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The Only Time

Blue Jeans

“Are you serious, Harry?” I exclaim as we pull into the parking lot of Grant Park in Chicago Illinois. “Lollapalooza?!”

“You bet, Emma!” Harry says with a laugh, putting the car in park. “Let’s go!”

I exit the car, shaking with excitement. I put my sunglasses on to shield my squinting eyes and then Harry takes my hand, leading me up to the front gates. I skip past the guards as Harry flashes his ID and our exclusive tickets. Sometimes it really pays off to date a member of One Direction.

We walk around while the band start to set up—we got early access to the venue. I point and gasp at all that is around me while Harry just stares at me in wonderment. We buy a schedule and plan out our day.

“I can’t believe we’re actually here!” I say with giddy as we pass some merch booths. “I’ve always wanted to go to Lollapalooza!”

“I’m just glad I can make this happen for you…” Harry says in a low voice, pulling me close and pecking me on the lips.

I notice people are staring—whispering, “Hey, isn’t that the kid from One Direction?” People begin pointing and crowding around. Frankly, I’m surprised. Lollapalooza is not really the scene where people can necessarily spot a member of One Direction.

“Who’s that girl he’s with?” I hear people whisper.

“Hey, Harry!” A guy calls over. We turn to find him holding up his phone. “Smile for the camera!”

Yup, that’s right. Just go ahead and impede on our date. Man, I don’t think I’ll ever get used to the paparazzi. And we aren’t even public yet! Most of the fandom doesn’t know that Harry and I are together. Fuck.

“It’s okay,” Harry whispers in my ear and I immediately feel better. “Just smile and wave… well, only if you want to.”

“No, I do,” I assure him. I then turn to the crowd and wave toward the guy with the camera phone.

Harry signs a few autographs, takes a few pictures with some kids just so they could prove they met a celebrity. He was really great. I had never really seen him in action in such a seemingly adverse environment.

We hop around from stage to stage, checking out the somewhat up and coming bands. Well, anyone seems up and coming compared to Harry and the guys. But then we finally settle at the Lake Shore Stage for Imagine Dragons at around 5:15 pm.

Imagine Dragons opens up with their hit single, “Radioactive.” I am overcome with excitement and joy—I love this song! I feel Harry wrap his arms around my waist and I put my arms over his as we sway and move to the music.

“Welcome to the New Age, welcome to the New Age!” I sing/shout out as I rub up against Harry, feeling the bulge in his pants.

Hot and sticky, Harry kisses and sucks on my neck. My eyes roll back in my head, feeling enticed by his touch. Harry hands slide up my dress, feeling around between my legs. I let out a small moan but the music is much too loud for anyone to hear.

Finally, I can’t take it anymore. I grab Harry’s hand and lead him to the women’s bathroom. I flip on the light and lock the main door. Walking past the stalls, I throw Harry up against the wall, locking lips with his.

“Whoa, Emma, never thought you’d go for something like this,” Harry murmurs, gasping for air in the humid room as I bite his neck seductively.

I pull away from him, grabbing his shirt in my fists and not making eye contact. “I just want you… I just want you inside me,” I practically plead.

Suddenly, Harry’s emerald eyes darken into something I have never seen in him before. He flips me over against the wall, smashing my back into the concrete. I let out a small gasp, but soon enough, I’m ripping Harry’s shirt off. He yanks my panties down my legs and then unbuckles his jeans.

I slip my fingers down his boxer briefs, feeling his hard, pulsating member. I am so turned on, I feel as if I am going to burst! I help Harry pull his pants and underwear down. I gather my dress in my hands and he is inside me.

Thrusting like a maniac, Harry plows into me with no mercy. I put my left hand on his shoulder and my right on the lip of the sink next to us for support as I’m rocked into the wall behind me. I grit my teeth as my head slams into the cinderblock, but then I feel Harry’s lips on mine and the pain melts away.

I run my fingertips along Harry’s smooth chest, touching his tattoos. I then bend over, licking his right nipple, biting it tenderly. Harry slows his rhythm, letting out an outrageous moan, but then quickly returns to his above-and-beyond pumping.

With both hands on the back of Harry’s head, I bring him closer to me, skin on skin. “Oh, Harry,” I whisper breathlessly as sweat drips down my forehead. “I don’t even want to be away from you.

Harry thrusts a few more times, slowing his pace, thinking. “Then don’t…”

Like a ravenous lion, Harry finished me off. I howl in ecstasy as I reach my orgasm—skin flushed; hollow bones; deep, swelling sensation in my abdomen; light-headedness; utter enlightenment. I dig my nails in Harry’s back as he puts out his last thrusts, achieving his own sanctity.
Harry pulls out, kissing me softly. We slowly get dressed. The whole time, I am thinking about how special Harry makes me feel. He brings me closer to happiness every second I am with him. I love him.
We leave the restroom holding hands, hoping no one notices us. Thankfully, everyone is sweaty and gross by this time of time from being out in the sun all day. We return to our musical extravaganza by going to the next stage to see Lana Del Rey perform. Ah, what an evening this has turned out to be.


So a music festival one was requested so I picked Lollapalooza. I was sooo depressed when I couldn't go this year! Fucking Nine Inch Nails and The Cure! Anyways, hope you all enjoy!

Emma's Outfit: http://tinyurl.com/q62dqbx
Title Credit: "Blue Jeans" by Lana Del Rey


I love these! You're an amazing writer! (:

Thank you so much I really loved it! Totally worth the wait.


Sorry but requests are currently closed! I have like five of them to do. Lol.