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The Only Time

Flesh For Fantasy

Ally stands on the corner, waiting for her ride to pick her up, the yellowish light casting shadows next to her. She was called earlier today that she had a meeting with two very high profile clients. Great, she loves three-ways. They had called before but chickened out at the last minute.

A black SUV pulls up and the passenger window rolls down; Ally steps forward, leaning on the vehicle. “Hey, honey. Want a good time?” She says mockingly.

“Are you Ally?” The driver asks. He is a bulky man with short cropped hair.

“Indeed I am,” Ally responds in a low voice.

“Get in,” the man commands.

Ally grips the door handle and opens it, climbing into the SUV. The man puts the car in drive and they were on their way to the location. Ally immediately starts asking questions. She usually doesn’t do this but she was genuinely curious. All she gets out of the driver is that she is going to a hotel in downtown Chicago.

The two park in front of a swanky hotel and exit the vehicle. Ally wasn’t really impressed with the fanciness of the building considering she goes to places like this all the time in her line of work. The man leads her to the elevators, to the 24th floor and down the hallway. He slides the key into the lock and wishes her good luck.

Ally walks into the room, shocked to see who her clients are. Standing in the room is Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson of One Direction. Then Ally knew immediately why she was here: gay rumors have always gone around about Harry and Louis and she was here as a buffer to make things “less gay” when they have sex. She sees it quite often.

“Hello,” Harry greets, opening a bottle of wine.

“Hello,” Ally responds, taking a few steps forward.

“Hey, love. How’s it going?” Louis asks with a smile.

“It’s going well,” Ally answers, still a tad bit unsure about the situation.

“Would you like some wine?” Harry asks, pouring the red liquid into three glasses.

Normally Ally doesn’t drink on the job but she accepts and the three of them sit in the seating area after Louis and Harry insist that they talk first. That’s common too.

“So is this your guys’ first time?” Ally asks casually.

Louis and Harry look at each other and then back at Ally. “Yes,” they say in unison.

The three of them talk for a while to somewhat break the ice because Harry and especially Louis are very nervous. Ally decides to be the link between Harry and Louis; to help them come together sexually.

“Shall we begin?” Ally asks, standing and unbuttoning her jacket, revealing her hot red bra with black lacing.

Harry and Louis jump up, gulping. “Yes,” they reply.

“Get undressed,” Ally commands, gesturing to Louis. Ally steps forward and puts her hands on Harry’s shoulders, letting them slide down to his chest. She kisses him seductively, biting his lower lip as she pulls away.

Louis lightly grips Ally’s shoulder. “Can I have some?” He whispers huskily in her ear. He kisses Ally deeply, sucking on her tongue.

Ally continues to take off her clothes; kicking off her booties and sliding off her leather pants; yanking down her panties and unclasping her bra. She stands with her hands on her hips, watching Harry and Louis strip.

Harry and Louis eye each other, taking glances at each other’s bodies. “What do we do now?” Harry asks innocently.

Ally steps forward and kisses Harry once more while Louis sits down on the couch, finishing his wine. She runs her fingers through Harry’s curls, tasting his deliciousness. Louis finishes his wine and comes behind Ally, smooching and nibbling on her neck and caressing her waist. Ally breaks away from Harry and he begins kissing her neck as well, causing her let out a small moan.

Ally steps away and the young men face her. “Now I want you two to kiss,” she says softly.
Harry and Louis look at each other nervously and hesitantly, they come together; Louis’ hands on Harry’s hips and Harry’s hands grip Louis’ upper arms. Their lips unite, tight, thin lines at first but eventually they unlock and their tongues play back and forth.

Ally goes to her pile of clothes on the hotel room floor and pulls out two condoms and a tube of lubricant from her purse. She hands one to each of the gentlemen. Ally then lies down on the bed, spreading her arms on the pillows, inviting the boys to come and play. A lad lies on each side of the woman-of-the-night and begin to suck on her breasts neck once more.
Ally then climbs over Louis to get on his other side. She smiles mischievously when the young men look at her, confused. “I want you to pleasure each other,” she explains.

A few moments of pondering pass but finally, Harry grabs hold of Louis’ hip and thrusts his member inside of his band mate. Louis gasps and cries out as pain and pleasure rake through his body.

Ally puts her hand on Louis’ cheek, trying to sooth him. “Shh,” she whispers. “It’ll be alright; trust me.” She kisses him a few times all over his face and on the lips.

Harry’s face is twisted and contorted into a concentrated mess. Sweat begins to bead at his hairline and upper lip while his teeth are gritted harshly. His thrusts are slow at first but then they speed up, once he realizes how wonderful it feels; he can’t get enough.

Louis’ eyes are wide and bright, shocked at how delightful the feeling of anal sex is. His right arm wraps around behind him, holding onto Harry, wanting more. Louis lets out large, beautiful moans and leans forward, feeling the ache in his abdominal region.

Turned on, Ally decides to join in on the fun. She moves down toward the end of the bed and pushes her lips around Louis’ member. She tastes a faint cherry flavor from the condom. Ally bobs her head back and forth, tonguing his length. She can’t help but slide her finger down in between her legs, feeling sexually overwhelmed. She cradles Louis’ testicles in her hand, driving him absolutely crazy; she knows all the tips of tricks of pleasing a man.

“Oh, God!” Louis cries out, pushing his fist further into the mattress.

Harry’s grunts become louder and harsher as he begins to reach climax. He flings his curls out of his face and blinks the sweat out of his eyes. Harry nods his head up and down, feeling the intensity of an orgasm coming on.

Louis shouts and curses, experiencing a powerful orgasm; like one that he has never undergone before. He grabs fistfuls of Ally’s hair, feeling the need to get a grip on something.
Suddenly, the gentlemen cry out and are finished. Ally releases her mouthful hold on Louis and he continues to stroke her hair. Harry pulls out of Louis, panting heavily and still drunk from his orgasm. The three lay in the king size bed, exhausted.

But after a few moments, Ally gets up; ready to get paid and leave. “Well, it’s been really great, fellas, but I’ve got to go.” She walks over to her pile of clothes and gets dressed.

“Of course,” Harry says, jumping up. “How much do we owe you?” He puts a plush white robe on.

“1,000 each,” she says with a small smile.

“Here,” Louis says—also in a robe now—handing a wad of money to Ally. “Thanks so much for everything!” He touches her shoulder lightly.

“You’re welcome!” Ally says, giggling. It’s really just hitting her now that she just had a three-way with two-fifths of One Direction. There’s a first time for everything. “Well, I should be going. Call me anytime.” She hands Harry her business card.

Ally walks out of the hotel room and is met at the end of the hallway by the same man who drove her to the hotel.

“Have fun?” He asks, smiling smugly.

“You know it,” Ally answers.


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Ally's Outfit: http://tinyurl.com/pvee3o9
Title Credit: "Flesh for Fantasy" by Billy Idol


I love these! You're an amazing writer! (:

Thank you so much I really loved it! Totally worth the wait.


Sorry but requests are currently closed! I have like five of them to do. Lol.