasure. I unbutton the hideous Christmas sweater he is wearing and then I tear off his undershirt.

I run my tongue along his scrawny chest. I bite his nipple and he howls in pain. Surprisingly, Marcel unzips my dress and yanks it forward. He shoves his face in my breasts, leaving smooches all over them.

Hiking up my dress, I lay back down on the desk, gripping the edges. I am ready. Marcel pulls down his underwear and seemingly counts to three in his head. He thrusts himself inside me and jolt with surprise. I didn’t realize he actually had it in him.

Without skipping a beat, Marcel finds his rhythm almost instantly. He holds my hips for leverage as he pounds himself into me. He was not playing around—Marcel knows exactly what he is doing! Marcel runs his fingertips across my thigh and in between my legs. He massages my clitoris in a circular motion with his thumb, as if he knows exactly what I desire.

High-pitched yelps release my lips as sweat beads on my forehead. My fingernails dig into the wood of the desk. I grab Marcel shoulder, bringing us closer together so I can kiss him but it does not last long. Wild grunts erupt from Marcel’s chest as his thrusting gets faster and faster. He throws his head back, his perfectly gelled hair tousling in the air.

Feeling as if everything is in a distorted slow motion, my breathing becomes shallow. A heavy ache makes it feel as if my head is going to split in two—but yet it is so wonderfully delicious, I don’t want it to stop. It feels as if I am going to float right off the desk. I lift my hips and then everything freezes. A shower of pleasure washes over me, leaving me breathless.

Marcel and I stay there a moment, taking in what just happened. He slowly pulls out and begins to get dressed. I do the same, not saying a word.

“Wait,” I say as Marcel goes toward the door.

“Yes?” He turns toward me.

“You have some lipstick on your face.” I pick up a tissue from the box on Harvey’s desk. “Here…” I wipe the red from his lips.

“Thanks,” he whispers.

We exit the office and slither back into the party, unnoticed. I trust that Marcel does not go off and tell his geeky friend what just happened. I could do the same thing. As if I would though. There was a silent understanding between us.


So I've had this idea since the "Best Song Ever" video came out but it was Christmas yet so here we are! Hope you all loved this and I also hope you all have wonderful, safe holidays. Let's hope we all get This Is Us and/or Our Moment!

Veronica's Outfit: http://tinyurl.com/mpsom8j
Title Credit: "Christmas in Hollywood" by Hollywood Undead


I love these! You're an amazing writer! (:

Thank you so much I really loved it! Totally worth the wait.


Sorry but requests are currently closed! I have like five of them to do. Lol.